10 Things You Must Ensure To Make Your Grocery Ecommerce A Grand Success

The pandemic brought a sharp surge in the demand for buying online groceries across the globe. Grocery eCommerce became the inevitable line of income generation for the food and beverage industry. Eventually, almost every consumer has discovered the ease and convenience of having groceries delivered at their doors.

As we watch the sector expanding and evolving, get hooked to this blog to know the 10 important things that you must keep in mind to turn your upcoming grocery e-commerce business into a grand success.

We shall also discuss some of the critical challenges that grocery eCommerce merchants confront and the ways they resolve the issues with a knack.

Know The Challenges That You May Confront In Your Grocery Ecommerce Business

Grocery stores rig out their stacks with a variety of products including food and perishable goods that stay in dominance. Here comes the specific challenges and provisions that are industry-specific and you need to follow them strictly.

It is not just about being sensitive to the timings and storage protocols, but also about handling a gamut of options. Like some products are sold by weight instead of piece and their conditions differ every single day. For example, bananas and avocados change with time, and the selling challenges become equally severe.

To keep reading and to navigate everything from optimal pick and pack processes to refunds to a replacement, and on-time deliveries. The challenges go endless. But after all, you need to give greater customer experiences. And to ensure the same, you must know what to keep in mind.

1. The Business Model


  • The business model of grocery retail companies is a mix of corporate, franchise, and independent stores. All come under the same retail banner. This creates great complexity at the time of your business model launching phase. There comes local variations in the product assortments, sales prices, and promotions.
  • There is a long history of loyalty programs with bonus points in grocery retails. The customer can earn and burn, and get various personal offers. There are essential sales drivers, and consumers expect the same loyalty features when shopping online. They also expect suggestions on their usual shopping habits, relevant recommendations, and recently purchased products based on historical online and in-store purchases.
  • Low profitability is historically common for pure players and traditional grocery retailers that start with in-store picking. Research shows that home delivery and in-store picking are the main cost drivers and offer considerable potential for increased efficiency.

2. The Products

  • There are many products that need to be stored under very specific conditions until they are delivered to the customer. You need to comply with the regulations around storage temperatures, or the recipient can be required to be 18 to 21 years old.
  • The grocery retailers who sell fresh products and food-to-go products manually pack them in the store adding to further complexity in the product attributes, expiry dates, and minimum order quantities.
  • Perishable groceries are often ordered by weight, and there are different ways of presenting, buying, and picking them. When ordering, for example, a watermelon, it’s not possible to choose the exact weight; there needs to be room for variation. And a variation in weight requires the card amount pre-authorization to reflect the allowed variation. The total price still needs to be recalculated based on the delivered weight, which can get complex with thousands of orders.
  • A grocery store may only sell food and beverage products, but what if you add a range of non-food items? And what if we then include clothing, electronics, and DIY? As in many industries, there are a handful of products that generate the bulk of sales, and then there are long-tail products that are rarely sold but that make a significant contribution to profit. The ecommerce solution needs to accommodate a wide variety of product segments.

3. The Stock

  • With a limited shelf life of the food products, they also come with a very high turnover. But at the same time, the warehouse and storage area have limited capacities. Hence, frequent replenishments are necessary. In parallel, the supply is not always 100% available.
  • In the majority of eCommerce scenarios, you would wish to pick, pack and deliver the items through shipping in the soonest possible time. However, for grocery ecommerce, the order is picked as late as possible- like just before store pick-up time or the time of departure for home delivery. The time between the order placed and then shipped could occur over several days. So when an order is received, it’s almost impossible to know the product stock at the time of picking.

4. The Storage Conditions


  • By complying with the regulations, the food products must be kept in specific conditions until delivered to the customer. The food products must be kept protected from contact with household chemicals. This means grocery stores must have complete control over the supply and delivery chain—from receiving a product at the warehouse or store to the final delivery at the customer’s residence.
  • The biggest challenge here is to store the food products in certain conditions during each phase. With self-service 24/7 grocery lockers with temperature zones, there are even stricter requirements to secure freshness until custom pick up.
  • In high-volume in-store eGrocery, it’s important to manage storage efficiency in buffer storage areas before route departure or pick up.

5. The Service Area


  • Ecommerce deletes all the international boundaries now. The exceptional segment is grocery ecommerce. Because, the service area is usually limited to one country and often to an even small geographical area based on the fulfillment center’s location and the product assortment sold.
  • You can set up multiple service centers to extend your reach, but there will always be blind spots. In our experience, optimizing your service area is one of the keys to a successful online grocery business.

6. Time Slots and Delivery


  • Unlike the delivery of, for example, a book, your shopping delivery can’t a) fit through a letterbox or b) be left alone for hours on end after delivery. Managing available order delivery times helps you organize your processes, balance the workload (order load) and provide the best service to your customers.
  • Integration with best-of-breed software is crucial in optimizing delivery and courier administration. This integration boosts efficiency and profitability for grocery ecommerce when order volumes increase.

7. Picking and Packing

  • The orders in the grocery ecommerce are typical and diverse. They contain a variety of products, and require a lot of time to pick and pack. The picking process is very time-consuming and of utmost critical. During the process, teams must ensure various factors: like the weight of the product, whether special treatment is needed or not, product cancellation, and the need to communicate with the customer.

8. Selecting The Product


  • Let’s take the case of bananas. A merchant may have bananas at different stages of ripeness. Let’s assume they then receive a large order of bananas. Which ones should you pick? If for a family’s long-term consumption, then expectations might differ. But what if the same order is made for a conference, where attendees consume them at the same time? As a merchant, you need a way to anticipate their preferences to be able to create the best possible experience.

