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Humans have evolved rapidly over the past few decades. We know how smart technologies are picking up the pace. It is changing people’s lives in a way we could never have imagined in the distant past. From controlling your home appliances to closing your curtains with just a touch of a button, this is the power of smart home automation systems.

You no longer need to wait to reach your home and create a cozy environment. You can do this while you are traveling back home. All you need is a single tap on your smartphone to adjust the lighting as per your mood, set the geyser for a hot shower, and unlock the door to allow your family to enter. These are just a few examples from the long list of incredible conveniences your smart home automation apps can offer.

But the question is: How can you harness the most exciting market of smart home automation apps? What should be the key features and benefits you can provide to your customers by installing smart home applications into their mobile devices?

For a decade, we have come a long way mastering the skill of developing the most reliable and innovative smart automation application. At Softqube Technologies, our Smart Home Automation App Development services are exceptional in terms of delivering personalized user experiences and ensuring strong security measures to protect crucial data. If you are an aspiring developer or a homeowner wishing to transform your living space, read the blog and know how the future of home living can be at your fingertips.

What are Smart Home Automation Applications?

What are Smart Home Automation Applications

Smart home applications enable users to monitor, control, and manage their home appliances remotely. Users can operate with their smartphones or tablets. With Home Automation System App Development, you can handle systems inside your home. These are called single-purpose home automation apps that control only one device or a system like regulating bulb lights. On the other hand, with multipurpose Smart home automation apps you can control the entire home system. To be precise, you can operate every Smart device through the apps available on your smartphone.

If you are looking for a smart home app that can control your home devices, you must collaborate with experts who provide IoT Application Development Solutions. Softqube Technologies can build the finest apps for your consumer. We are one of the leading companies that provide customized services that will fulfill your needs.

Reasons for the Popularity of Home Automation Apps:

Reasons for the Popularity of Home Automation Apps

The home software market has witnessed so many variations of Smart home automation apps. But one common reason why everyone remains in this business is the ease of use and convenience these apps provide to the users. Some of the key reasons for the popularity of these apps worldwide are:

Rising Consumer Expectations

Amongst so many people using smartphones, we have a class that loves exploring new technologies and smart appliances. As the number of this population genre rises, we also see the rising number of smart and IoT-driven devices. There are home remote control systems that a modern home buyer and tech enthusiast would want in their homes. They would need intelligent goods and products that can save their precious time and respond as per the market trends.


IoT hardware is nowadays available at cost-effective prices. They are easily accessible and can fulfill the needs of consumers who wish to build Smart homes. With sensors, microchips, and ready-to-use kits, they can create intelligent homes having multiple functionalities and connectivity. To provide enhanced IoT and smart home automation app benefits to such a class of people, you can create one of the finest Smart home apps, and that too at an affordable cost.

Evolving IoT Platforms

With the rise in IoT development services in the market, you can get diverse solutions for your
. With Softqube Technologies, you can customize your Smart home app features as per the choices and individual needs of your client.

Fluctuating Environment Standards

Environment laws will get more stringent and difficult to follow in the coming days. Hence, home automation Android apps can protect the environment in very many ways. It can save energy, give convenience, enhance monitoring, ensure security, and have user-friendly controls.

The Topmost Features That We Provide in Our Smart Home Automation Applications:

A perfect Smart Home Automation App will always satisfy consumers by fulfilling all their needs and requirements. With such apps, you can help them live a simple life with multiple choices to develop an app. If you wish to make a customer-driven smart home automation application, you must ensure that the below features are integrated into your app. We provide all these features to our customers:

Google Home Integration

Our Smart home automation apps are integrated with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant to provide voice-controlled automation. This ensures comfort and convenience in handling smart home devices.

Arduino Development

We ensure to use the best technologies for your users. With this feature, we help them control home appliances like lights, fans, AC, room heaters, televisions, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. with Android or Bluetooth smartphones.

ESP32 App Development

Another unique feature is ESP32 App development technology. ESP32 is a microcontroller that integrates EDA and solace products for building scalable and reliable smart home automation applications. With seamless remote control systems, users can manage multiple devices via wireless connectivity by using numerous types of sensors and actuators.

Set Up Features

Consumers get the idea of using new devices with this feature. The feature assists in setting up the device, creating an account, and taking you through its functionalities. It is the best-suited interface that ensures quick and seamless onboarding for users.

User Roles

With the Smart home automation app, you can establish the user roles enabling better safety and security in the Smart home system. This is considered to be one of the valuable features of any household system.

Reporting and Analytics

Our IoT-driven smart home automation apps provide smart home systems that can collect data using sensors to build insightful reports. With the analytics features, you can analyze the data and get the best solution for your home.

Biometric Access

We provide this essential feature to ensure better security and safety of your Smart home ecosystem. We provide optical scanners that will take the users’ fingertips and store them for authentication.

Voice Recognition

We integrate the best voice recognition technologies with smart home applications that will be easy to access and super safe. The app has the power to isolate the user’s voice from background disturbances and to convert it into digital use in the future.


The feature is unique and we have harnessed it at our best to provide every innovative thought into a reality into the smart home automation apps. We accept our customer preferences and can change the functionality of the appliances over time.

Face Recognition

Just as the voice recognition feature creates value, our Smart home automation apps can incorporate face recognition technology for identifying the residents’ faces. The app would notify you of the person if found suspicious in the present area.

What Care Do We Take While Creating Smart Home Automation Application?

What Care Do We Take While Creating Smart Home Automation Application

Working with IoT application development companies will help you get the best features into your smart home automation app. We have a development team that has excelled in building the best smart home applications ensuring all the important features get covered.


Before installing an app on their smartphones, consumers look for a promising feature that ensures high security and safety. Hence, we ensure that while building your smart home automation app, all the gaps get filled up, and the vulnerabilities do not occur from hackers. We also take various protective measures like data encryption, secured communication channels, etc.


Features are the elements from which the app is made. The very purpose of building an app is to enjoy its features. We make sure that before building any smart home automation app, we closely work with your team to define the exact features and how they will work. We also find out what value will these features create for the users and what difference they will make in their lives. With his activity, we estimate the entire cost structure and find out areas where we need to improve.

Functional Ability

We provide single-purpose and multi-tasking applications. Based on the kind of your business and consumer needs, we help you decide the best application type.

User Interaction

Modern home buyers want smart home automation apps that are highly responsive, engaging, and can interact seamlessly. They want a convenient lifestyle that we can give them through our smart home automation apps. We therefore first understand their needs and demands and then build the smart home automation app.

Final Thoughts

We see the growing demand for Smart home automation apps everywhere worldwide. To build a home automation app, you need to collaborate with the best experts and proficient team of IoT app developers who can help you identify the real needs of the users. For this, you can hire smart home app developers from Softqube Technologies. We are the best IoT App Development Company in the USA and are building robust mobile applications that match the recent market trends and technologies. We use the best tools and IoT systems to build the finest
app for your customers. Visit our website www.softqubes.com. Or, get in touch with our team to get the best services.

Mobile applications introduced another period of utilizing apparatuses and assets from the comfort of our palms. This field doesn’t need extraordinary labor and hence has seen exponential development over only a couple of years. What began a little measure to give amusement and data has spread over to incorporate business-related applications too. In the present life Mobile applications assuming a significant part in disentangling the everyday undertakings. It is demonstrated that the majority of Mobile clients invest their energy in mobile app development India.

