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FENCED Web App is created to conduct and manage business more dynamically than the competition. FENCED is a web application that focuses on managing properties and hotels and generating leads by offering your target market low and inexpensive rates. Fenced will automatically fetch and automate the rates of all the property competitors of yours and show user what rates are offered by other properties so user can compare the rates of all properties and then adjust their own rates less than competitors and then do a lead generation. User can add multiple corporates companies that is to be targeted by them. User can add all the targeted hotels or properties who are the competitors of them.

Scope of Work

In order to help our clients compete with their rivals in the segment of hotels and properties, we created a product called Fenced Web App, which enables users to shop their competitors rates specific for Corporates, compare all other properties' rates, and set their own rates at a lower cost than those of rival properties and other businesses.


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Holiday Inn




Best Western Patriots

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platforms & technologies

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Job Schedule overview

Your Personalized
Fenced Portal

User arrives at this home/landing page, often known as the application's dashboard, after successfully logging in. The user can navigate to all other pages from here with just a few clicks.


Calendar View &
Advanced Filters

The rates can also be viewed in calendar view according to dates, and the user can very accurately compute their own hotel rates by utilising the 2 filters (MIN,AVG,MAX), (BAR,CORPORATES).

Rateshop Request Table

View Your Requests in
the Rateshop Table

The user can access the rateshops they have requested for all of the specific corporates from the rateshop request table.

Properties Grid View

Compare Rates and Find the Best Deal

In the properties grid view, users can view all the properties and their rates by date and contrast them with their own rates.

Rateshop Request Chart
The Visual Rateshop
Request Chart

Users can view a graphic depiction of all received rateshop requests in the rateshop request chart.

Properties Request a Shop
Compare Competitor
Prices Effortlessly

Users can utilise the function to request a store if they need to check the prices of any specific competitors for any corporations.

Setup My Hotels
List Your Property on
My Hotels

From the menu My Hotels, users can build up their own properties and hotels with all necessary details.

Setup Corporates
Add, Edit, Delete

Each corporate entity and company that a user wants to target for their business can be added, updated, or deleted.

Setup Competitors

Outsmart the Competition

By using the Competitors area, users can add all of the hotels and properties of our segments' competitors.

Setup Find a Corporate

Find Out Who's Behind
the Brand

If a user is unsure of which corporations are associated with certain hotels and properties, they can utilise this service to find corporations.

Manage Users

Sub-users & Task

In the Fenced web app, users can create sub-users and other users to perform various tasks, and they can also manage them using this section on managing users.


Manage Hotel Brands
with Ease

Fenced Admin can view/add/update/delete list of all brands of hotels from this menu.

Corporates Clients

Add, Update & Delete
Corporate Clients

List of all the corporates clients added in the system will managed from this menu. Admin can view/add/update/delete any corporates from list.

Corporates Requests

View Corporate
Addition Requests

List of all the corporates requested for adding in system will be listed in Corporate request menu.

Client Details

See Properties,
Corporates & Billing

Clients and basic client details like number of properties, number of corporates billing type and details can we viewed from this menu client details.

Job Requests & Transactions

Monitor Application
Billings & Job

Admin Can view total numbers of job requests and transactions regarding the applications billings from this menu.


In conclusion, Fenced project not only simplifies the process of finding the best rates but also provides user with a deeper understanding of market trends and analytics. The incorporation of advanced data analytics ensures that Fenced platform not only serves as a analytics project but also as a dynamic source of information for both consumers and industry professionals.


Hari has a good team that he manages well. They respect his guidance and experience and he does a good job communicating and translating expectations. The core project deliverables were completed on time. We make quite a few adjustments in discovery which took additional time to implement but this was agreed to. They also taken care of AWS Cloud infrastructure service and management.

Connor Vanderholm

CEO, Topline Revenue LLC

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