9. Price Recalculations, Replacements, and Refunds

  • Once you order the groceries online, you have most likely had a previous experience with the substitute product. Perhaps you ordered juice from Brand A, but it was unavailable, so instead, you got juice from Brand B. When this happens, merchants have to consider the associated price difference—if the replacement product costs less, the merchant will need to refund. And if it’s more expensive, they’ll need to discount the product to match the price paid in the initial order.

10. The User Experience

  • Consumers always wish to search for their favorite products with quickness and ease while shopping online. And this makes it a challenge for e-commerce merchants to create such high-quality user experiences. One way to meet and satisfy customer expectations is with more intuitive navigation and features like favorite products, suggested products and saved shopping lists.
  • There are several shoppers who want extensive product filtering functionality options while shopping for groceries. For example, to avoid allergens, carbohydrates, fat, and sugar, or find vegan and eco-friendly products. The filtering list for product characteristics is long and keeps growing. With such a diverse list of preferences, it’s essential with intelligent and efficient filtering that simplifies the process of finding products.

What Can Softqube Do For You?

You must keep plenty of things in mind before selling groceries online. The most critical challenge is to choose the right eCommerce platform that can help you convert your idea into the exact potential reality. Partner with the right project team.

In the present times, there are very few ecommerce solution platforms that are optimized for the food and beverage industry. They can hardly support ecommerce entailing fresh food items, rich product attributes, temperature-restricted products, age-restricted items, fragile items, weighted items, and replacement products.

At Softqube, our clients have defeated all these challenges. We are the leading tech experts who can help you out in all things to give intrinsic user experiences. Get in touch with us and talk with one of our key experts. We can help you out in growing your business.


Integrate Syspro ERP With Inventory System To Boost Your eCommerce Business

Harnessing your resources to establish a strong brand presence on various eCommerce platforms is a herculean task where all the knowledge floating around the web on how to increase the efficiency of your eCommerce business, very few talk about the real solutions that work for the long term.

It is all about adopting the smartest techniques and processes that can align with your ERP software and help your business focus its energies on gaining productivity. There are several ERP software available in the market to automate and manage your business process differently.

Integrating the right tools and applications with ERP software brings higher efficiency and reliability. With the Syspro ERP system, you are sure to get seamless process workflows designed to give your business greater productivity. The blog discusses everything about the Syspro ERP implementation process for all types of business platforms you are availing.

All you need is to work with a reliable Syspro eCommerce integration development company that can convert your goals into a potential reality. So let us head over to learn more about this technology.

What Makes a Syspro ERP Software?

The software comprises many core business process management modules. They can help your eCommerce website giving you astonishing results.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Regulatory compliance documentation
  • Inventory management
  • Production management
  • Quality control
  • Sales management
  • Quoting of Prices
  • Customer Service

The software provides all these services in an interface that has an enriched UI. On top of all this, you will also get a mobility solution with the Syspro ERP

What are Manufacturing Processes Covered by ERP?


what are manufacturing processes covered by ERP

The modern world is evolving in terms of business operations. Manufacturing companies establish clear business process strategies to reach the end goals. The processes are agile and highly responsive because they are backed up by experts who undertake deep research analysis while framing effective strategies. Syspro ERP covers the best business procedures to make your business grow exponentially

  • Assemble To Order
  • Batch
  • Configure To Order
  • Discrete
  • Engineer To Order
  • Job Shop
  • Make To Order
  • Make To Stock
  • Mixed Mode
  • Process

How ERP System Supports Business In Reaching Goals?

The system provides holistic business solutions that are sustainable and attainable by the company employees. There are several levels of support systems addressed by Syspro ERP

  • Senior Executive
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Operations

How ERP Helps Solving Business Challenges?

There are several challenges at the forefront of any eCommerce business. While working on an ERP system you need to adopt a holistic approach to solve the maximum number of challenges. Syspro ERP system offers real-time solutions for almost all your business problems. Find out the list of challenges solved with the ERP system

  • Cost Control
  • Demand Driven MRP
  • Distribution Management
  • Financial Management
  • Global Expansion
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Growth Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Traceability

What is ERP Integration and How Does It Help?

Syspro ERP supports the company at a phenomenal level. What you must know is the process of integrating the software with an eCommerce platform. The implementation process needs skillful experts who can ensure the avoidance of manual entry of data from your platform to the ERP system or vice versa. With a proper inventory system at your exposure, you can integrate it with the Magento or with any other platform that you use.

How Will Softqube Help You Grow Your Business?

Over the years of providing efficient ERP implementation services, Softqube holds a strong command in developing all sorts of integration for popular eCommerce platforms. We give you a team of skillful and proficient experts high in caliber and talent to help you do the job you need.

We at Softqube provide the following integration services for Syspro software

  • Magento ERP Integration
  • Shopify ERP Integration
  • osCommerce ERP Integration
  • BigCommerce ERP Integration
  • Zen Cart ERP Integration
  • nopCommerce ERP Integration
  • eCommerce ERP integration

Final Thoughts

Your business thrives and survives because of your ERP system. And that makes it important for your company to ensure that both technologies – the eCommerce platform and ERP system are well integrated to enable high returns on your investment. Get in touch with our experts today to get the best solutions for your eCommerce business.

Implementing Analytics In A Mobile App – Know It In Detail

With everything transforming into a new normal post-pandemic, the same has been said and done in choosing app development platforms for entrepreneurs. Cross-platform app development has taken over the stage from native app development for most business enterprises. And nowadays, Flutter is in the limelight strutting over its attractive features and benefits in the development community.

More than half of the developer community around the world likes Flutter. It is so well-known for its quick development process with more than better efficiency and output as compared to others. Flutter app development cost in 2022 may not vary from 2021, however, there are a few factors we need to know and understand for the present year. 

Statista reveals that Flutter is the second most popular cross-platform framework amongst the top 10 frameworks in the world.

