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  • Incentive management system is a part of system which is provides to manage the all Tip, Incentive, Rating, manage staff of the Restaurant with Brand and Branch wise.
  • System Admin can upload Employee, Tip and Incentive data to the system and auto configuration file can take all the data periodically as set by admin.
  • Export all the data with the pages for audit the records. Along with audit log report for the auditing user actions.

IMS Overview

System Admin

  • Config system & System user
  • Distribute Tip & Incentive
  • Manage Tip & Incentive
  • Audit Log & File History
  • Manage Rating

Brand Manager

  • Distribute Tip & Incentive
  • Manage Tip & Incentive
  • View Trend

Branch Manager

  • Tip Distribution
  • Manage Tip
  • View Trend


  • Review Received Tips & Incentives

Solution Architecture


JSON Web Token



Interfaces Business Services POCO entities

server sql

HTML Template





mobile app
computer icon


KPI Scoring
  • The automatic KPI Scoring will not be part of this scope. The scoring will be done as per the existing process and the value will be updated for each criteria Cost, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Sales by Admin.
Staff Identification
  • The identification of Client Facing Staff and Backend Staff (Chef, etc.) will be identified by the Mobile Application through department field. While Adding the user into the system Admin will add the department.
  • The branch and brand rating will be based on the average set up manually by admin through the rating screen. The average will be based on average of Quality, Sales, Customer Satisfaction and Cost.
Tip Process
  • If the Daily TIP is not added then it will not be displayed on the Mobile App screen for that Day.
  • If the Daily TIP is added for a Branch for a month and during the last day or after end of that month if Admin, Brand or Branch Manager is adding monthly TIP for that Branch then it will display the message of the difference amount.
  • Difference = Monthly TIP - The Calculated Daily TIP
  • If accepted, the difference amount will be added
  • If not accepted the added monthly tip will be distributed daily wise for that month. The already added daily TIP for that month and monthly distributed TIP will be clubbed and shown.
Incentive Calculation
  • The Incentive Calculation will be added manually in the Application by Admin.

Technologies Integrated

NET core
SQL Server

Product Colours



Admin can see all brand performance graph and Specific brand wise performance. The Graph will display Cost, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Sales performance. Provision to display the graph based on KPI.


Upload Tips & Incentives

upload tips

User can upload Tip and Incentives by downloading the template. System only allows to upload template fields required to upload incentive data. otherwise, system display the error. Month, Year, Emp ID, Brand code, Branch code must be same with the system otherwise record will not be added.



Achieved Rating will show two blocks of sliders, one for assign achieved rating and another for show the target KPI of the selected month. Added rating should display while select the Brand, Branch and month selection for the month.

Tips & Incentives List

All the uploaded data should be display Employee name, Brand, Branch, Tips and Incentive on the listing. daily tips addition to display monthly tip and incentive. with selection of start month to end month. Tip will be display date wise. with selection of start date to end date. Incentive should be display with month/year selection.

Tips Incentives List

User Experience Configuration

User will have validation of device. I.e. Tip & Incentive can not be uploaded from mobile view. Configuration can not be done from mobile or mobile view.

upload tips incentives
colors icon

Brand Performance

Graph should be display overall Brand performance Achieved and Targeted KPI Cost, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Sales performance for the selected brand. Cost graph should be display for the last 6 months KPI from the selected month and year.

brand Performance
all brand performance

Brand Performance

Display the performance of all the Branches in Graph based on Brand selection. The Graph should display Cost, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Sales performance for all the branches.

brand wise incentive

Brand wise Tip & Incentive

User can see the Brand wise TIP and Incentive received till date with option to display month wise. Default it should be display all months.

Specific Branch Performance

The Graph will display Cost, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Sales performance. Provision to display the graph based on KPI (Cost, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Sales performance)

branch performance


In conclusion, our IMS case study exemplifies Softqube dedication to delivering innovative solutions. The successful outcomes achieved underscore our expertise and commitment to client satisfaction. Discover the transformative potential of our services.

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