Industry pain points

The hospitality industry is one of the most unpredictable businesses across the globe. While there are certain seasonal business demands that hotels witness during festivals and holidays, the occupancy and demand for each day cannot be predicted.

This uncertainty and lack of scalability often cause hotels trouble in planning their inventory, business and marketing agendas. Also, all the decisions taken are either taken on intuition or from past experiences. This means there is no factual data to provide tangible and actionable decision-making capabilities.

System ideation

To help hotels' plan their revenue and to help them access data, our client provided marketing, conversion and revenue-boosting services to the hospitality industry. Being their tech enabler, we initiated our services by managing their data in excel and providing analytics services. Over time we realized there was a scope for an entire ecosystem.

Right from revenue management to marketing strategy, report generation and analytics to operations, the solution could digitize and automate various aspects of the hospitality business. With the vision to create an all-inclusive platform that would help hotels manage their revenue effectively and plan their marketing based on concrete data, we initiated work towards a personalized revenue management system.

  • Brand Kriya RevGEN
  • Industry Hospitality
  • Country USA
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  • Duration 10 years
Scope of work and requirements gathering phase

Services Softqube offered and finalised.

Technology Consultancy

Technology Consultancy

We collaborated with the client right from the stage of ideation and helped them with:

  • System architecture development
  • Secondary Industry research
  • User persona identification creation
  • Proof of concept/ technical feasibility of the project
UI and front-end design

UI and front-end design

To help the client get a personalized revenue management system:

  • A brand-centric UI approach was taken
  • Defined brand-centric elements to give the platform a brand-identity
  • Defining industry-specific icons and platform layout
  • Seamless user navigation was established to create a user-friendly platform
Technology development partner

Technology development partner

Based on the agreed scope of document, we collaborated with the client as their development partner and delivered:

  • A hand-picked team of developers, designers and testers
  • A Business analyst and a project manager were also appointed for the project
  • Communication channels were established to keep the client in the loop
  • Deployment of IT infrastructure to manage the sensitive data of the project
System testing and deployment

System testing and deployment

Once the project was developed and an MVP was ready, we then provided:

  • Complete system testing services to the client
  • Right from unit-testing to regression testing to black box testing, the system was thoroughly tested before deployment
  • We also helped the client with Beta testing and User-acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Once the system was tested, the platform was deployed on the client’s AWS server
DevOps Support

DevOps Support

Our DevOps team is responsible for exposing blind spots in their applications and infrastructure, and then figuring out how they can monitor those services. As system supporting 1600+ hotels around the globe, we need to make sure our cloud infrastructure always up and running with high performance.

  • Setting up tools and required infrastructure
  • Defining and setting development, test, release, update, and support processes for DevOps operation
  • Monitoring the processes during the entire lifecycle for its adherence and updating or creating new processes for improvement and minimizing the wastage
  • Incidence management and root cause analysis
  • Selecting and deploying appropriate CI/CD tools
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System modules and functionalities.

Cloud-based data collection

rc RevGEN enables hotels and groups to export their data to their platform from the hotel systems. Whether your system is personalized or independent, if the data is in supported formats entire data can be transferred to the cloud platform in a matter of a couple of Minutes. As of now system is connected with more than 25 different PMS system including some big brands like Choice, Hilton, Marriot, Opera, IHG, Skytouch and many more.

Cloud-based data collection
Hotel Snapshot

Hotel Snapshot

This module provides decision makers with integral details about their property and its revenue data at a glance. From data about yesterday’s pickup with drill-downs to the reservation level for a 365-day window, owners can get a complete picture at a click of a button.

All that and other important aspects of the revenue and operations such as fresh rate shop, automated forecasts, YoY growth, YoY budget, and reservation activity in a single dashboard.

Day by Day Strategy

This module provides in detailed analytics and forecasting abilities to the hotels and groups. Make effective revenue calls with dynamic reports that provide details including past STR indices by day, market segment level forecasts, transparent rate recommendations with bar-based statistics, length of stay statistics, yielding analytics, and booking patterns.

This module is designed for the strategic planners and decision-makers of the company. Not only is this data generation task automated and untampered, but the data and reports are also created keeping in mind all the aspects of the hotel industry.

Day by Day Strategy
Rate Plan and Company Analysis

Rate Plan and Company Analysis

This module helps the company to identify their top yield generators and helps them increase their conversions and deliver an optimized rate during the RFP season. Utilize the past data and performance of each producer and identify ideal wish rate and displacement with digitized data and accurate system analytics.

The system provides unlimited filters and tags that can help decision-makers in creating endless reports to compare YOY pace with data such as date range, market segment, and/or rate plans. Apart from the rate plan, the module also helps in determining the LOS patterns to prioritize the buyer and manage the operations.

Market Mix

This module is used for effective forecasting. Generate drill-downs to view past trends based on aspects such as market segments, rate plans, company profiles, and guest names. Identify ideal rate plans that are trending down on a 30-day moving average for each property in the company and create a personalized rate plan assessment and strategy.

Empower your sales personnel with new leads that are generated within the system and also provide them with system-generated wish rates to increase the chance of a conversion. Make data-driven decisions for all of the negotiated accounts based on stay pattern and displacement and make decisions that can provide tangible actions to increase profitability.

Market Mix




“ I have worked with Hari on many complex projects, and he has helped me develop the projects from the conceptual phase all the way to implementation and post-project support. The partnership with Hari and Softqube has been invaluable to me and my companies. ”



“ Hari has been an invaluable resource for Kriya RevGEN. His team of developers are knowledgeable and savvy. Hari's service is unmatched and always follows up immediately. Thank you for all your hard work, Hari and team! ”

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