Table of Contents

Frameworks and development tools

Android design guidelines

Cloud technologies

User input target

User interface fast and responsive

App security

E-Commerce features and mobile payment:

Wearables Compatible App

Emerging Trends

Test the App

Frameworks and development tools:

Have you at any point considered what are the things utilized in making all such Mobile applications that make your life a lot simpler? From getting up in the first part of the day till arriving at the office on schedule, everything occurs over some finger taps on some excellent mobile applications. These are known as area-based services applications that are driving the application generation today.

Behind the location of such interest applications, there are a large number of Mobile application development systems, which are making efforts to give you the best client involvement with your fingertips. The mobile application development market is developing at a pace of CARG 14% and expected to contact 100 USD Billion by 2022.

Mobile App development

Android design guidelines:

Essentially, UX designs attempt to satisfy the client’s needs. It designs to give positive experiences that keep clients faithful to the brand or item. A study by Statista says that there are around 52% of clients who accept that a terrible mobile experience made them less inclined to attract with an organization.

For best outcomes and attractive client responses from the application, one must apply UX practices from the earliest starting point. It is critical to include colleagues, from the marketing director, web specialist, content writer, UX designer, and visual designers to create the best UX structures.

Mobile App development India

Each entrepreneur has a promise to clients, to keep things new and working, the creation and investigation of UX are an unquestionable requirement in at regular intervals. There are some do’s and don’ts that each application structuring group must remember while designing an iOS or Android Mobile application for any business.

Cloud technologies:

Current cell phones are working on various working frameworks. They have different screen sizes and attributes. To make a mobile software that sudden spikes in demand for such various gadgets, the cross-platform ability is required. This guarantees a greater number of mobile applications that can be made that clients may profit from utilizing various gadgets.

Developers associated with business mobile app development India may deal with this interest by moving their program information that is saved money on the cell phones to workers that sudden spike in demand for cell cloud. The cloud’s information storage capacities and figuring force can be utilized for making mobile cloud services. This doesn’t include contributing to the foundation yet guarantees that the cloud framework is being used completely.

Mobile cloud computing empowers undertakings and private clients to get to their records, archives, pictures, and other information over the Internet distantly by utilizing their cell phones. Worldwide business associations and Mobile App Development India Companies have begun embracing this advancing innovation in light of the different advantages it offers.

User input target:

In case you have an item to sell or support of offer, you need to know who your intended interest group is. Who purchases your item? Who profits by your service? It’s inconsequential to continue building a brand without first realizing who you’re building it for. An intended interest group is a gathering of individuals that your service or item is designed for.

For applications, an all-around characterized target crowd benefits both the specialized and business factors. Consider client-driven UX/UI structures or focused on advertising efforts. The two of them include knowing who the intended interest group is.

Mobile App Development India

User interface fast and responsive:

Most new sites presently utilize responsive, which has been made simpler for less experienced architects and developers, on account of the accessibility of subjects available through CMS frameworks, including, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

Responsive doesn’t offer as much control as mobile yet takes substantially less work to both forms and keep up. Responsive formats are additionally liquid and while mobile can and do utilize rates to give a more liquid feel when scaling, these can again cause a bounce when a window is resized. In the picture underneath, which shows a liquid format, the designer is utilizing rate widths with the goal that the view will be balanced for every client.

With responsive, you will be structuring considering all formats and this can confound the cycle and make it very mind-boggling. This implies you should zero in on making a viewport for mid-goal and you would then be able to utilize media questions to change for low and high resolutions in the future.

App security:

The entirety of the Mobile platforms is by definition a test to organizations that make efforts hard to ensure that applications are secure and safe enough to be utilized by enterprises and people the same. The attacks which are happening on mobile platforms are turning out to be progressively complex and very much positioned, prompting an expansion in the harms they bring also, shockingly. To dodge this from happening time and again, there is an enormous number of expert mobile app development India organizations that you can depend on to be certain that you won’t have any issues with the medical services IT security. Their answers are focused around disposing of security risks which can just beneficially affect the entirety of the clients of cell phones who have built up a huge enthusiasm for applications, paying little mind to the kind of gadget or cell phone model they use.

The key advantages of turning to an organization which is centered around taking care of Mobile security dangers and keeping them from happening are the way that their masters will assist you with making sense of the entirety of the dangers presented by mobile applications grew either for the IOS or Android working frameworks, and a lot more extra benefits. These are, in no specific request: understanding the specialized and corporate setting, reviewing the protection and security consistency needs, the review of security codes, just as building up a professional remediation design and working with the assigned development group to forever fix issues which may happen alongside.

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E-Commerce features and mobile payment:

Regardless of whether you are an organization Web E-commerce development, or choose to pick the web designers for lease, one thing is without a doubt, and they will reveal to you that it is so essential to deal with your site that your customers will have endured. Moreover, they should likewise illuminate you on the best way to evade the equivalent.

In case internet business is generally predominant in creating nations is to expand the utilization of these innovations. Innovation will assist with educating the information society, and keen, presently constructing, data esteem. Likewise, these innovations are completely operational, and considering the exercises of the Information Technology for Development will support the gatherings.

Numerous clients today trust their Mobile more than their bank with regards to deal with cash. Mobile payment, additionally called M-payment, is at the bleeding edge of this mechanical development, development, and setting up this component of security and trust. The development of security has seen the utilization of mobile finances move and transaction increment both in the amount of merchandise and ventures bought, just as worthy.

Wearables Compatible App:

The market of wearable application development is becoming rapidly and wearable application designers and developers’ organizations continually making efforts to explore different avenues regarding new advances. They are structuring programming for all conceivable applications. Wearable gadgets are one such device we are generally utilizing them these days. Even though the wearable applications previously rose a couple of years prior, nowadays it is progressively getting famous everywhere on over the world.

Wearable innovation is regularly a class of innovation gadgets utilized either as an accessory or as a feature of other substances, including garments. Such gadgets can likewise interface with the web or using a cell phone to share information between the system and your gadget for various capacities.

Wearables Apps give admittance to equipment gadgets, including the speaker, sensors, and more. You accumulate information from your equipment and use them to give the ideal exhibition through the system to which you are associated. The yield is generally provided or shown on the screen.

The gadgets that are running or viable with those wearable applications depend on how the information is taken and the yield shows up. In case your gadget acknowledges and shows the outcome itself, it can pick any platform, including Android, iOS, Windows, or even a customized platform.

Test the App:

With the coming of PDAs and the headway in the mobile innovation, individuals are utilizing the gadget increasingly more with the end goal of correspondence and for getting to the web. Insights show that soon, the number of individuals utilizing Mobile to get to the web will be undeniably more than individuals utilizing the work area or PC to do likewise.

With the expanded ubiquity of the PDAs, the opposition among the mobile application developers has additionally expanded as each makes efforts to make their application a most loved among the objective clients. Perhaps the most ideal approaches to make your application a most loved among the clients and to create benefit for your efforts is by trying the created application before propelling it for open utilization so you can redress the fundamental glitches that may cause the disappointment of the clients.

