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In a world bustling with food delivery and dining options, "Cravz" emerges as a culinary revelation designed to cater to the diverse tastes and needs of both sellers and buyers. Unlike typical food delivery platforms, "Cravz" is a dedicated home for cloud kitchens, local chefs, and food enthusiasts. Its mission is simple yet profound: to celebrate the variety of flavours, nurture quality, and foster a vibrant community.

Cravz, a unique culinary marketplace, understands that food is more than a passion it's an essential part of life for everyone. Offering opportunities to both cloud kitchens and local chefs, Cravz provides a nurturing environment for culinary creativity, a chance to connect with a wide audience, and a transparent revenue-sharing model, ensuring that every meal sold contributes to financial success. Cravz is not just a food delivery platform; it's a community that celebrates diversity, convenience, and quality, where culinary dreams come to life and every meal becomes a moment to savour.

Why this Application was Developed?

For Cloud Kitchens (Sellers)

  • Local Food Businesses: Cloud kitchens, small eateries, and independent chefs looking for a platform to reach a broader audience and expand their culinary offerings.
  • Event Planners: Event organizers and planners who need a variety of catering options for their events and gatherings.

For Consumers (Buyers)

  • Busy Professionals: Individuals with busy lifestyles who seek convenient and satisfying meal options to fit their schedules.
  • Food Enthusiasts: People who are passionate about food, love to explore new flavours, and are always on the lookout for exciting culinary experiences.

Typography & Colors


Nunito Sans


Application Flow


Customer App

Customers can browse through various meal categories and order what they desire. A list of nearby restaurants will be presented below as well.

If a consumer does not wish to order by food category, they can go to the restaurant menu, where they will get a list of numerous restaurants and mehko from which they can order. Customers can also use the various types of filters offered to refine their search.

After selecting a restaurant, customers can view and order from all of the cuisine categories offered by that restaurant.

Items added to the cart will be displayed with all relevant information such as pricing, quantity, ingredients, extra costs, and delivery address. The customer can check and validate all of the information before placing their order.

This option allows customers to examine their order history. The customer will be able to see all of their previous orders here. Customers can also check the status of their orders via this option.

Customers can provide their typical delivery addresses, such as office and home.

Restaurant App

The Orders Screen is used to control order status and examine order details. In this page, the restaurant owner can view all orders based on their status.
Restaurant owners can examine a list of new orders from the home screen, as well as change the status of the restaurant, whether it is online or offline, and whether it is accepting orders or not.
Restaurant owners can manage their restaurant's information and profile, such as business type, average preparation time, and average item value.

This screen will display all completed orders to date, and the restaurant owner can view them all.

From this page, the restaurant owner can add menu categories and items. They can include the item's name, picture, and value.

From this screen, the restaurant owner can access the sales report. Reports will be displayed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Other Screens


Cravz app is not just a platform it's a culinary experience tailored to meet your cravings and preferences with seamless efficiency. With a user-friendly interface, a vast array of delectable choices, and swift delivery services, we aim to redefine the way you experience food. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to continuously enhancing Cravz app to ensure a delightful and convenient dining experience every time you use it.


Our experience with Softqube Technologies is that all our projects were delivered within the time period. Any anticipated delays were promptly communicated and mitigating measures were suggested and agreed upon well in advance. Response to our needs was always on time through meetings, emails and text messages. Softqube understand our requirements very quickly which shows their experience in the field of website and application development. Also, they were very easy to work with because of their flexibility and friendly nature.

Connie Robert Gatonye

Account Manager, Outeku Pty Ltd

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