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In the heart of Chester Springs, PA, Dr. Bhadresh Patel operated Eagle Family Smiles, a dental clinic with a strong local reputation but an online presence that wasn't doing it justice. They were receiving a good amount of website traffic, but conversions - in the form of online appointment bookings - were not up to the mark. That's where Softqube came in.

The Challenge

Eagle Family Smiles had a website that, while functional, wasn't optimized to capture and convert leads. They wanted a website where potential patients could immediately recognize the services offered, the quality of care they could expect, and be easily guided to take the next step: scheduling an appointment.

Moreover, in the dental industry where trust is paramount, Dr. Patel wanted his website to not just list services, but to evoke a sense of trustworthiness, professionalism, and warmth.

Softqube's Solution

Understanding the core challenges, Softqube set out to
redesign the landing page of Eagle Family Smiles. Here's how:

Identifying the Objectives

Through a series of discovery sessions with Dr. Patel, we understood the objectives clearly. We discerned what patients in Chester Springs were looking for, what questions they had, and what made them choose one clinic over another.

Optimizing the User Journey

We ensured that the journey from a visitor landing on the site to them booking an appointment was seamless. This meant clear CTAs, easily accessible service listings, and patient testimonials to build trust.

Building Trust with Content

Recognizing the importance of trust in the dental industry, we put Dr. Patel front and center. A professional photo of him greeted visitors, and real patient testimonials were highlighted.

Softqube Unique SOP

Identify Objective of the Landing Page

Who is the target audience of the page?

Residents of Chester Springs, PA 19425, and neighboring suburbs in need of dental care.

What problem does the page address?

Dental health and aesthetics concerns. Visitors might be looking for general dental care, cosmetic procedures, or solutions to specific dental problems.

What is the objective of the page?

To present Eagle Family Smiles as a leading dental clinic in Chester Springs, encouraging visitors to book an appointment.

What will be the source of traffic?

Local searches on search engines, social media marketing, referrals, and offline promotions.

Where in the funnel is the page?

Considering the comprehensive information provided, it's positioned to cater to both top and middle of the funnel. This means attracting new visitors and convincing those already considering a dental appointment.

What is the main message?

Eagle Family Smiles offers top-tier dental services in Chester Springs, ensuring comprehensive care and patient satisfaction.

How will you measure success?

By tracking metrics like the number of appointments booked through the website, bounce rate, time spent on site, and user interactions with various page elements.

Position the Page Within The Journey

Position the Page Within The Journey

Input - The Source of Traffic

Given the local nature of the service, local SEO and search traffic would be predominant. However, social media and referrals also play a role.

Output - The Call to Action

"Schedule An Appointment" is the primary CTA, guiding users to take the next step in their dental care journey.

Select the Main Message of
the Page

The landing page conveys a simple yet profound message: "Your trusted local dentist in Chester Springs offering a comprehensive range of dental services."

Real Problem

Fear of painful dental procedures and unprofessional care.


Experienced dentists, modern technology, and a comfortable environment.

New Way of Doing

Experience dental check-ups without the anxiety and discomfort.

Solution as the Bridge

SmileBright's expert care ensures a pain-free and professional experience.

Select the Main Message of the Page
Select the Main Message of
                      the Page

Shape a Clear and Strong Positioning

Tone of voice

Professional, caring, and community-centered.


Expert but approachable, placing patient care at the forefront.


Terms associated with dental care, expertise, and trustworthiness.


Avoiding overly technical jargon to ensure clear communication with patients.

Conduct Research With a Swipe File

By integrating tools like SEMrush and Google Analytics, one can assess the keywords driving traffic, and the demographic details of visitors. LinkedIn and local community forums can give insights into community expectations and needs. Collaboration with the sales team (in this case, the reception or appointment booking team) can provide firsthand insights into common patient queries or concerns.

Conduct Research With a Swipe File

Follow These Rules to Write

Given the professional nature of the service, the landing page steers clear of flashy promises, focusing instead on genuine patient testimonials, clear descriptions of services, and reassuring imagery.

Main headline

Transform Your Dental Experience at SmileBright!

Summary of the offer

Book a pain-free, expert dental check-up today!

Core benefits

Experienced dentists, advanced technology, and a soothing environment.



Typescale 1

Heading H1 50px

Subheading H2 30px

Subheading H3 28px

Subheading H4 22px

Body Text H1 18px
Body Text H2 16px


Typescale 2



Work Carefully on Your Hero Section

Upon opening the website, visitors are immediately greeted with a high-quality image of Dr. Bhadresh Patel, giving a personal touch. The headline "Welcome to Eagle Family Smiles" is clear and inviting. Below it, visitors can quickly find the services offered, ensuring they understand the clinic's capabilities. The "Schedule An Appointment" CTA is prominently displayed, making it easy for visitors to know their next step.

Grab Attention

A smiling patient with the caption "Experience the SmileBright Difference!

Select the Audience

Looking for a trusted dentist in New York?

Message Overview

Join thousands who've transformed their dental visits with our expert care.

Lead to Body Copy

Discover our services below.

Work Carefully on Your Hero Section
The Outcome

The Outcome

After implementing these changes, EagleFamilySmiles Dental Clinic observed a 45% increase in online bookings within the first month. The optimized landing page resonated with visitors, making them more inclined to trust EagleFamilySmiles for their dental needs. Additionally, the bounce rate reduced by 15%, indicating that visitors were finding the site more engaging and relevant to their needs.

The case of EagleFamilySmiles showcases how a well-structured, researched, and positioned landing page can drive significant business results. Effective landing page design is both an art and a science – and when done right, it can significantly elevate your business outcomes.

Revenue Impact

With each patient potentially representing significant revenue both immediately and in the form of repeat visits, this uplift in conversions translated to a noticeable revenue boost for Eagle Family Smiles. Within six months post-redesign, they observed an approximate revenue increase of 25%, a direct result of more appointments and a stronger online brand presence.

Revenue Impact


Eagle Family Smiles' transformation story is a testament to the power of a well-designed landing page. It's not just about aesthetics but understanding the audience, their needs, and guiding them effortlessly through their online journey.

For businesses looking to transform their online presence and drive tangible results, a perfect landing page is essential. Reach out to Softqube today, and let's script your success story together.

Client Testimonials

dr makani

The team shows impressive dedication to delivering work on time. The team provides thorough follow-up and is responsive via email and virtual meetings. They deliver the project on time, and there is thorough follow-up.

Dr. Bhadresh Makani

Eagle Family Smiles

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