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To play out the mobile application testing system in a straightforward yet compelling manner that additionally saves time, you might need to follow certain techniques that will assist you with improving the client base of your venture and acquire more prominent income from the fulfilled and faithful clients.

Mobile app development India keeps on staying a productive road as the future will be represented by applications and portability. Cross-platform application development platforms, including AngularJS, PhoneGap, and Ionic have encouraged further decrease in application development time and expenses. Seconds ago, Games remains the most mainstream class, however online business and venture arrangements are likewise benefitting intensely from mobile applications.

The mobile system is a central part of the business marketing technique of driving business and SMEs as it is perceived as fundamental to arriving at target clients with the quickest messages at an individual level. So, for a long time to come, Mobile app development India service providers like Softqube Technologies will stay a productive road.

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The mobile app development company India is consistently advancing. Innovation headways, shopper requests, and a wide scope of different elements directly affect mobile application patterns. Keeping awake to date with the most recent patterns is seemingly the most pivotal part of achievement in this space. As an individual from the Forbes Technology Council, we are continually investigating examples and speaking with other tech pioneers about increasing an edge.

Mobile application affiliates need to stay aware of new patterns to all the more likely to serve their customers. The equivalent goes for content makers and makers prepared to take their brands to the following level with the mobile turn of events.

Can we say that you are ready for the mobile application development changes in the coming year?

The list beneath is something beyond a hunch or my genuine belief. We’ve utilized actuality-based examination to concoct the top application advancement drifts that will overwhelm 2020.

Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive Web APPS otherwise known as PWA are local in addition to web applications that offer better execution and prompts a superior client commitment.

The mobile business is on an untouched blast, which has prompted simple admittance to cell phones for everybody. Adding to this is the simple and modest admittance to quick web associations. Today, everybody possesses a cell phone and approaches the rapid web. This has prompted a change in perspective from work areas to cell phones for utilizing the web.

Hence, for being proficient in such a situation, in the year 2015, Google presented PWA which permits the clients to admittance to quick loading sites on their cell phones. PWA utilizes management laborers who essentially store the worker of the PWA in the program to the client and the framework includes new feeds into it occasionally. This prompts more rapid sites that perform well on all platforms be it work areas, cell phones, tablets, and more.


With the arrangement of utilizations out there in application stores, it tends to be difficult to get taken notes. Regardless, if you make and show your applications well, you’ll get a veritable shot. You spend inestimable hours amassing a mobile application that works really. By then you submit it to the application stores, it gets released, and nothing occurs. Application store smoothing out is an enormous necessity for mobile developers, who need to work on discoverability and prompting customers to download. Luckily there are steps architects can take after to assist their chances with developing in the application stores.

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Adaptable design:

Adaptive is valuable for retrofitting a current site to make it more mobile-friendly. This permits you to assume responsibility for the structure and create for specific, numerous viewports. The quantity of viewports that you decide to structure for is completely up to you, your organization, and by and large financial design. It does, along with this, bear the cost of you a specific measure of control that you won’t have utilizing the responsive structure.

By and large, you would start by designing for a low-goal viewport and stir your way up to guarantee that the structure doesn’t get obliged by the substance. As referenced already, it’s the norm to design for goals. In any case, you can settle on a more educated choice by taking a look at your web investigation for the most regularly utilized gadgets and afterward designing for those viewports.

In case you need to design a mobile site without any preparation, that is OK as well. Start again by designing for the least goal and stir your way up. You would then be able to utilize media inquiries to extend the design for higher goal viewports. Nonetheless, in case you do design for numerous goals, you may find that this makes the format ‘hop’ while resizing a window. It very well may be additional work designing and building up a site with mobile for various viewports, so it’s normally utilized for retrofitting.

They work disconnected:

To realize what all the whine with PWAs is about particularly the disconnected capacity of it, maybe it’s time that you should experience a direct a disconnected review of our fundamental site, which is additionally a PWA by definitions.

With Progressive Web Apps, the entire disconnected experience is the same as your common involvement in an association that is its magnificence. This is a component particularly helpful for eCommerce stores that need a continuous perusing experience, in any event, when no association is available.

The mobile app development company India takes into account reserving an application shell (interface), so it stacks in a split second on rehash visits. The essential powerful substance is invigorated each time the association is back. These repairmen take into account good application execution and improved client experience. Such as, a courier client won’t see the distinction between the on the web and disconnected modes concerning interface: It despite everything works; a message history is accessible. Nonetheless, informing requires association.


Like most web designers, you may be comfortable with the amount Google likes to urge sites to have HTTPs as opposed to HTTP. It isn’t astounding that digital dangers are at the head of the list for application and web developers.

HTTP has not demonstrated adequately secure in the past with regards to ensuring clients’ significant and sensitive data. This is the reason sites are being moved to HTTPs, which makes it much simpler to dispatch a PWA in a protected and controlled condition. While entering delicate and individual data in progressive web applications, similar to charge card details or contact data, clients are probably going to have a sense of safety and appreciate the true serenity they deserve.


Discoverability, one of PWAs’ center highlights, expands their intensity over local applications. This bit of leeway is particularly significant thinking that each extra advance to download an application lessens the number of its possible clients by 20%.

Since PWAs aren’t introduced on a gadget or shared through Play or Apple stores, their clients are a few stages nearer to propelling them. They don’t need to visit an application store, click the introduce button, and acknowledge different authorizations. They should simply visit the site, add the application to a home screen, returned to the home screen, and open the site.


Don’t Progressive Web Apps sound extraordinary! In any case, you might be considering how they contrast with customary sites and local applications. I mean local applications have been extremely popular since the iPhone came out, isn’t that so?

Indeed, the fervor around local applications has dwindled lately. Customers have gotten exhausted with applications. Today the normal mobile client doesn’t download an application through the span of a month. Much more fearful, their application screen time is restricted to a little arrangement of enormous web-based media players, not normal organizations.

More information visit Vavis Mobile Application

As you will see progressive web applications are upgrades to conventional sites. You won’t lose a solitary site advantage by moving up to a PWA. You just improve it. So much preferred most are better over their local partners.


The development of progressive web applications can assist you in explaining different difficulties. We should portray a few circumstances while going progressive bodes well.

Above all else, building PWAs are about client commitment. Clients who would prefer not to make additional snaps to download an application might be a critical aspect of your websites. Details from an ongoing com Score report demonstrate this supposition that is all around established. Over 50% of cell phone clients don’t download even a single application a month. With a PWA, you can draw in with this huge client bunch regardless of whether you as of now have a local application. It likewise considers saving a significant measure of financial design on local applications’ updates and support.

To sum up the entirety of the above mentioned, things you need to consider when settling on a decision are execution and usefulness, advancement periods and expenses, just as client experience. All these things you can get from Softqube Technologies, a mobile app development company India.

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Android 11 is the most recent up and coming OS from the Google family. Prior to this release, Android 10 had just presented noteworthy changes in the OS and Android 11 further advances on the platform that was left after mobile application development services. The presentation of the framework wide dark mode, changes in the application authorization framework, and the naming of OS forms in accordance with sweets were ended. The ongoing developer review distributed by Google gives us an away from of things to come of the world’s most famous working framework.

Custom mobile application development services have just decoded the Android’s most recent developer review and have discovered many changes in the most recent cycle. Mobile applications development services are additionally seeing a look into the most recent Android OS and breaking down their impact on mobile applications. Before we start, we should initially investigate the different features presented in Android 11.