The blog shares the average estimated flutter app development cost 2022 and the reasons why you should consider Flutter for your next project.

What is Flutter app development?

Flutter is an open-source single codebase technology for developing mobile, desktop, and web apps for usability on multiple platforms. It’s developed by Google and by far a complete SDK solution despite the fact that the technology is relatively new in comparison to the already existing ones like React Native.

When clients ask about developing budget-friendly apps, the answer always varies according to the project requirements. Flutter app development is trending and hot, that’s a constant not variable.

So, why not develop Android and iOS apps at the same time with none other than the Flutter app development tool?

It is proven that Flutter is ideal for cross-platform app development because it’s not a library or a framework, rather a software development kit (SDK).

We often see that Flutter is compared with related technologies like React Native, Xamarin, and Kotlin. Sure, you develop an app by looking into the tech stack however, getting to know what’s trending is vital. 

Core Factors Affecting Flutter App Development cost


To build a custom mobile app can never be bargained. However, there may a lot of savings going into your pocket only if your approach towards the process is well known and surrounded by the three vital factors that largely determine the sum. 


You can build Flutter apps for any kind of platform. However, for some, it may not be worth it. For instance, if you want to commission an Android smart TV app, you must realize that developers will have to build the entire control logic anew. Why? The touchscreen and mouse operations Flutter relies on don’t dovetail into remote control inputs employed in such smart TVs.  

Feature Range

The cost of app development is decided on an hourly basis for any development company. Developers need a specific quantity of hours to create an app and to build its features that stand out both in number and in complexity. Fewer and simple features need very less time to develop, and thus they cost cheaper than other apps. 

Some features are built easily while some take the entire day. Costly features include chatting, navigation, payment integration, and all these take around 300 hours to develop. Flutter developers need more time to develop the same feature as compared to others who build apps on the native platform. 

Developer’s Location

The developing companies who come from various regions have different hourly fees for their services. North Americans and Australians charge higher and then come to Western European countries. The charges of Latin American, East Europe, and South Asian are affordable and within the range of between $25 to $50 per hour. 

Finding out a Flutter outsourcer for your app project, you should look at the quality of the implementation. The Ukrainian companies tick all the boxes. Ukraine engineers can create a product that will meet your expectations. 

However, do take note that every app has its unique requirements and therefore the potential expenditures are gauged accordingly.

How Much Does the Flutter App Cost in different stages?


The cost structure for building Flutter applications always remains variable. Because there are so many factors that we need to consider project-wise. A fitness app with meal plans, workout tips, and a weight diary, would cost anything between $25,000 and $35,000. A more advanced app with voice calls involved can be developed for up to $48,000. To come down to a precise sum, all you need is to cooperate with the developer. The cost of assessment continues in the following manner.

Discovery stage

At this stage, you conduct meetings with project managers and analysts. You assess the potential risks and solutions to estimate the terms. Also, here you need to have a general overview of the minimum and maximum time required for the project completion. Overall, you must find out how viable this project can turn out to be from a financial viewpoint.

Creating the project specification

Based on the data you provide, outsourcers create a wireframe of the app – the blueprint of a kind where you can see what the UI will look like.  

Only after that, detailed estimation of the project is possible. Once you agree upon the budget, project provisions, and wireframes, the development phase starts. 

Considering additional expenditures

In addition to the above, you must be completely aware of the attached expenditure that includes the following attributes:

  • The strength and reliability of the server used for processing and storing the data, app performance, and the power of the UX. All these factors must be considered to avoid any compromise on the client’s security of personal and financial information. Such services can be hired with a minimum of $1500 a year
  • There are charges to keep your app on the virtual shelves. To upload your app at Google Play, you must make a one-time payment of $25. For the Apple store, it depends on the kind of app and begins with an annual fee from $99 to $299 including the vendor’s charge.
  • The app’s longevity can be maintained and updated with an expense. Significant sums need to be invested in this process. Sometimes the update expenses exceed the development costs

Average Flutter app development cost in 2022


So coming to the real numbers that you want to know. How much does it cost to develop an app on Flutter? And how much time does the development take? What are the business models that suit your project?

On average, the flutter app development cost in 2022 can be between the range of $25000 – $70000.

App type (based on complexity) Time required Cost Required
  • Simple flutter app development
  • Example, basic apps like calculators, clocks etc.
  • 250-300 hours
  • $25,000 – 40,000
  • Moderate/medium complex flutter app development
  • Example, weather apps, apps with user profiling like dating apps
  • 400-650 hours
  • $35,000 – 50,000
  • Multi screens app
  • Example, ecommerce apps
  • 600-850 hours
  • $40,000 – 60,000
  • Highly multifaceted or complex flutter app development
  • Example, on-demand apps like Uber, Careem
  • More than 900 hours
  • $50,000-70,000

However, a skilled US Flutter software developer rate is around $80,000PA. Again, it all depends on the project requirements/features integration, and from where do you hire your development team.

Common app development features Time required (tentative) Cost required
  • Push notification
  • 4 Days
  • $3,500
  • User friendly navigation
  • 6-7 Days
  • $13,000
  • Chat
  • 3 Days
  • $7,000
  • Payment gateway integration
  • 4 Days
  • $3,500

How to Save Money on Flutter App Development?


Thinking on how to develop apps at reasonable costs is very common and normal. Any client starts thinking of the most effective ways to build an app and reduce costs for the development. For this reason, you must always offer a discovery phase before the start of the project. A discovery phase, also known as business analysis, is the best way to explore all requirements appropriately, define the project scope, timeline, and team composition. The deliverables of a discovery phase guarantee that your project will be delivered in the most efficient way, with minimum change requests, at a reasonable and predictable price.

