Empowering Security, One Tap at a Time

Discover the future of security guard management with our intuitive app. Streamline operations, enhance safety, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly through our user-friendly dashboard. Elevate your security management with technology that works as hard as your team.

Empowering Security, One Tap at a Time


Security Guard is a service not a product. Here, in Guard Monitor & Manage Sdn Bhd (M & M app) provides a technology that brings innovative solution to real time monitoring and patrolling by connecting guards and guard management. Loaded with capable features to make jobs easier for both guard service companies and property management.


M & M app is an additional layer of easy-to-use tool that can manage security service operations and improve conventional accessibility data logs to the service provider and clients. With M & M app, guard service companies will be able to track and monitor the location of security guards, ensuring perimeter security, guards schedule and many more.

M & M app is the solution in maintaining your ease of mind when it comes to guard management with a low fees and high quality features. Guard Monitor & Manage taking a step forward in now providing a more comprehensive solution to your patrolling managing. A tailored made solution for most intuitive mobile guard tour system designed to improve operational efficiency, increase workforce accountability.

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The Problem Area / Objectives/ Why this Application was Developed

  • Our client needs an Application that help businesses support, improve, and automate their processes and also helps in eliminating errors, completing business tasks, reporting activities and increase overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Monitor & Manage Web App is designed in such way that it meets the requirement of business process in the most effective manners.
  • There are so many factors that went into consideration while developing Monitor & Manage Web App such as the needs, tasks, process that needs to make office or business process paperless and automated.
  • Monitor & Manage Web App is designed to bring team, projects, sales and reports together at a centralized place.


Create Branch, Guard,
Inchrage by Company
Guard, incharge login
in mobile application
Incharge can do the
living tracking of guard
Do the scheduling by
scaning the QR code
Activate the QR code
by the incharge login

Dashboard - Super Admin

The Super Admin Dashboard has a total count of Companies, Branch Managers, Guards, Incharges, Property Managers, and Contracts, and it can easily and quickly redirect you to the right list.

Dashboard Super Admin
super men

Setup - Super Admin

The Super Admin setup will be able to add companies to the system, and any branches, guards, or incharges added by those companies or branches will appear in the relevant list of those in the system.

Setup Super Admin

Property Manager - Super Admin

The Super Admin has access to a list of property managers that contains all of the managers' contact information and contracts details.

propertiy manager
Unlock Total Security

Unlock Total Security

Introducing Monitor & Manage, an advanced security guard management system designed to revolutionize real-time monitoring and patrolling. Developed by Softqube Technologies, this state-of-the-art technology bridges the gap between security guards and their management seamlessly. With a suite of powerful features, SecureGuard Pro streamlines operations, benefiting both security service providers and property management teams alike. Elevate your security protocols with a system built for efficiency and reliability.

Style Guide

In order to materialize the final product the next step was to design the branding for the app. we put together a suitable style guide to contemplate the app


Color is an important element of any brand. I carefully each color to reflect the app’s essence an convey the core qualities elegance, warmth and selflessness.

Main Color

HEX #263A96

Second Color





I thoughtfully used typography to reflect the simplicity and auro of the brand. we have chosen rounded sans serif font which gives a modern perspective to the interface.

Vector Font


Google font

Extra Light

Dashboard one


The Company/Branch Dashboard has a total count of Quotation Requests, Branch Managers, Guards, Incharges, Property Managers, and Contracts, and it can easily and quickly redirect you to the right list.


Branch Managers, Guards, and InCharges will be added using the Company Setup menu. After adding all of these entities, the administrator can manage their profiles and assign them roles.

setup two
Manage Leaves three

Manage Leaves

The Manage Leaves Menu allows the Company/Branch to handle the Leave Applications of their guards and InCharges. Guards and InCharge's will add leaves using the mobile application.

Advance Salary

The Company/Branch setup will be able to manage the advance salary request of the guard and the incharge which are added from the mobile application.

nine section img
nine dashbord img


The Company/Branch setup will be able to manage the request/complains of the guard given by the property manager from the mobile application.


The Company/Branch has access to a list of quotation that are assigned to the company or branch and with detail of it.



A list of contracts is available to the Company/Branch which are accepted, and it contains all the contract's information, including contact details and information about the property.

eleven img


A list of invoice is available to the Company/Branch which are upload in the accepted contract.

Property Manager

The Company/Branch has access to a list of property managers that contains all of the managers' contact information and contracts details.


All the notification of the system will be view from this section to Company/Branch. The notification will received for Guard approval, Incharge approval, contract assign and etc.


he Company/Branch has access to multiple reports like visitor, Incident, daily patrolling, and guard attendance.

Reviews Ratings

Reviews & Ratings

The Company/Branch has the access to check out the rating and the review given by the property manager to guard for the service.


The Company/Branch has the section in which they can see the guideline added by the super admin for there help.


Softqube Technologies has once again proven its expertise in developing innovative and efficient solutions with the introduction of our SaaS-based platform for security management. We understand the critical importance of security in today’s world, and our platform is designed to empower security agencies and property owners with the tools they need to ensure safety and efficiency. With features like real-time SOS alerts, incident management, and geo-fencing, we provide a robust and comprehensive solution to meet the unique challenges of the security industry. Trust in Softqube to deliver a technology-driven approach to security, enhancing safety and operational effectiveness with every tap.

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