New feature set of Android 11

One-time permission:

Data security is consistently a need for the clients regardless of all the best features in Android. A year ago, Google presented an update in the authorization director with the alternative of “Permit just while being used”.

One of the Android 11 highlights is expanding the attention on security with a one-time authorization choice. Once authorization implies you can permit access to the mouthpiece, area, or camera for once and when you quit the application, consent will be renounced. Select the “main this time” alternative and whatever authorizations you have allowed to the application will be accessible just a single time.

Preparation of 5G:

A year ago, we had heard how innovation was progressing to get 5G web access. With Covid-19. There has been an expanded requirement for 5G innovation. Android 11 brings to you ‘Dynamic Meteredness API’. This API would let client’s full advantages on the mobile devices that 5G brings. At the point when the API perceives the 5G association, it will transfer videos and load graphics in high calibre.

Built-in Screen Recorder:

Again, this is one of the most recent Android updates includes that was normal in Android 10. Yet, this time, individuals expect that the local screen recorder highlight will be found in the last form also.

In case a local screen recorder feature is at long last presented in the most current Android form, we won’t host to rely upon third-group applications and stress over the security of our information. You can discover this component in the speedy settings alternative.

When chosen, you will be demonstrated a notification that the element will presently approach the entire screen. Begin video by tapping on the Start currently button and a red-colored symbol will show up on the status bar.

Multiple developments for messaging:

In Google public statement, the Android 11 beta has bunches of progress in informing. Like Facebook, the Android 11 beta has an open visit head on the screen. The messages will be covered up inside the little talk air pocket and it very well may be moved everywhere throughout the screen, tapped for open and the warning will be seen dependent on client setting. The Chat notification API is accessible for any messaging application in Android 11. This featured UI permits access to all the applications like Hangouts, WhNative Screen Recorderats app, and so forth for visiting by means of chat notification. And furthermore, the Android 11 has a notice area for messages to show one can make sense of the organized message and the picture additionally send through the notification bar.

Adaption on different screen types:

In case there is one space where we can say that genuine head ways have occurred in the Android biological system, it is regarding foldable gadgets. 2020 is going to observe a great deal of new increases in the foldable cell phone market all running at various screen sizes and goals.

The OS 11 has been created to run on the foldable gadgets easily. In this manner promoting an opportunity to begin working at foldable mobile phones application development.

What does it mean migrating apps to Android 11?

Android is a broadly utilized Operating System today. It has become a typical platform for developers. Different mobile applications are made for Android specifically. With each update, Google is continually improving and including new features. Android 10 was a triumph. It changed the application’s consent front and presented the dark mode. With the release of Android 11, additional features and updates are normal.

The total form of Android 11 has not been uncovered at this point;however, we do have a set of what the features would almost certainly be. With each update, developers get more choices to include novel features and make some strange mobile applications. This release can end up being a distinct advantage for mobile applications. You need the correct group of developers to make some exceptional applications.

User’s Restriction

Android 11 will influence how the dialogue box shows up inside applications. In case a client forbids authorization twice, Android 11 will consider it as ‘Don’t ask once more’. Advertisers and application suppliers will currently be required to clarify why an application needs a particular arrangement of consents and what it does with the information.

Stats to be private:

For better securing the clients information, Android 11 will store all the clients’ application utilization measurements in the qualification encoded capacity. Therefore, neither the application nor any framework can get to the information except if certain coding work is finished. Which, thus, is subject to two conditions:

  1. Clients open their gadgets the first time after system start-up
  2. Clients change to their account on the gadget.

So, until your developer knows the workaround, you will confront issues in review the application utilization features.

Lowers data redundancy:

With regards to media playback or AI, an application would attempt to utilize the equivalent datasets for another application. Presently prior forms of Android required both the application to utilize diverse datasets for a similar procedure. So as to lessen the information excess on the system, Android 11 brings lets datasets get shared between gadgets which were unrealistic in prior adaptations.

Greater clarity on apps:

Android 11 has presented another element under which reports conveying the reasons behind late procedure terminations will be created. The application owners won’t have the option to accumulate information around crash diagnostics in detail regardless of whether a procedure has been ended on account of memory issues, ANRs or different reasons. It is one of the main highlights presented by Android 11.

Infrastructure benefit to 5G:

Indeed, you have heard it right. Mobile applications better perform with 5G. Operating system 11 is liable for dealing with all the innovation which will upgrade client experience like speedy record move, quick downloads and you won’t face issues such as buffering.

Mobile applications development services are at the front line of the most recent application developments encompassing Android 11 and organizations must take this risk early and ensure that they update their Android application development India.

Android 11 is a steady move up to the past OS variant. It brings a large group of new security and client experience enhance features. Mobile applications should be refreshed to help the most recent Android variant and a Mobile applications development services supplier can definitely help you in this respect.

It the hours of this rough competition, it is critical that you pick the correct custom mobile application development services to refresh your application with the goal that it remains significant and on top of things. Android 11 can end up being the achievement OS form that underlines on the security and protection worries of the clients.


Mobile applications development services can set up your application for the change from Android 10 to Android 11. Your application must be prepared for the new OS version to guarantee its relevance. Custom mobile application development services are taking a shot at the most recent Android 11 review and prepared to construct applications for what’s to come.

When you have an item to sell or a service to offer, you need to know who your targeted audience group is. Who purchases your item? Who profits by your offered services? It’s trivial to continue building a brand without first realizing who you’re building it for. A target audience group is a gathering of individuals that your service or product is targeted for. This is even similar for a mobile app development.

Define your audience

For applications, an all-around characterized target crowd benefits both the specialized and business factors. Consider client driven UI/UX structures or focused on marketing efforts. The two of them include knowing who the target audience group is.

A target audience group is substantially more than just an expression, such as college students or a location like North America. Your target audience group should be a predetermined gathering of individuals that share certain socio economics and interests. Utilize your responses to the inquiries above to assist you with recognizing this socioe conomics.

When you’ve distinguished this socioeconomic, set up them to create your target audience group. You need to consistently make a target audience group visual that you refer to. There are a couple of approaches to do this, one of them is to create real client persona profiles.

General understanding:

After doing some exploration in your industry, you find that you need something other than a mobile site for your business. You will need to truly catch the eye of the mobile device generation and get them to utilize your mobile app development. The inquiry is: when you make your application, how would you have gotten the message out about it?

Regardless of how well you advertise your mobile app development, if it’s not something individuals need, they won’t be interested. Your mobile application doesn’t need to be only an expansion of your site or another form of your online store that would bear some significance with just your present clients. You can get innovative and concoct something that will pull in the overall population and put your business brand name before them.

Secondary market research:

All things considered, in the secondary market research for identifying the target audience for your mobile app development, you need to go with a more extensive forthcoming and approach as it is a deep investigation. You should not neglect to keep your eyes flawless on the contenders and give exceptional consideration on individuals who might utilize the application more than others.

Taking the basic food item application model, you should focus on how frequently individuals request items from basic food item application and what are the basic things they purchase, what is the well-known method of payment and so on. You additionally need to consider the application ratings and reviews also.

