IoT Based Solution Design
and Development

Softqube offers smart IoT services helping enterprises establish a secure,
efficient, and reliable connection with devices.

We provide IoT consulting services to offer the best value output from your business processes. We follow a rigorous process that ensures business-driven results and maximizes your ROI.

We investigate the context of your business and identify the tasks and problems that you want to address with the IoT implementation. We define what data must be gathered to achieve the project goals. We do hardware consulting to ensure no further breakdown. We plan a data center that can perform proper data processing and mining capabilities.

Also, we set up a data pipeline for your reference. We functionally scope each solution component, data warehousing, smart things, analytics solutions, user-facing apps, and control. With this, we capture numerous business opportunities and provide IoT consulting services beginning with IoT hardware and software.

IoT consulting services

IoT Consulting

IoT Mechanism

IoT Insights

IoT Maintenance & Support

Best IoT Solutions Provider

Our holistic IoT solutions capacitate smart industries, smart enterprises, and smart living to deliver connected experiences. All this we do by connecting assets, services, operations, and logistics. We have the best IoT experts who deliver accurate solutions across all the stages of IoT adoption. They streamline your business operations with a single vendor experience for amplifying efficiency and focusing predominantly on various segments such as smart industries and smart enterprises.

Smart Cities

With IoT applications, you can remotely manage, monitor, and control the devices and thereby creating new insights and generating valuable information from huge streams of real-time data.

Home Automation

We design IoT devices that are customized and competitive as well. Because we know IoT devices have become the larger concept of home automation like lighting, air conditioning, etc.

IoT Solutions Provider


We offer innovative and smart industrial IoT solutions for various businesses that look for digital transformation and automation and wish to leverage the benefits of smart operations, smart facilities, smart assets, and manufacturing.

Infrastructure Automation

We control and manage the operations of various urban and rural infrastructure such as railway tracks, bridges, on and offshore windfarms, and stands and we consider it as a key application.

Softqube® IOT Services

Our innovative IoT services enable transforming data into intelligence via innovative IoT services. Softqube executes dynamic software and hardware services that are designed to serve and work in any environment. Our IoT services for various industries are cost-effective, robust and seamless to integrate. Our skills and expertise are leveraged by various small and large companies. We provide enterprise IoT and consumer IoT services separately to provide product improvisation.

With this, we derive real-time insights from the assets that are connected and finally enable cost reduction and drive innovation with new business models. Softqube ensures to maximize productivity and enhance workflows with our IoT services. Our end-to-end IoT services are helping clients to gain sustainable competitive advantage to face the challenges of integrating wearables, networks, sensors, applications, and the cloud with no compromise on the security. Our team of developers and designers has the deepest industrial knowledge and IoT technology expertise to cover Firmware development, Cloud Computing and mobility along with data analytics.

IoT Application Design and Development

At Softqube, IoT Application development services comprise software support intending to give clients complete solutions at one destination. We have achieved the ability in building Web, iOS, and Android Applications for IoT using different mediums like Low Energy(BLE), WiFi, Beacon, iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, and geo-fencing.

IoT Based Data Science and Analytics

We provide various IoT-enabled services ranging from insights with IoT analytics tools to full-cycle IoT analytics solution department. We start from need analysis and reach up to the level of providing launching and post-launching solutions.

IoT Cloud and API Integration

Based on your specific cloud needs, we build custom back-end solutions and design APIs to set up scalable, secure, and cost-efficient cloud-based infrastructures.

IoT Hardware Design and Development

We are the providers of the best hardware design services as well as development services. We develop IoT hardware components that befit the customer's needs. Our hardware solutions are reliable and easy to install. We build IoT devices that are modular in size and can meet customer needs.

IoT Services

Why IoT Services?

We keep innovation grounded and authentic in our endeavors. At Softqube, we fill it with a range of IoT services. IoT develops an integrated environment for all devices and enables monitoring of what is happening at the workplace. With IoT services, we offer real-time diagnostics and check the previous data enabling businesses to offer better customer experiences. IoT devices gather the relevant data and information allowing the business leaders to make informed decisions.

Softqube® IoT Development Solution

Our Expertise in IOT Connect With Platforms

Sensors and Devices

Product Application

GateWay and Edge


Smart Solutions

Support Community and Help


We offer solutions such as smart home systems, industrial IoT, wearable devices, and smart city applications.

IoT can enhance operational efficiency, enable real-time monitoring, improve decision-making, and create new business opportunities.

We use technologies like MQTT, CoAP, various IoT platforms (AWS IoT, Azure IoT), and sensor integration.

We implement robust security measures, including data encryption, secure device management, and regular security updates.

Yes, we offer end-to-end IoT solutions, from device design and development to cloud integration and data analytics.

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