Flutter Suitable for MVP development and for startups

Who would not want market ready solutions to cut over the unwanted time to contemplate. The compatibility of Flutter with the Firebase eases the hassle of getting a separate backend development for even a simple MVP.

How can Flutter become inexpensive for MVP development

  • With a single code base, you don’t have to develop two versions that work on Android and iOS.
  • Flexible user interfaces, improved customer experience.
  • Less time taking, faster development – developers consume very less time to create when they choose to build an MVP with Flutter.
  • Close collaboration between teams is possible especially when an immediate change is required for app quality.
  • The hot reload function enables developers to do experimentation fast, add new features, fix bugs.
  • Native performance – apps developed with Flutter deliver the best native experience for users.
  • Flutter apps are designed and feature-rich (supports a wide range of widgets), attracting investors more.
  • Best for cross-platform app development.
  • Flutter reduces the requirement for resources onboarding since it has Firebase integration, no need for server-side programming.
  • Fasten the time to market.
  • A brainchild of Google, reliability is high, massive community support.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to hire someone, it is advisable to outsource the expertise of the Flutter app development team. Also, it is recommended to choose the team for a long-term project requirement. 

In addition, you must align all your decisions, timeline, requirements, business goals, and app type/category. Companies like Softqube Technologies can help you out to develop amazing Flutter apps that can create a benchmark for your industry. If you have any such ideas, do share them with us. We are ready to give you the best team to develop your awesome app for android or iOS platforms, whichever you prefer.


Scope Of Earning Money From An App In 2021

You are here because you know you can make money from an app right? But the real question is how much can you earn with an app and how sustainable this can be?

Here is to discuss everything that you need to know about your money earning expectations from an app. We shall be discussing the below points in detail.

Amount of money you can earn with an app

With apps, your year-on-year revenues can soar high in billions of dollars. But such kinda apps are very few in number. The ground reality is, it is incredibly an arduous exercise to get an exact number on how much can an app make money for you in consideration of the fact that there are a large number of varied apps floating in the web world.

On a daily basis, the top 200 apps on the app store manage to earn $82,500. Widening the bracket, for the top 800 apps, the daily revenue drops down to $3500. Also, the differences prevail categorically for various types of apps. Like for eg, the gaming apps make around $22k each day. But for the entertainment apps, the figures are as little as $3090 each day.

The app market growth is going to be steady and strong in the future. The Statista reports reveal by 2020, the estimated amount of app revenue will increase by $582 billion.

As per the data revealed by SensorTower, the top 100 application development firm or publishers have generated an average of $130 million in the first quarter of 2019.

To understand how much an app can generate revenue for you, the first thing you need is to find out your niche segment. Also, you must study how different niches are performing within their app ecosystem and find out their average returns to understand your targeted niche revenue approximately.

Earnings from a Subscription App

The subscription apps are one of the most preferred mediums to earn income via in-app purchases. One of the best examples is Tinder. The app is free to use, but it charges the users for its various features like unlimited swipes. The “passport” add-on feature permits the users to match with users in other locations, whereas the “Boost” features permits the users to show themselves on the top of the pile. The audience can avail these in-app features only if they were to purchase them generated. The app generated $404 approx revenue. The Tinder charges $9.99 per month for plus subscription and $14.99 per month for a Tinder Gold upgrade.

The other great example is Bumble. A close competitor of Tinder, with a user base of around 50 million people and growing at the rate of 135%. The only difference between both of them is that Bumble is especially meant for women only.

Besides, other apps are Pandora, Tencent Video, Netflix, Hulu, and iQiyi that are subscription-based and earn millions.

Looking at the other side there are certain apps that generate a significant amount of revenue on a smaller scale but are quite decent to go. Like, the Wattpad app allows users to read online stories and write them. The Sensor Tower report says that Wattpad had more than a million downloads earning $800k in revenue. The core method of earning money is by selling stories to the readers. The app smartly engages the users with lively, conversational, and real-life stories.

Best performing platforms for Revenue Generation

Your money earning scope via an app totally depends on the kind of platform you choose for development. Android covers the largest market share in the mobile industry. The second comes iOS. As per the Sensor Tower report, between 2018 to 2023, the estimated CAGR of user spending on these stores is 16.8%.

While there is no perfect answer to the query of “ How much money can an app make?”, but the current projections indicate that the future of mobile apps is on the right path.

Once you choose the platform and decide to move ahead, you need to make a strategic decision on how well will you monetize your application to earn millions and billions of money. For this you need to check out the three most important revenue models.

Best revenue models to earn money with mobile applications

One-Time Payment (Premium Apps):

The premium mobile applications charge a one-time download fee on the Google play store on the iOS app store from its users. It is believed by many that premium app doesn’t make money as the users don’t want to spend. But the fact of 2017 says that the paid apps accounted for nearly $250 billion in revenue.

On the other hand, education apps perform much better within the paid app category. Like WolframAlpha app made $20000 in revenue through the downloads. In the play store alone, it could make it 1000000 downloads and now the application is a powerhouse in the educational category.

In-App Purchases (Freemium Apps)

These apps are a great way to fetch revenue. The users can download the app and access its features completely for free and can put up a paywall on some premium features. Fortnite is one such example and has made around $203 million in revenue. The game remains free to play for the users

Subscription Model (Recurring Payments)

This model is very popular in the app industry because of its extraordinary services. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are famous operators in this niche segment. The customers have to make recurring payments for accessing the app on time to time basis

Netflix stands to be the giant with $52 billion of revenue in the third quarter of 2019. A similar kind of apps is the Pandora music streaming application that uses a similar subscription model. This ongoing trend exhibits the power that mobile apps have in the year 2021 and the way they will help business owners earn huge amounts of money via the digital landscape.

