Serverless App Development

We deliver enticing futuristic mobile and web applications worldwide by
harnessing robust and scalable serverless app development technologies.

We develop, deploy, monitor and secure serverless applications on multi-cloud platforms. Our developers offer efficient apps that solve problems.


Our offerings are developing high-grade serverless apps that exhibit flexibility, scalability, and fast time app release with efficient planning, implementation, expanding and building of a solution that can resolve the challenges at inexpensive rates. As a team of skillful developers, we have experience in delivering Custom web and app development services by using AWS Lambda, Azure functions, Google cloud, etc.

Serverless Consulting

We develop, direct, and audit to give highly scalable and advanced serverless apps.

Serverless Development

We harness our best serverless knowledge to create apps that match with budget and time.

Serverless Training

Provide hands-on training with quality delivery enabling complete autonomy with serverless.

Serverless Delivery

We are the expert serverless developers who create state-of-the-art apps for today’s cloud.

Serverless Computing Service Providers

AWS Lamba

AWS Lambda has a remarkable serverless architecture that computes an execution layer in the cloud that manages all the resources. It runs your code or applications without managing servers and scales as per the workload

Microsoft Azure

We are the most experienced cloud services provider who harnesses the benefits of Azure by helping you and run your business with scalability, speed, data analytics, AI and cognitive services, everything optimized in one single solution.

Google Cloud Function

With Google Cloud services, you can run your code in the cloud and can build and connect services that are event-driven with simple and single-purpose code. The billing is done as per the functions execution time.

IBM Cloud Functions

Softqube can be your single-point platform and a partner for digital transformation providing hybrid, resilient and open cloud services. Backed by IBM Cloud functions, we offer you secured infrastructure and business-driven solutions.

Serverless Architecture

The tech industry is harnessing the power of serverless architecture recently. With the evolving process of web app development over the years, hardware servers and cloud hosting is shifting towards serverless architecture. At Softqube, we scale your business to obtain the benefits of serverless computing and at reducing costs to scale. You can now simplify the deployment without the need for system administration.

In addition, we work on reducing the software complexities and adopt agile development technology. We focus on the code and ensure rapid delivery with decreased time to market and quick software release.

Benefits Of Serverless App Development

Harness the cloud ecosystem with serverless architecture and revamp your business with our cloud services. We offer scalable, flawless, flexible and rapid product development cycle with code automation, simple integration, security, validation, and ability to manage the backend servers along with several other aspects.

Better Scalability

Serverless architecture scales automatically. When the number of users increases, the server space scales up according to the number. Thus it prevents the unexpected system shutdown.

Quick Deployments & Updates

It is not necessary to upload code to the servers or do any backend configuration. Updating, fixing and patching can be easily done by the developers and promote fast product launching.

Serverless App Development

Low Operational Cost

Serverless saves computing power and human resources as it removes the necessity for managing, deploying, and maintaining the servers and reduces infrastructure operational costs.

No Server Management

Being the best serverless app development company, our cloud provider or vendor takes care of the server management, maintenance, scaling, etc. We also focus on administering services.

Our Serverless
Computing Offerings

We provide serverless computing services as per the backend usage. Like other serverless service providers, we do not charge a fixed amount of bandwidth. You no more need to reserve money as the service is auto-scaling. We ensure your business works with cost-effective serverless computing models with simplified scalability, easy backend code and quicker turnaround.

With our serverless architecture set up, you can considerably cut time to market and can add or modify code whenever required. You no more need to complicate the deployment process for rolling out bug fixes and new features. We offer the below technologies with serverless computing services.

Serverless Computing


With Function as a Service (FaaS) technology, we lend services required based on functionality and create applications on time with great ease and simplicity.


With Backend as a Service (BaaS) model, we help you avoid repetitive tasks and focus on the delivery of software that enables scaling of your app.


We provide a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud with Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology and make cloud-based applications.


Serverless architecture allows developers to build and run applications without managing server infrastructure, where cloud providers automatically manage the backend.

Benefits include reduced operational costs, automatic scaling, faster time-to-market, and simplified infrastructure management.

We use cloud platforms like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions for serverless app development.

Yes, we provide migration services to help you transition your existing applications to a serverless architecture.

We implement security best practices, including access controls, encryption, and continuous monitoring to protect serverless applications.

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