Audience demographics and behaviors:

To create a profile of your mobile application’s target audience group, you’ll have to recognize your beliefs clients from a general perspective and afterward decide their pain point. Will the application be for communication, banking, sales, HR? Will it serve an external or internal audience, or both?

What is the normal individual in the forthcoming client base like? Consider questions, for example, these:

  1. What is the normal age of our mobile application’s target audience group? In case clients are older, they may need a straightforward, quick interface, and they may acknowledge bigger content for presbyopic eyes. In case they are young, they would probably react all the more emphatically to a tastefully satisfying structure and a moderate, natural interface.
  2. Where do they live? Topography factors into language and social desires. Not every person communicates in English, so you may need to represent interpretation, and individuals in various worldwide sites are familiar with various structure feel. For instance, Asian applications will in general be more beautiful than North American or European ones.
  3. How educated the audience is?More profoundly educated clients are bound to be responsive to complex applications, while those with less training may require an increasingly oversimplified, easy to understand interface with less steps in the work process.
  4. What is their general socio economical level? Financial level frequently corresponds with training level, yet it likewise influences an individual’s introduction to innovation and digital tools before earlier their life.

Facilitates marketing:

Similarly, as you need to guarantee your site hits the correct keywords, ensure your PR shows up unmistakably in search engine results as well. It helps you to reach the target audience for mobile marketing effectively.

Composing in view of SEO has two advantages:

  1. Publishers will adore this since it will direct people to their websites making them bound to distribute it.
  2. It will improve the probability of your crowd finding your piece in case they don’t buy in to the blog it’s posted on.

Composing a PR has two primary purposes:

  1. It removes a portion of the work from giving a point of landing on your application which news sites will adore as it makes their carries on with simpler.
  2. It permits you to control the underlying view of your application.

The point here is to make awareness among your target audience group and increase some enthusiasm on sites/news website. In this way, just as interesting bloggers, a decent PR will control journalists towards assisting with selling your application to the target group as opposed to a chosen few hardcore lovers.

Check the trends:

Something else you need to know is if enthusiasm for your thought, or something identified with it, is getting more grounded or disappearing; you can utilize search engine bot information for this. For instance, Google Trends/Adwords will give you an outline of the thing’s individuals are looking for and how regularly. In case enthusiasm for the points identified with your thought is winding down after some time, at that point you may need to ask yourself “Why?” and maybe discard the thought. Then again, in case interest is developing, at that point this shows individuals are searching for answers identified with your thought. You could likewise assemble the keywords that will be essential to your online promotion system in this stage.

Conducting research on competitor’s app:

After you’ve investigated who is utilizing your item and who is tailing you via social media and networking platform, it’s an ideal opportunity to perceive what are your chances against the opposition. Are your competitors following a similar crowd you are? What sort of advertisements they are utilizing? How would they position themselves?

You won’t get a knowledge into their Facebook Ads Manager, yet recent outrages Facebook was associated with began an adjustment in the straightforwardness on the greatest online networking system. Facebook put a ton of exertion in conquering security and protection issues and improving the current devices.

With the expanded degree of straightforwardness on Facebook and for what reason am I seeing this, presently you can discover how the brand got their contact data or for what reason are they seeing a particular advertisement. You can see whom the promoter focused with the advertisement. In the new Facebook Ads Library, you can see all the dynamic promotions of a specific page. It gives you knowledge into the prescribed procedures of your opposition.


With the assistance of online review services including, Survey Monkey, you can contact an enormous crowd with your inquiries. Through your underlying discoveries, you can show the sort of respondents you need to answer your review or portion the overview into gatherings. When utilizing overviews, the inquiries you pose to will decide a great deal. Beside the inquiries identified with your application, you additionally need to accumulate the segment and information about the lifestyle of your respondents.

Focus groups:

While remotely assembling information from respondents is very advantageous and maybe simpler, there’s nothing more compelling than up close and personal connection with your potential client base. You can check their non-verbal communication with what they are stating and ask follow-up inquiries, which reviews don’t really permit. Once more, your selection of members for this stage is significant and you can pick them dependent on the segment information you’ve gathered earlier.

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The research and analysis the market before intending to build up an application is a practical technique to follow in case you need to endure the unpleasant getting competition. It is through a result of broad research, that you can establish the framework of a powerful mobile app development that will pick up ubiquity in the application store.

It is hard to anticipate what really the crowd needs as their inclinations continue changing. However, in any event, as you have done the research and analysis work of understanding, defining the target audience for Mobile Application in advance, you can offer a superior product to the target clients with Softqube Technologies.

Digital Workplace Group shows, the quantity of individuals working remotely has seen a 115% ascent, and they have anticipated that 38% of the number of inhabitants in full-time representatives will accomplish their work remotely in the following decade including the professionals from application development company. So, for what reason is remote work so well known? Its interests for workers are self-evident. Advantages include:

  1. Having the option to work when and where they need
  2. Investing no energy driving
  3. Having their own private work environment

How to isolate the benefits of working remotely?

When COVID-19 constrained organizations everywhere throughout the world to send their representatives home to work, remote work had a pivotal turning point. Truly, the race to give representatives access to all the instruments they’d have to work from home was somewhat, well, abrupt for some businesses. Yet, after everybody settled in, what immediately got clear to numerous office-based groups is that workers could be beneficial and focused when not in the work place much of the time, significantly more so. Managers wherever started to know that remote work truly works.

application development company

What will the eventual fate of remote work look like in a post-pandemic world? Will organizations return to nothing new and necessitate that everybody works nearby, or is the pandemic the tipping point that at long last persuades managers that adaptable work is the best approach for the long stretch?

Regardless of whether you’re on the chase for a remote activity or are now working practically, look at this list of the best advantages of working from home, alongside a portion of the top organizations that enlist for remote employments.

Benefits of companies when employees working remotely

In earlier years, numerous businesses have communicated worry about recruiting work from homers; they dread that they probably won’t take care of business without oversight or be uncontactable when they are required.

In all actuality, it has never been simpler to sort out a remote workforce. Application Development Company like Slack and Trello assistance to keep remote work forces sorted out and equipment like intelligent showcases guarantee that groups can at present connect, regardless of whether they are not all in a similar spot.

Also, there are some stunning points of interest of remote working for bosses. They go from getting a good deal on office space to giving representatives a sentiment of opportunity.

Increased productivity:

In a yearly review professional found that in 2019, 65% of experts figure they would be more profitable working remotely than in a customary office, with 49% saying they go to their home or home office when they truly need to lock in and complete work.

Working from home for the most part lead to less interferences, less workplace issues, a calmer noise level, and less or increasingly proficient gatherings. Include the absence of a drive, work from homers regularly have additional time and less interruptions, which leads to expanded profitabilitya colossal advantage of working from home for the two workers and managers the same.

Android app development company

At the point when done right, remote work permits representatives and organizations to concentrate on the main thing and that is performance. Tragically, the workplace condition can make bogus positives that can lead to inclination and partiality. All things considered, coming in ahead of schedule and leaving late may look like more work, however genuine execution is a greatly improved marker of profitability.

Professionals revealed that 60% of U.S. workers who have been working from home during the pandemic would want to work remotely however much as could reasonably be expected later on.

Work-Life balance:

Numerous remote occupations likewise accompany adaptable schedules, which implies that laborers can begin and end their day as they pick, as long as their work is finished and leads to solid results. This authority over your work routine can be important with regards to taking care of the requirements of your own life.