Kinds of Apps that have money-making potential in 2021

The gaming applications are the largest revenue models and contribute the highest in the global app revenue. In 2018, the iOS app store mobile app revenue exceeded the $33 billion mark, while Google Play revenue games stood at $21.5 Billion.

For the first half of 2019, the total growth revenue was 11.3% summing up to $29.6 billion. Technological advancements in the gaming app industry such as graphics, control, and Gameplay have risen sharply. The major contributors to this boom are the e-sports gaming apps. Mediakix reveals a 56% of mobile gamers play games more than 10 times a week. This shows the amount of addiction amongst the users generating mobile-based entertainment revenue.

In 2018, gaming applications accounted for 77% of the total app revenue. The gross mobile game revenue stood at $54.7 billion. The AR-based game “Pokemon Go” earned a gross income of $3 billion in 2019.

Besides these, E-commerce mobile apps are also spurting for a long time. The urge to buy online among the younger generation is going to grow significantly over a period of time. By the end of 2021, the experts estimate $3 trillion-plus of commerce sales via mobile.

To cash on this kind of market, mobile apps need a payment gateway integration within the applications. This will allow them to sell products and merchandise on their mobile apps. By 2021, nearly 21.4 billion people across the globe will be using e-commerce services. Probably the largest audience in contributing to the sales so far.

Revenue generating applications

You will get to an endless number of categories via the internet when you research and study to find out the best suitable niche to build a successful app. However, the proper approach is the widest research, to streamline all that is missing, capitalize on the app via the mobile application, and ensure success and scalability from the very beginning.

The below listing is to just give you a broader idea of the apps that are sure to make money. These are the most popular types of apps that can serve as a benchmark for you to create and build revenue-generating apps.

  • Music apps (Spotify)
  • Personalization apps allow users to change the overall orientation of the smartphone or any other device. (Zedge)
  • Performance optimization tools. (CCleaner)
  • eCommerce/Shopping Apps (eBay)
  • IoT apps (Vialatm)
  • Sports and health apps (My Fitness Pal)
  • Social media apps (Facebook)

The Future of App Development Business

The mobile app market is full of great potentiality and a lot of possibilities. In 2019, the final quarter showcased an estimated consumer expenditure of $21.9 on apps across the Appstore and Google Play store, with a 22.9% increase from the last year.

When the business identifies all the considerations, the apps can make a lot of money in developing countries like India. The market here is still sky-rocketing.

At Softqube, our mission is to always help businesses grow via a perfect mobile app developed by our experts. In case if you are stuck finding how much investment you need to make in the business that is booming in the digital market, do contact our app development consultants. We have a bunch of experts who are available at your service to help you grow your business from the scratch.

What is The Cost of Developing A Facial Recognition App?

Presently, facial recognition systems are gaining a lot of traction. They are getting deployed in several public places for safety reasons, private properties to access control systems, and now also as an application on mobile phones for various purposes.

Facial recognition technology has widespread usage. The system has become so inevitable that no other technology can replace it in the future. As a result, developing such systems is tricky and needs careful planning for each case individually. As an entrepreneur, if you need such an application for your business, you must enlist the costs and expenses that are incurred to develop such a system along with the probable pitfalls.

The blog shall help you to know about each stage of your cost plans for developing facial recognition apps. Also, we shall discuss several problems that you will need to solve while in the process. It is not only about developing apps, but it is also about the hardware architecture that will allow the app to work efficiently.

You need to address the below matters before you head on to develop a facial recognition system.

Facial Recognition App

1. Hardware Challenges

  • Hardware Configuration
  • Camera Choices and Their Locations
  • Edge Device Usage

2. Software Challenges

  • Datasets
  • Personification and Possible Bias in the Pretrained Model
  • Software Scalability
  • Image Retrieval Speed

3. How Much Does It Cost?

Hardware Challenges

Before beginning with the facial recognition app development project, the tech solution provider must consider hardware configuration, cameras, and edge devices, etc, and such important aspects.

Hardware Configuration

At the time of building a facial recognition security system, you must know that the optimal hardware configuration differs from task to task. The suitable hardware should be chosen with great care. When the chosen hardware lacks enough power, it leads to highly undesirable delays in processing in some quality solutions. For other tasks that don’t require a lot of computational resources, the choice of powerful hardware could cause a too expensive solution, which could be no longer in demand because of its price.

Camera Choices and Their Location

When you put enough care and become cautious to complete a specific task, you must always check with the type of cameras to be deployed. The configuration choices vastly depend on quality image requirement, angle of view, and coverage area. Besides, when choosing video quality and several cameras, the network bandwidth must be taken into account. This has commonly become one of the crucial bottlenecks in building high-quality facial recognition systems.

Edge Devices Usage

Most of the facial recognition system is dependent on heavy, deep neural networks. Such networks most often need GPUs for evaluation with appropriate speed. The modern facial recognition systems emphasized that companies have machines with CPU and GPU. To ensure the work completion, the servers would require extra support in time and demand some location. Jetson devices solutions are used to reduce the support for end customers. Human support also gets minimized.

A lot of nuances must be considered while setting up optimal hardware for the system. It is also hard to choose it without experience. Hence, what we believe is that the experienced specialists create a final architecture solution for a specific facial recognition system. They determine the optimal configuration for every particular case.

Software Challenges

Here we shall discuss major software issues coming around the face recognition technology industries.


Robust facial recognition application is created with the deeper learning-based methods. These deep learning models are notoriously known as very data-hungry. When a company lacks its data the very first step is to use open-source datasets. The dataset licensees are worth reading before using the data to train a face recognition model.

Personification and Possible Bias in the Pretrained Model

You must consider the demographic profile of the system users. Most of the open-sourced data sets comprise white adults, the final reports are quite biased and may not work properly on other races. To understand in a better way, you must collect additional private datasets consisting of similar demographic profiles to the one you expect in real life. The model bias can be reduced by adopting fine tuning on the collected data.

