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We’ve created a super easy-to-navigate system so that users could focus more on their real-time booking experience rather than being dragged into online complexity.


About Project

LOCAL is owned by Curated Living Solutions Private Limited, a DivyaSree Group Company, and is focused on providing a wholesome co-living and working experience through smart real estate design, superior services, an in-house kitchen that serves up the most delicious meals and, of course, an environment that lets you call this place home.

locl locl

Why This Application was Developed?

LOCAL offers a variety of properties with diverse amenities such as housekeeping, food and beverages, and maintenance services to ensure customer comfort. 

However, managing these facilities across different tools and paperwork poses challenges. To overcome this, we developed a comprehensive LOCAL web and mobile application.  

This platform integrates all facilities, property and sales modules, food and beverage services, and payment options, making it easier for employees and customers to access and utilize these services efficiently.

LOCAL Property Management web mobile application

Typography & Colors

LOCAL Property Management App Typography






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Scop of Work

We have developed a comprehensive Property Management System that simplifies the reservation process and enables efficient management of guest data. The system is role-based, with modules for front desk, Property Admin, Back office, Housekeeping, and Sales. It allows users to create multiple properties and set up various details such as Floors, Rooms, Rate Cards, Discounts, and Policies. Users can manage reservations property-wise by providing reservation details, guest information, assigning rooms, collecting deposits, and completing check-in procedures

LOCAL Property Management App Scop of Work

Company Module

LOCAL Property Management Company-Module1 LOCAL Property Management Company-Module Mobile

Platform & Technologies

dotnet mysql angular

Property & Admin

building Floor Setup

Floor Setup

Address Setup

Address Setup

Feedback Template setup

Feedback Template  setup

Room type setup

Room & Room  type setup

Rate Cards Setup

Rate Cards Setup

Discount Setup

Discount Setup

Late Payment Policy Setup

Late Payment Policy Setup

Setup - Add Room

In the Property Admin section, the admin can add rooms based on room types and update their information and details, taking into consideration the wing and floor.

Service Setup - Item Management

In Property Admin Section , admin can set up  item based on category  that is available for guests.

Rate Setup - Rate Card Management

In Property Admin Section , admin can set up subscription which can be avail by guests.

Rate Setup - Subscription Setup

In Property Admin Section , admin can set up subscription which can be avail by guests.

Reservation Setup - Configuration

In the Property Admin section, the admin can configure reservation settings based on policy requirements.

Frontdesk Module

Frontdesk Manager

Reservation Notes


Process Management

Managing the  check in process

Member Management

Member Management

Admin Support Services

Admin will provide support services to guest in chat

Maintain Report

Maintain Report Of Reservation

Room change Help

Help Guest in Room change

ticket Management

Managing the ticket related to maintenance

Frontdesk Dashboard

Front desk dashboard displays graphical availability summary for quick understanding of current situation.

Frontdesk Room Reservation 1
Frontdesk Room Reservation

In the Frontdesk section, the admin can create room reservations for guests by entering their personal details.

Frontdesk Room Enquiry 1
Frontdesk Room Enquiry

In the Frontdesk section, the admin can add or manage room enquiry

Cancel Reservation
Cancel Reservation

In the Frontdesk section, the admin can cancel room reservation of guests based on requests.

Frontdesk Features

  • Extend Stay

    Guests can extend their stay after the checkout date.

  • Complaint

    Users can submit complaints about rooms, bills, and services.

  • Move Room

    Guests can change their room during their stay.

  • Notice

    Guests must give a 30-day notice before leaving the property.

  • Rent Changes

    Front desk users can modify rates and discounts during a guest's stay.

  • Reports

    Provides data for analyzing reservation status, income, and occupancy.

  • Send Mail to Guest

    Users can send emails to checked-in guests for policy updates and announcements.

  • Receive Messages from Guest

    Users can exchange messages with checked-in guests.

Housekeeping Module

Housekeeping Module Housekeeping Module2

Housekeeping Presentation

Housekeeping Presentation 1
Housekeeping Presentation 1 Housekeeping Presentation 1
Housekeeping Presentation 2
Housekeeping Presentation 2 Housekeeping Presentation 2 Housekeeping Presentation 2 Housekeeping Presentation 2

Housekeeping Features

Housekeeping Schedule

User can set up housekeeping schedule, create housekeeper groups, assign rooms, and manage housekeeper assignments in this section.