Regardless of whether it’s adjusting school plans, clinical arrangements, and tasks, or going to an online wellness class toward the beginning of the day, or in any event, being home for a contractual worker should all be possible somewhat more effectively when you work from home.

Improved employee retention:

Remote, application development company specialists will in general be more joyful and increasingly faithful representatives, to some extent since working from home has been appeared to bring down pressure, give more opportunity to pastimes and interests, and improve individual connections, in addition to other things.

Along with this, close to home well-being and prosperity, collaborator and chief connections can be progressively positive without the interruptions and legislative issues that join an in-office work. An announced 72% of bosses state remote work highly affects representative maintenance clearly put, representatives are staying with their manager when they have remote work alternatives.

app development company

Working from home can likewise prompt better well-being in an assortment of ways: more opportunity for physical action, the capacity to eat more advantageous, the capacity to recover from ailment or medical procedure at home, less introduction to ailments, simplicity of thinking about a medical problem or inability, and the alternative to make an ergonomic and comfortable workspace. Working remotely can give representatives the time and condition expected to settle on solid decisions.

Increased savings:

Individuals who work from home half time can save thousands of dollars per year. Gas, vehicle, transportation, maintenance, leaving charges, an expert closet, snacks purchased out, and more would all be able to be diminished or disposed of from your spending altogether. These savings include and set more cash back into your pocket.

What’s more, the savings aren’t only for workers, either. As an ever-increasing number of organizations permit representatives to keep working from home post-pandemic such as Square, Twitter, Facebook and Shopify to give some examples they’ll likewise observe huge long-term cost savings.

As per Global Workplace Analytics, an organization can save thousands of dollars every year for each worker who work from homes probably a portion of the time. Businesses has from remote work on things like:

  1. Overhead
  2. Travel subsidies
  3. Real Estate costs
  4. Coherence of activities

During the COVID-19 pandemic, business managers are saving over billions every day by permitting representatives to work from home. This major monetary advantage of remote work could proceed as more organizations make it a drawn-out arrangement.

iOS App

Reduced salary:

Work from home professionals and representatives the same can both appreciate the budgetary advantages of working from home. Since work from home professionals aren’t dishing out for driving expenses and regularly get a good deal on espressos and snacks, frequently wouldn’t fret a slight decrease in compensation.

Costs that the specialist has from working at home like the expense of PCs and other hardware are regularly thought to be their obligation, as they will probably be utilizing the apparatus for recreation also.


In spite of the fact that the pandemic may have been the impetus for remote work for a huge number of application development company professionals around the globe, it’s a long way from the main reason to work from home. For sure, the advantages of working from home sway such huge numbers of things on a worldwide scale that it’s certain to turn into the best way ahead. Get in touch with us!

Can you imagine a flourishing business nowadays in the absence of websites and apps? E-commerce or grocery, you surely need a mobile app in addition to the website. Most consumers reside on mobiles! Research indicates that over 80% of mobile users search products and services online. Over 25% of them search for related mobile apps Development. Social media presence alone will not suffice, unlike the past. 

Mobile app creation is casually done these days with too many dedicated developers. DIY may be comfortable but not advisable. The expert design will go an as long way to attract success. 

Features which mobile apps  development have over websites

Certain features are not suitable for websites, but mobile apps will deliver. 

Mobile Apps Development

Importance of mobile apps in modern business 

Available to your clients 24/7

Compared to bulky desktops and laptops, the convenience, ease and reliability of mobiles are far more significant. Whether in search of a cab, food delivery or online shopping, tap a particular icon. GPS/Google Maps keep you connected. You know exactly where the cab or delivery person has reached!  

Customer Engagement

Everybody is concerned about information from the business communicated to the consumer. The truth is that marketing research also requires the reverse flow of data. Customers need to deliver reviews and feedback. Valuable customers would be lost if they cannot communicate freely with companies. Mobile apps development help both sides remain in close contact with a secure flow of data. Reviews and ratings, orders and questions, complaints and questions, everything are possible, anytime, anywhere. 

Well-designed apps must present easy to navigate simple interfaces since customers hate complexities. 

Provides Value to your customers

The search for Value is significant, like including a loyalty program. When customers repeat visits and purchases of products and services, they earn more discounts and attractive offers. Apps and brands go together. Push notifications help share loyalty points with customers in addition to bonuses and promotions. 

Starbucks encourages app users with rewards for visiting the store and purchasing additional coffee. Payments may be made conveniently through the app and reward points redeemed. Several payment gateways work through mobile networks. Thus, brands offer Value to clients. Amazon sends promo codes through push notifications. OneSignal is among the leading SDKs for push notifications. 

What mobile app does, websites can’t

Though almost every company maintains a website, many of them do not think that they need a mobile app too. The point is that apps bring many add-on services to the site. Mobile apps can scan barcodes. The barcode cannot be scanned via the website. You would need external hardware. Mobile apps require a tap to achieve barcode scanning. 

QR codes are also getting common and assist in business growth. Many hotels and gyms ask customers to scan QR codes to receive exciting offers and attract more customers. 

Mobile Apps

Brand Recognition

Apps, like advertising, attract publicity and visibility. For cost-effectiveness, an app is better than costly commercials with similar advantages. Apps are customized and include the features required. Links help to download the app through referral codes for spreading brand recognition. 

Helps in Direct Marketing

Offers and prices, features and discounts, communicate via apps! Direct marketing is an advantage. Track usage and geography, demographics etc. Improve sale strategies. 

Helps Differentiate

An app represents the company and sets it apart. They are vibrant and user friendly. 

Builds Customer Loyalty

Customers visit brands they trust, rather than unknown competitors. Motivate them well, and they might become brand advocates. 


By considering the numerous plus points, mobile apps development represent the dreamy business future. An exceptional app reaches the minds and hearts of consumers. Along with a website, add a mobile app that demonstrates the company image. Engage with customers and attract loyalty and Value. 

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Mobile app-success has frequently represented the achievement of business targets! As customer onboarding is the key, attractive apps result in user retention over long terms. Customers need to feel at home with an appropriately creative but straightforward  Mobile app development. Read on to know the best policies guiding user onboarding. 

Build the Path of Least Resistance

Along with the welcome, onboarding should guide visitors around. Customers need to know how the app works and how purchases and payments get done. Design a smooth and stress-free process. Complexities of login and navigation chase them away!  

Mobile App

Intellectual loads should be avoided. Avoid burdening brainpower. Excessive information presented at one go defeats the purpose. A single login screen is simple and universal in social media apps. De-clutter the interface and minimize icons and images. Get rid of whatever is not used. A simple and natural design works best. 

Reduce Sign-up/Log In Fields

User onboarding on small mobile screens should avoid lengthy forms. Why not use a single form to facilitate logins and signups? Entertainment websites do that. Service apps with large memberships may require more details. You need to gather only essential information. If needed, use two screens.  

Follow the “One Screen, One Concept” Rule

A specific information format is easily understood. Compact mobile screens need to shorten the text and use a single screen for an idea. Avoid unnecessary words. Benefits and functions need to be communicated briefly. 

Give Feedback Quickly

In the IT world, feedback carries enormous clout. In the authentication process, plus and negative points need to be known immediately. Animations serve to attract attention quickly. 