Software Scalability

Companies deploy facial recognition systems to expect them to become scalable and expand enough to a wider audience. The software hence needs to possess the high flexibility architecture of a system to be very thoughtfully devised. Overall, the software part can be built in a way to get quick updates to a larger number of users with inexpensive costs. Based on our practical experiences, we found that we need a well-designed system architecture from scratch to extend the software that is not designed to become scalable.

Image Retrieval Speed

Several face recognition systems face serious bottlenecks when it performs searches in the database that consists of millions of data samples. In this scenario, the company ensures that the algorithm used to search through a database is much more efficient and scalable.

Facial Recognition App Devlopment

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of developing a robust and scalable face recognition application complexity depends on the project requirements. Besides, many variables have the total price of the bespoke face recognition application.

To provide the best solutions to clients and to meet the challenges, we take up such projects through the below stages.

  • Business objectives analysis
  • Data analysis and identification of the scope of work
  • Definition of high-level architecture and appropriate tools and technologies selection
  • Risks identification
  • Building proof of concept
  • Definition of the expected results as well as costs and resources estimation.

The investigation stage permits idea validation at an early stage, risk minimization of a project failure, and substantial savings of money. The Cost of the Investigation stage is generally in the range of USD 10000 – 30000 based on the project size.

Wrapping Up

Both software and hardware challenges must be noted before going ahead with design plans of a facial recognition application system. Have an experienced team that can help you with the uneasy work. It helps a lot in the long run. Good and robust facial recognition applications are developed with great time, effort, and solid technical skills with great expertise. This ensures that the project is very scalable, reasonable, and reliable to take it forward for further processes.

How to Find App Investors For A Startup Project – The Ultimate Guide

To find investors for your app is always the most formidable challenge any entrepreneur may face. As a founder, you may know everything you need to, yet you come across several gaps. You need a catchy and the most enticing pitch to woo investors. You gotta show them that your idea has great potential. How exactly did you manage to do this? Do you think you need a great pitch to present before the investors?

Let us go straight into the answers to all your questions. Each point is elaborately explained to help you know how to prepare the right pitch and how to set yourself apart from your competitors and show your investors that your business idea is worth investing in.

Present Project Viability With Market Research

Great ideas are not what investors look for all the time. Your next big idea must consist of a passionate visionary that is well-planned. You need to show them your extensive research work, how deep your vision is, and how the project is ready to hit the ground running. They must be extremely confident that you can execute this idea, create a wonderful app and make it go with sustainable profits in the long run.

So the very first job is, to begin with, the research. The tangible groundwork needs to be put up and you must know the exact market potentiality of the project. Your app must solve the core problem of the target audience. How effectively do you solve their problems? Answering these questions is the groundwork you need to do. Lots of research, cracking hard numbers, and data analysis are all that grabs the attention of the investors. You need to be damn serious about what you are showing to your investors.

Take interviewers, find the results, do surveys, and prepare an impressive statistic analysis of all your findings. Present this report to your investors. Do this in reliable ways. Online survey tools like SurveyMonkey is always there to help you. Pay a minor fee and conduct an online poll covering adequate people. This will give you tangible proof of the concept you are working upon. Circulate simple surveys amongst your friends and acquaintances and gather enough data. Start a blog or a microsite and post short articles that are interesting and that talk about your idea. Take the help of people who love to engage with your idea and can talk a lot about it.

These measures however it may take time, this groundwork bring sureshot results in the long run. It will show the investors that you are quite serious about your idea and toil enough to pull it off for great success.

Find Your Niche

Apps are really a good business you can ever choose. Everyone knows it very well. Your idea may probably be built into an app in the least similar if not in an exact manner somewhere. So, face the brunt, your idea may not be a great discovery or an invention. Let us face this. Investors may not like to invest in similar ideas. They won’t prefer to invest in other ‘types’ of the app. Find something that is unique and that can differentiate yourself from the competition.

Apart from choosing another travel app, see if your app can cover women travelers exclusively to ensure safety and security. Apart from another e-commerce app, find an app that can connect with the local stores to support the local businesses that can help enjoy the convenience of the ecommerce.

Define your suitable target audience comprising a specific niche. It is not all about wooing the investors, but it is all about building a sustainable business that has better longevity and traction as compared to your competitors.

Investors get intrigued by a target-specified app idea. These apps have great value and are identified at a different level. Users find that the app is exclusively designed to fulfill their needs and hence, they like to engage more with the app. At the onset of widespread generalization, everyone likes exclusivity. Knowing and understanding all this, investors get ready to invest in such niche ideas.

Prepare Your Best Elevator Pitch

Every investor may not be willing to deep dive into your idea at the very first instant. With very few minutes available to present your idea, you need to be well-prepared and use the given time very wisely. You can give spontaneous answers, clear concepts, and talk about the real purpose behind the idea in these few minutes. You can stand to land a meeting where you will get enough time and attention to present your idea.

So be ready with an elevator pitch. A pitch as concise as 30 seconds covering your idea and the ultimate purpose. So work and rework until you are not sure of what you are going to present in front of the investor.

Do not mistake your elevator pitch as a storytelling opportunity. However passionate you are with your idea, you need to clearly describe what your app will do for the users and why they would sit and download and use it. Keep it simple, precise, punchy, enticing, and meaningful. Focus on the larger purpose and the biggest value it can give to your investors. This can be your biggest selling point. Once you get ready for all this, your elevator pitch can land you an investor up close and personal.

Create A Prototype

It is always good to show rather than say. The biggest takeaway to get any type of investor. However good you talk about your idea in the most effective communication pattern, but to really show your commitment to the investors, you need a prototype.