Expense Management

User can easily add and track expenses for property, events, and guests with the expense management module & generate purchase orders for back office review and processing.

Lost & Found

User can manage lost and found items of guests with dedicated sections for adding lost items and found items.


Housekeeping team can access and review all user-generated tickets and complaints. Ticket details include complaint titles, types, images, and descriptions for easy reference and resolution.


Backoffice Module

Backoffice Admin

Maintain Report by Admin

Admin will Maintain Report

Bill Payement Management

Managing Bill Payement

Account Setup

Account Setup

Manage servicing ticket by Admin

Admin will manage servicing ticket 

Inventory Management by Admin

Admin will manage inventory

Account Creation

Create Account

Account Tax List

Account Tax List

Backoffice Dashboard 1 1
Backoffice Dashboard

On the dashboard,users can view the overall collection of visual that comprise monthly charges for accommodation, electricity, food, service charges, WiFi & charges.

Guest Folio

A paying guest (PG) Folio in an LOCAL ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a digital record-keeping system that serves as a comprehensive repository for managing information related to individuals staying in a paying guest accommodation. This PG folio is a vital tool for PG accommodation providers, helping them efficiently manage Guest Information, Check-In & Check-out Records, Room Allocations, Payment Records, Billing & Invoicing, Amenities & Services, Complaints & Requests, Guest Agreements & Policies, Communication Logs, Guest Feedbacks, Guest Profile and organize guest data.

Backoffice Features


The admin can add or update the Account List subsection in this section for various charges, and they can also add or update tax details in the Account Tax List sub-section.


The admin can view multiple reports in this section, such as the Deposit Report, Account Ledger Report, Trial Balance Report, and Account Ledger Detail Report.


The admin can manage various expenses related to vendors, billing, purchase orders, goods received, bills, and bill payments in this section. They can add or update these expenses as needed.


The admin can access and modify the folio of corporate guests, manage the checkout list, and view the corporate list in this section.

Sales Module

Sales Admin

Sale sources list by Admin

Admin will examine Sale sources list

Set up lead by Admin

Admin will set up lead

google lead form view

Admin will view lead which came from google

Maintaining Report


Sales Dashboard

On the dashboard, users can see leads from various sources like Google, Facebook, website, walk-ins, and referrals.

Sales - Section

In the Sales Operation module, various sections are listed, including Lead, Google & FB, Website, and Report.

Sales Features


In these sections, the admin can manage leads with subsections like Lead List, Cancel Lead List, and On Boarded Lead List. The Lead List displays lead details with status and contact information. The Cancel Lead List shows details of canceled leads, while the Onboarded Lead List provides information on successfully onboarded leads.


Admin can view the daily leads report in this section.

Google & FB

In this section, the admin can view the leads and their details that originate from sources such as Google and Facebook.


In this section, the admin can view the leads that originate from the website as a source.

Application Flow

Application Flow Application Flow

Guest can view the basic details like (Name, Property Name, Due amount, Room Number, Housekeeping schedule).

Guest can directly pay their due amount by clicking Pay Now button by using razorpay


Guest can view their personal info and can update the info in profile section.

Guest can upload the Documents & Bank Details here. Guest can view transaction details for their Folio.

LOCL App Dashboard Profile
Due Payments

Guest can view there due payments here.

Guest can check the bifurcation of all the payments that what amount is due for what service.

Transaction History

After completing the payments guest can view there transaction history in this menu.

Transaction history will have 2 menu (PAID & UNBILLED)

LOCL App Due Payments Transaction History
Raise Complaints

Guest can raise complaints if they have any issue regarding rooms and service.

There early raise complaints will be viewed here.

Message Frontdesk

Guest can directly contact the frontdesk manager by using this chat box.

Guest can have a chat with the manager in this menu

LOCL App Complaints Message Frontdesk
Request for Change Room

If the guest want to change the room then  they can raise a request using this menu.

Raise Notice Period

Guest can raise the notice for checkout before one month from this menu

By raising notice from here guest status will change and will be serving the notice period and his rent will not be posted for next month.

LOCL App Request Raise Notice Period


Discover the future of property management App & Website with Softqube's innovative LOCAL Property Management Web & Application. Revolutionize the way you manage properties, tenants, and operations with a user-friendly, efficient, and feature-rich platform. Experience seamless communication, powerful analytics, and enhanced property control all in one place. Say goodbye to traditional property management challenges and hello to a smarter, more convenient solution with LOCAL by Softqube.

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