Mobile App

Use Guided Interaction to Drive Progress

The more complicated mobile apps use progressive mobile onboarding that serves as a guided product tutorial. The best apps make it a fun experience of exploration. Avoid giving instructions directly. In video games, participants find the way around through actions to find the controls. Some apps with empty spaces require interaction to find steps to generate content. ‘Evernote’ encourages you to make notes and fill up screens. ‘Explore Evernote’ supports discovery. 

Use Animations Purposefully

Why should you use animations in mobile onboarding? 

Minimize animations in mobile onboarding and aim at one of these targets. Avoid irritation but attract attention. Animations pointing at something undiscovered or pagination dots to indicate time are good policies. 

Test, Test, & Test Again

By aiming primarily at users, mobile app onboarding should heed reviews. You can find what users have difficulty with and work out solutions to remove them. Test something and see if users want them. 

Mobile App

Breaking Down Your Retention Rate to Identify Problems

The study of retention rates in three sections will help find problems in the app. 

Short-Term Retention (The first week of Mobile app usage)

During the first week, how many times did users visit the app? If visits are rarely more than once, they found it complicated or unclear. 

Mid-Term Retention (4 weeks of app usage)

During this period, analyze the pattern of use. Did you find any obstacles to proper usage?

Long-Term Retention (After one month of app usage)

Are users embracing the app as an essential resource?  

Convey Value Right Away

Immediacy holds good in the business world. Is the Mobile app working well at launch? If yes, usage should continue for long. Studying responses, it will be apparent if the app is successful or facing problems. 

Final Thoughts

High retention rates at onboarding prove that apps are successful. Collect feedback and make changes to accommodate user wishes.  Get in touch with us!

While it seems hard to believe that about 2 million apps exist now on Apple store, the figures are escalating. Each day brings more apps as everybody loves iOS App Development as a mobile operating system that has hit the headlines. iOS brings excellent plus points to developers. 

Comparing with the Android system, developers find greater difficulty in mobile app creation on the iOS system. Concerning mobile app development, iOS is exacting and precise. In order to qualify for the Apple store, apps must show supremely vigorous functionality. Excellent UI and UX scalable construction would be deemed essential. iPhones and iPads, along with iPods, would use the entire range of apps on Apple devices. 

Remember those earlier times when C and C++ programming were used to build iOS mobile apps?  These programs suited small devices with their usually little screens. Practices and preferences have changed nowadays with the times. Advanced iOS options are available now with super iOS development tools. With low labour and time, it is now possible to construct scalable and striking, useful and inclusive apps. The new iOS app development languages are Objective-C and Swift.

iOS App Development

How to ensure the success of an iOS app? 

The tools are used for iOS development matter. Particular sets of tools facilitate smooth and practical work. Build high-quality apps that are absolutely superior and very competitive. Simplify work schedules with high-end apps.

This article throws light on a few essential iOS creation tools that are in high demand amongst iOS app developers. 


A significant part of iOS app development, documentation keeps developers busy during the early stages. Well done effectively at the early stages, there is little hassle later. Be logical at this fundamental stage. 

Get to know a few vital documentation tools:


Among the most proficient is the Jazzy command-line utility tool. Jazzy brings superb results by using SourceKit and Clang AST representation of codes. Jazzy works with Swift and Objective-C. Create the website initially with code. Along with the simple documentation, the output will be installed together to the Dash document viewer directly. No wonder developers like this tool so much. Documentation works precisely and very resourcefully. 


Among the facilities offered by Dash is offline access to 200 and more API documentation sets. Dash is a compelling API documentation browser and Code Snippet Manager. Further, developers may create documents with Dash. Besides, developers have a choice of documentation sets to download when they use Dash. An essential iOS tool, Dash makes it possible to use third-party plugins and sources too. 


You may define SwiftDoc.org as online documentation, and it includes subscripts and instant variables. Swift header file auto-generates it. With SwiftDoc.org, developers can look through the types and operators, globals and protocols. When you use SwiftDoc.org, there is no need to command-click around header files in Xcode. 

iOS App Development

Debugging tools

Busy with app development, finding errors and bugs may not be sufficient. Getting to the source of errors and bugs will be required too. The function of debugging tools is essential. 

The following lists are some leading debugging tools on the way to iOS app development. 


Certainly among the finest debugging tools for the iOS development tool kit, Hyperion helps trace errors and bugs. Innumerable developers find this design debugging solution of great use.   Combine Hyperion with any iOS app, and it informs when errors are found. It simply waits and notifies in time. 

Hyperion brings you three different plugins. They are View Inspector, Slow Animation plugin and Measurements plugin. Through View Inspector, you know the merits of the view. Measurements plugin helps to calculate the distance between two views. Through Slow Animation plugin, you can reduce the in-app animation speed. 

iOS console

This tool integrates with the macOS. It is possible from the Mac to directly view console logs. Developers can easily check out log messages. iOS console supports the textual filtering. Further, you can see all the data that the connected iOS devices have logged. If a marker is used in the console log, it becomes easier to find. 


In the process of scrutinizing user experience, Raygun is an excellent tool among the iOS tool list. Whether an app is successful or not is usually judged by the user experience. You need to analyze user experience with precision. With the help of Raygun, you get to the understanding of errors and evaluate the app and its successful working. Crashes or user difficulties are easily known from this tool. 

Error diagnosis online is achieved with smart grouping. Raygun will trace the errors and display them on the dashboard, accompanied by reports. Developers love this tool since it reveals the errors experienced by users of the app. 

Backend services

A set of tools that enable the addition of features to the iOS app. Among additional features are data sharing with the server and push notifications enabling. These are beneficial services. 


All the server and datastore requirements, along with API needs, are met with this solution. Firebase offers comprehensive solutions. The use of this BaaS or ‘backend as a service’ tool does not need backend service code. As a developer, you can store and sync data in real-time. With changes in data, Firebase goes about updating the app on the web and mobile devices. 


Designed to offer backend services to iOS apps, Helios functions as an open-source framework. Helios brings some advanced functions. They are data synchronization and push notification facility. Logging and analytics are others. In-app purchases and passbook integration are also possible. 

iOS App Development

Inspiration and Design tools

The iOS store has its terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled. It can become a difficult task for iOS developers. Designers have to work very hard during the crafting process. These tools help during designing and render the process easier and more fulfilling. 


iOS designers use this great tool. When you type iOS, a range of attractive iOS designs are revealed. It is a pleasant experience to see numerous full-screen designs and iOS icons. Watch out for UI elements and superb patterns for iOS app development.


In the process of designing iOS apps, Haiku is an important tool. Through Haiku, you can design native code that updates automatically on iOS apps. Haiku supports in several situations with React and Vue along with Vanilla codebase. 


Comparing designs that are implemented in real-time becomes possible with Flawless that is found in Xcode. Flawless is a plugin for iOS simulator and helps detect visual differences and find solutions quickly.  

Revision Control

It is often found that several developers work together on an iOS asp. Revision Control helps significantly in such situations. 


Developers find source desirable for several reasons. One reason is the in-built specific coding keyboard. You can type common programming characters directly with no manual effort. Git client and code editor, source supports syntax highlighting for numerous languages. Source supports over 100 languages.