Fancy words will never save you. Building a prototype is very easy. Build your unique prototype if you are a developer. Or contact a suitable app development company to build a good one for you. Simple prototypes get passed quickly due to their affordable prices and extensive work done upon that to show the investors how your app is going to work.

Similar to a low-fidelity representation of your app, a prototype is much essential. This step can give you a great chance to show off your app’s design, logo, and branding. You can make all this possible only if you are determined to work on your app’s design, layout, and basic features. If you have a prototype to show it to your investors, you are representing your app features, your hard work, and your commitment towards building the idea into a reality. You show your investors that your project is worthy and dependent enough.

Prepare a Compelling Pitch Deck

When you are all ready for an investor meeting with your brilliant idea, the best research, and a solid prototype, what works more is your pitch deck. This can be typically a PowerPoint presentation that runs on the screen highlighting your key points as you keep explaining.

Do not make your pitch deck a transcript of all that you are saying. Make highly visual slides that speak sense and are concise. Use them for showing charts, graphs, and diagrams. Highlight the most important keywords. Consider this as your golden chance to show off your app’s branding pitch. So, what you need is to invest enough time in preparing a logo, a slogan, and a color theme to establish credible branding for your app. Give your app a suitable personality and ensure that investors are well aware of how prepared and dedicated you are to make this idea a potential reality.

Final Thoughts

As you follow all the above steps, the investors will find that you have a great idea for an app. Not only that, but they will find that you are a go-getter and an astute in your profession. You pull the things off to make it happen. The startup history teaches us that apps with great execution matter more than apps with a great idea. Even if your idea is taken by the world, the purpose of execution that you have created sets you apart from the rest of the world. Investors will be heartily willing to fund your awesome project.

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Effective Ways to Know your Target Audience For Mobile Application

When you have an item to sell or a service to offer, you need to know who your targeted audience group is. Who purchases your item? Who profits by your offered services? It’s trivial to continue building a brand without first realizing who you’re building it for. A target audience group is a gathering of individuals that your service or product is targeted for. This is even similar for a mobile app development.

Define your audience

For applications, an all-around characterized target crowd benefits both the specialized and business factors. Consider client driven UI/UX structures or focused on marketing efforts. The two of them include knowing who the target audience group is.

A target audience group is substantially more than just an expression, such as college students or a location like North America. Your target audience group should be a predetermined gathering of individuals that share certain socio economics and interests. Utilize your responses to the inquiries above to assist you with recognizing this socioe conomics.

When you’ve distinguished this socioeconomic, set up them to create your target audience group. You need to consistently make a target audience group visual that you refer to. There are a couple of approaches to do this, one of them is to create real client persona profiles.

General understanding:

After doing some exploration in your industry, you find that you need something other than a mobile site for your business. You will need to truly catch the eye of the mobile device generation and get them to utilize your mobile app development. The inquiry is: when you make your application, how would you have gotten the message out about it?

Regardless of how well you advertise your mobile app development, if it’s not something individuals need, they won’t be interested. Your mobile application doesn’t need to be only an expansion of your site or another form of your online store that would bear some significance with just your present clients. You can get innovative and concoct something that will pull in the overall population and put your business brand name before them.

Secondary market research:

All things considered, in the secondary market research for identifying the target audience for your mobile app development, you need to go with a more extensive forthcoming and approach as it is a deep investigation. You should not neglect to keep your eyes flawless on the contenders and give exceptional consideration on individuals who might utilize the application more than others.

Taking the basic food item application model, you should focus on how frequently individuals request items from basic food item application and what are the basic things they purchase, what is the well-known method of payment and so on. You additionally need to consider the application ratings and reviews also.

Audience demographics and behaviors:

To create a profile of your mobile application’s target audience group, you’ll have to recognize your beliefs clients from a general perspective and afterward decide their pain point. Will the application be for communication, banking, sales, HR? Will it serve an external or internal audience, or both?

What is the normal individual in the forthcoming client base like? Consider questions, for example, these:

  1. What is the normal age of our mobile application’s target audience group? In case clients are older, they may need a straightforward, quick interface, and they may acknowledge bigger content for presbyopic eyes. In case they are young, they would probably react all the more emphatically to a tastefully satisfying structure and a moderate, natural interface.
  2. Where do they live? Topography factors into language and social desires. Not every person communicates in English, so you may need to represent interpretation, and individuals in various worldwide sites are familiar with various structure feel. For instance, Asian applications will in general be more beautiful than North American or European ones.
  3. How educated the audience is?More profoundly educated clients are bound to be responsive to complex applications, while those with less training may require an increasingly oversimplified, easy to understand interface with less steps in the work process.
  4. What is their general socio economical level? Financial level frequently corresponds with training level, yet it likewise influences an individual’s introduction to innovation and digital tools before earlier their life.

Facilitates marketing:

Similarly, as you need to guarantee your site hits the correct keywords, ensure your PR shows up unmistakably in search engine results as well. It helps you to reach the target audience for mobile marketing effectively.

Composing in view of SEO has two advantages:

  1. Publishers will adore this since it will direct people to their websites making them bound to distribute it.
  2. It will improve the probability of your crowd finding your piece in case they don’t buy in to the blog it’s posted on.

Composing a PR has two primary purposes:

  1. It removes a portion of the work from giving a point of landing on your application which news sites will adore as it makes their carries on with simpler.
  2. It permits you to control the underlying view of your application.

The point here is to make awareness among your target audience group and increase some enthusiasm on sites/news website. In this way, just as interesting bloggers, a decent PR will control journalists towards assisting with selling your application to the target group as opposed to a chosen few hardcore lovers.

