Softqube is an eminent IT company known for providing scalable and custom software and application development solutions across the globe. Over the years the company has mastered the information technology platform by delivering thousands of projects to various companies belonging to diversified industries.

The core expertise of Softqube is developing and creating web, mobile, and digital solutions. In addition, it provides holistic IT solutions in the fields of AI, Automation, Cloud, Data & Analytics, Digital commerce, Digital marketing, Technology innovation, and much more. The company serves all kinds of industries such as Automotive, Education, Banking, Chemicals, Energy, Health, Industrial, Consumer Goods and Services, Insurance, Life Science, Retail, Travel, and much more.

Softqube is located at the below address.


Softqube has highly skilled engineers and developers whopossess excellent technical knowledge and experience inusing the latest software standards.

Together they have built a large pool of knowledge that is leveraged to develop solutions that meet the client’s needs, budgets, and expectations. The team of Softqube puts clients at the heart of everything they do.

The company is the next-gen technology solution provider and has an established reputation across the globe for delivering quality standards products and services with the apt Quality control and Quality Assurance practices.

We work with the philosophy to involve our clients from the ideation to the development stage. At each stage, we invite you to evaluate and improvise our work to meet up with your expectations.

In addition, we provide round-the-clock services to assist you in addressing various challenges and issues after the launch of our product or service.

For each project, we deploy a dedicated team of experts, engineers, developers, and designers who remain constantly in touch with and keep you updated on the progress of the project.

You need to do a lot of things before you begin to execute any given project. You need to find out the important information about stakeholders, the estimated budget for the project, project requirements, deadlines for project completion, the software that shall be used for the app development, and the project methodology that shall be adopted for ensuring timely delivery.

Secondly, you must know the development perspective behind starting the project. In this regard, you must know the chosen team, their preferred language for development, the tools, and techniques required, and the milestones laid out for the team to complete the project.

All the apps are unique and exclusive in their own manner.

In reality, there is no particular answer about when and how long can it take to create an app. Apart from that, at Softqube we divide the entire mobile app development process into several parts according to the app requirements.

Some apps take just four weeks and some take twelve to eighteen weeks as they need some complex features to drive the customers. Moreover, it also depends on the type of app and the experience of the development company while undertaking several projects at the same time.

The prime regulation is that the developer owns these rights unless and until the software is classified as a work made for hire.

To simply put up, an exception to this rule is where the work is done by an employee in the course of their employment.

In this case, the employer is the first owner, subject to any agreement to the contrary between the employer and employee.

Safeguarding your intellectual property is a multi-step process.

You can protect your app idea and give yourself a shot at extra revenue by following these simple application protection steps.

  • Begin with the Copyright process
  • Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Look into Outsourcing
  • Keep your application name reserved intact
  • Buy a trademark for your app’s name and logo
  • Document every single thing

By investing time in completing each step of this process,you’ll be able to avoid stolen app ideas.

Need some guidance

At Softqube we develop applications as per the terms and policy guidelines provided by Google and Apple app stores. From the development stage to the launching phase, we take care of all the compliances to avoid hampering the app launch in the future.

And that is why we assure our clients that the applications shall be published on their chosen platforms.

Yes. Softqube provides marketing and promotional strategies to make the app a grand success.

We have a dedicated team of marketing experts who are proficient in framing result-oriented programs with the help of several tools and techniques.

Moreover, we leverage the website for promoting the app and use the best SEO experts. From social media marketing, email marketing, and blog posts, to arranging various promotional events, we provide diversified marketing services for the newly launched apps as well as for the old ones.

Our work speaks loud and our words. We hold an incredible reputation across the globe for delivering the most viable and reliant software and web development solutions.

You can listen to what our customers say by visiting our website www.softqube.com. In addition, we are accredited as the most trusted IT solutions provider by Clutch Various other platforms like Ambitionbox, Glassdoor,GoodFirms, and Crunchbase have also reviewed our services and expertise.

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