Working Copy 

If iOS developers with immense expertise know about Working Copy, it means that they are up to date. A super Git client that facilitates cloning. You can commit, push and edit on the fly. An additional feature is that Working Copy works on any Git repository. Further, this tool brings you a local copy of the iOS device for content browsing and making changes as required. Get in touch with us!

An Introduction of Biometric Authentication

Biometric is the technical term for human body measurements and calculations. It measures human characteristics. Biometrics authentication is used in computer science as a form of access control and authentication. It is also used to identify individuals in groups of people that are under surveillance.

Biometric authentication and identification is unique, they are more dependable in verifying identity than token and knowledge-based methods; but, the collection of biometric identifiers raises privacy related to the ultimate use of this information.

Biometric System Diagram
Figure-1.0  Biometric System Diagram.

The block diagram illustrates the modes of a biometric system.

In verification or authentication mode the system performs a one-to-one comparison of a captured biometric with a specific template stored in a biometric DB in order to verify the separate is the person they claim to be. Three steps are in the verification of a person. In the first step, reference models for all the users are generated and stored in the model DB.

In the second step, some samples are matched with reference models to generate the genuine and pretender scores and calculate the threshold. The third step is the testing step. This process use a smart card, username or ID number (e.g. PIN) to indicate which template should be used for check. Positive authentication and identification is a regular use of the verification mode, where the aim is to prevent multiple people from using the identity.

Android Biometric Architecture

The BiometricPrompt API covers all biometric authentication like, face, finger, and iris.

Android Biometric Architecture
The two new APIs introduced the old FingerprintManager that was used for handling fingerprint biometrics on Android devices. Particularly, the FingerprintManager class was deprecated in API level 28. The flow diagram across android versions can be seen above, the original image can be found in the Android Developer documentation here.

The developer documentation is here: All biometric implementations must meet security specifications as per documentation and have a strong rating in order to participate in the BiometricPrompt class”. For more guidelines, you can see google documentation here and here.

Biometric Authentication

The BiometricPrompt class covers a companion Builder class that can be used to configure and create BiometricPrompt class instances, as well as defining the text that is to seem within the biometric identification and authentication dialog and the customization of the cancel button that appears in the dialog.

Set of authentication callbacks that are assigned by BiometricPrompt class instances. Which provides the app with results of authentication different operations. A CancellationSignal class instance is also used to authorize the app to cancel the authentication while it is in process.

Fingerprint is only available on devices which contain a touch sensor and on which the acceptable configuration has been taken to make secure the device and register at least one fingerprint.

Biometric factors permite for secure authentication on the Android platform. The Android framework covers face and fingerprint biometric authentication.

Android can be customized to support other forms of biometric authentication lik Iris. All biometric authentication or identification implementations must meet security requirements and have a strong rating in order to participate in the BiometricPrompt class. Biometrics authentication is measured with the Imposter Accept Rate (IAR) and Spoof Accept Rate (SAR).

Here are the steps to implement BiometricPrompt Compat:

1) Set Permission on manifest.xml file.

Set Permission on manifest.xml file

2) Set androidx.biometric dependency to app level build.gradle file:

3) Create BiometricPrompt instance:

Before we go into details of the code, let’s see the responsibility of BiometricPrompt class from documentation:

A class that manages a system-provided biometric prompt. System will show authentication messages on latest devices android 9 Pie and above. On devices before Android 9 Pie, this will show a dialog prompting for fingerprint authentication. The prompt will continue across orientation changes unless explicitly canceled by the user. For security risk, the prompt will dismiss when the activity is no longer in the foreground.

BiometricPrompt class is not only limited to fingerprint authentication, which is great!

Let’s create all require parameters:

4) Create BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo instance:

When we call the biometricPrompt.authenticate() method, we need to send the instance of BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo. We can create instances of BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo using BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo.Builder.

In these parameters subtitle and description are optional, so you can skip those parameters. You might have a question: what’s the purpose of negative button text?

As per the documentation, a “Cancel” button is usually used for negative buttons, but may be also used to show another method for authentication, such as screen that asks for a backup password or other login prompt method like application PIN or Pattern. You can use onAuthenticationError() method of callback as below to handle error code.

If you would like to check in details for more understanding you can find more about error codes from here.

5). Start authentication:

In this last step, using BiometricPrompt class install you can call authenticate() method and pass BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo class instance we built in previous step:
You can cancel the authentication by calling below method :
Above image is how biometric prompt view like on Android 7.0 (left) and Android 9.0 (right)

As we have integrated it’s easy, As Google provided the system authentication prompt using a device’s supported biometric and as you can see, it is easy to integrate.

Biometric System

Biometric HAL guidelines are as there to ensure that biometric data is not leaked and is removed when a user is removed from a device:

How can biometric authentication improve mobile security?

A strong authentication of mobile strategy should encompass a biometric factor, and it should examine implementing such a factor into a multifactor authentication process.

There are some methods used in modern mobile devices to authenticate users to a locked device.

Mobile authentication should provide the simplicity to use and security for organization; it’s important for the user, and biometric authentication in android devices offers this balance in a single factor.

Biometric Authentication
Traditional mobile authentication

To access their device authentication method is used as a standard password for this user to enter letters, numbers and symbols.this is simple to use until users don’t forget their passcodes. But it does not provide strong protection because users use the same passcode for multiple devices or other logins.

Passcodes are easy for hackers to crack, and they’re capable of shoulder surfing — it might be possible for someone determining the passcode by simply looking over the user’s shoulder.

Another mobile authentication method is the action pattern. In this case, users recreate certain patterns by dragging their fingers across the screen. The action pattern is more awkward for users than passcodes; this is especially true as the patterns become more complex. Action patterns are more secure than passcodes, but the general security of this method depends on the pattern’s complexity. Shoulder surfing might be possible in action patterns, and users may leave marks on the screens from repeatedly entering the same pattern.

In Mobile, providing secure authentication is the key. The best secure option is security key in mobile authentication, mobile devices can read small tokens with a Bluetooth or near fields communication scan. The Best thing is that Security keys can log users on to their devices and applications without requiring any passcode or action pattern inputs from the users. Hackers can not reuse and users can not share because Security Key uses public and private credentials. End users require their security keys when they try to access their devices. but Users can lose or temporarily misplace the keys, which leaves open the possibility of a hacker stealing a key and accessing a device freely.

Biometric authentication factors

Biometric identification and authentication depends on unique biological attributes, such as a fingerprint, an iris, a face or even a heartbeat. These attributes are much more difficult for hackers and criminals to exploit because they’re unique to each individual.

Today’s biometric identification and authentication systems cover checks to verify that the biometric elements aren’t coming from video or audio recordings as well.

With biometric authentication and identification for mobile devices, users don’t have to remember passcodes or action patterns, and they don’t have to carry around security keys. It’s easy for users to authenticate to their devices at any time. Biometric authentication also has risks as like any other mobile authentication method. In Biometric authentication such as potential false positives or compromised digital image files. Once a hacker steals a biometric image, that biometric factor is compromised constantly; if those images are stolen then users cannot change their fingerprints or faces. As of now both Google Android and Apple iOS devices are provided built-in mechanisms to protect biometric data, but still that doesn’t guarantee the devices will remain impenetrable forever. Contact Now!