Check the trends:

Something else you need to know is if enthusiasm for your thought, or something identified with it, is getting more grounded or disappearing; you can utilize search engine bot information for this. For instance, Google Trends/Adwords will give you an outline of the thing’s individuals are looking for and how regularly. In case enthusiasm for the points identified with your thought is winding down after some time, at that point you may need to ask yourself “Why?” and maybe discard the thought. Then again, in case interest is developing, at that point this shows individuals are searching for answers identified with your thought. You could likewise assemble the keywords that will be essential to your online promotion system in this stage.

Conducting research on competitor’s app:

After you’ve investigated who is utilizing your item and who is tailing you via social media and networking platform, it’s an ideal opportunity to perceive what are your chances against the opposition. Are your competitors following a similar crowd you are? What sort of advertisements they are utilizing? How would they position themselves?

You won’t get a knowledge into their Facebook Ads Manager, yet recent outrages Facebook was associated with began an adjustment in the straightforwardness on the greatest online networking system. Facebook put a ton of exertion in conquering security and protection issues and improving the current devices.

With the expanded degree of straightforwardness on Facebook and for what reason am I seeing this, presently you can discover how the brand got their contact data or for what reason are they seeing a particular advertisement. You can see whom the promoter focused with the advertisement. In the new Facebook Ads Library, you can see all the dynamic promotions of a specific page. It gives you knowledge into the prescribed procedures of your opposition.


With the assistance of online review services including, Survey Monkey, you can contact an enormous crowd with your inquiries. Through your underlying discoveries, you can show the sort of respondents you need to answer your review or portion the overview into gatherings. When utilizing overviews, the inquiries you pose to will decide a great deal. Beside the inquiries identified with your application, you additionally need to accumulate the segment and information about the lifestyle of your respondents.

Focus groups:

While remotely assembling information from respondents is very advantageous and maybe simpler, there’s nothing more compelling than up close and personal connection with your potential client base. You can check their non-verbal communication with what they are stating and ask follow-up inquiries, which reviews don’t really permit. Once more, your selection of members for this stage is significant and you can pick them dependent on the segment information you’ve gathered earlier.

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The research and analysis the market before intending to build up an application is a practical technique to follow in case you need to endure the unpleasant getting competition. It is through a result of broad research, that you can establish the framework of a powerful mobile app development that will pick up ubiquity in the application store.

It is hard to anticipate what really the crowd needs as their inclinations continue changing. However, in any event, as you have done the research and analysis work of understanding, defining the target audience for Mobile Application in advance, you can offer a superior product to the target clients with Softqube Technologies.

8 Advantages For Businesses of Having Their Mobile Apps Development

Can you imagine a flourishing business nowadays in the absence of websites and apps? E-commerce or grocery, you surely need a mobile app in addition to the website. Most consumers reside on mobiles! Research indicates that over 80% of mobile users search products and services online. Over 25% of them search for related mobile apps Development. Social media presence alone will not suffice, unlike the past. 

Mobile app creation is casually done these days with too many dedicated developers. DIY may be comfortable but not advisable. The expert design will go an as long way to attract success. 

Features which mobile apps  development have over websites

Certain features are not suitable for websites, but mobile apps will deliver. 

  • Social media integration
  • Google Maps and GPS tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Barcode and QR code scanning
  • Payment gateways

Mobile Apps Development

Importance of mobile apps in modern business 

Available to your clients 24/7

Compared to bulky desktops and laptops, the convenience, ease and reliability of mobiles are far more significant. Whether in search of a cab, food delivery or online shopping, tap a particular icon. GPS/Google Maps keep you connected. You know exactly where the cab or delivery person has reached!  

Customer Engagement

Everybody is concerned about information from the business communicated to the consumer. The truth is that marketing research also requires the reverse flow of data. Customers need to deliver reviews and feedback. Valuable customers would be lost if they cannot communicate freely with companies. Mobile apps development help both sides remain in close contact with a secure flow of data. Reviews and ratings, orders and questions, complaints and questions, everything are possible, anytime, anywhere. 

Well-designed apps must present easy to navigate simple interfaces since customers hate complexities. 

Provides Value to your customers

The search for Value is significant, like including a loyalty program. When customers repeat visits and purchases of products and services, they earn more discounts and attractive offers. Apps and brands go together. Push notifications help share loyalty points with customers in addition to bonuses and promotions. 

Starbucks encourages app users with rewards for visiting the store and purchasing additional coffee. Payments may be made conveniently through the app and reward points redeemed. Several payment gateways work through mobile networks. Thus, brands offer Value to clients. Amazon sends promo codes through push notifications. OneSignal is among the leading SDKs for push notifications. 

What mobile app does, websites can’t

Though almost every company maintains a website, many of them do not think that they need a mobile app too. The point is that apps bring many add-on services to the site. Mobile apps can scan barcodes. The barcode cannot be scanned via the website. You would need external hardware. Mobile apps require a tap to achieve barcode scanning. 

QR codes are also getting common and assist in business growth. Many hotels and gyms ask customers to scan QR codes to receive exciting offers and attract more customers. 

Mobile Apps

Brand Recognition

Apps, like advertising, attract publicity and visibility. For cost-effectiveness, an app is better than costly commercials with similar advantages. Apps are customized and include the features required. Links help to download the app through referral codes for spreading brand recognition. 

Helps in Direct Marketing

Offers and prices, features and discounts, communicate via apps! Direct marketing is an advantage. Track usage and geography, demographics etc. Improve sale strategies. 

Helps Differentiate

An app represents the company and sets it apart. They are vibrant and user friendly. 

Builds Customer Loyalty

Customers visit brands they trust, rather than unknown competitors. Motivate them well, and they might become brand advocates. 


By considering the numerous plus points, mobile apps development represent the dreamy business future. An exceptional app reaches the minds and hearts of consumers. Along with a website, add a mobile app that demonstrates the company image. Engage with customers and attract loyalty and Value. 

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