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Project Brief

The primary purpose of Pickler is to provide Pickleball players with a centralized hub where they can access a wide range of features and services tailored to their needs. Whether you're a casual player looking for a friendly match, a competitive player seeking tournament opportunities, or a coach eager to share your expertise, Pickler has you covered

By offering features such as scrollable feeds for community updates, a user-friendly booking system for court reservations, and the ability to connect with coaches for personalized training sessions, Pickler aims to enhance the overall Pickleball experience and foster a sense of community among players of all levels.

Industry sports industry
Location USA
Duration 8 Months


The primary goal of the Pickler project is to revolutionize the Pickleball experience by providing a centralized digital platform that enhances accessibility, improves efficiency, fosters community, facilitates growth, and promotes engagement. Through intuitive features such as a user-friendly booking system, real-time court availability updates, and connections between players and coaches, Pickler aims to simplify the organization of Pickleball activities and cultivate a vibrant community of players worldwide. By offering access to coaching services, training resources, and personalized feedback, Pickler seeks to inspire players of all levels to deepen their passion for the sport and contribute to its ongoing evolution.

What you Will Get

Match Organization

Easily organize Pickleball matches with friends or fellow players.

Booking Management

Manage bookings efficiently, view schedules, and share scorecards with friends.

Coaching Services

Connect with skilled coaches for personalized training sessions.

Community Updates

Stay informed with the latest news and events in the Pickleball community through scrollable feeds

Court Booking

Conveniently book courts at preferred times and locations.

Skill Enhancement

Improve Pickleball skills and foster connections within the global Pickleball community.

typeface & colors


The 'Outfit' typeface offers a modern, dynamic vibe, blending professionalism with approachability. With clean lines and sleek curves, it ensures readability and visual appeal on all screen sizes.

H1 SemiBold 24px
H2 SemiBold 20px
H3 Medium 18px
H4 Regular 16px
Body Text Regular 14px
Primary Color #EF333F

It exudes energy and passion, highlighting key elements with excitement.

Secondary Color #291F1F

It depth and contrast, complementing the overall palette for a visually engaging experience.

Tertiary Color #F6F7F9

It serves as the backdrop for intuitive navigation and highlighted content, ensuring a seamless user experience.


visual designs


Your Pickleball Command Center. See recent bookings, catch up on community feeds, and access key features with ease. A floating button empowers you to add scores, create posts, and join social groups. Navigate effortlessly via bottom bar menus for court bookings, finding coaches, and profile settings.


Find, Filter, Book. Search courts by location, time, and type. View detailed listings with pricing and availability of peoples interested to play in particular slots. Easily manage bookings and carts. Pickler streamlines your court-finding experience.

Book Court

Choose your preferred date and time slots, select the desired court, and seamlessly add to cart or proceed to checkout. With Pickler's intuitive interface, booking your next game has now been easier.

Court Details

Your Gateway to Quality Play. Explore court amenities, ratings, opening hours, location, and contact information at a glance. Make informed decisions and find the perfect court for your next match with ease

Upload & Publish Score

Game On! Enter game details - score, date, time, duration, and match type. Choose between public or private to upload scores. Share your triumphs with the world or keep them close.

Matches & Score

Your Pickleball Matches History at a Glance. Review past matches, scores, dates, times, and court/game types. Track your progress effortlessly with Pickler's intuitive interface.

Become Trainer

Share Your Expertise with the players. Enter personal info, bank details, availability, and address. Manage appointments with ease. Start coaching on Pickler today!

My Booking -
Completed Match

Your Personal Match Archive. Access comprehensive details of your completed matches, including court information, trainer details if booked, uploaded scores, and payment information. Keep track of your Pickleball journey with ease, all in one convenient location.

Find Coach

Explore coach availability, search, and apply filters tailored to your needs. Book sessions effortlessly, with the option to add courts simultaneously for a seamless experience.

Some IMPORTANT Application Components


In conclusion, Pickler represents the culmination of extensive research and dedication to enhancing the Pickleball experience. From its user-friendly interface to its robust features like score tracking, court booking, and finding coaches, Pickler streamlines every aspect of the game. With a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, Pickler fosters a vibrant community of players worldwide. Our journey doesn't end here; we're committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Join us as we shape the future of Pickleball together. Thank you for your support.


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