Automate your data processing workflow - With Bucketize, save hours matching bank and credit transactions in QuickBooks Online. Bucketize will automatically match Payees using Keyword Searches and "bucket" them into your QuickBooks Accounts.


Transaction Import

No manual data entry for bank/credit card transactions: IMPORT bank transactions (CSV Files) and credit card transactions (downloaded from Banking websites)

AI Payee

Automatic matching of known Payees/Vendors in Quickbooks Online: AUTO-match Payees using Machine-Learning and Keyword Search Algorithms

Auto GL Bucketizing

Automatically "bucket" transactions into Quickbooks Online Accounts: bucketize will recognize transactions are book transactions into corresponding GL Accounts

Bucketize will auto-recognize your Payees from Bank/Credit Card transactions CSV Files. Connect the app to your QuickBooks company and begin importing transactions (purchases, deposits, bank transfers).

Download CSV Files

Download CSV transactions from banks for debit and credit cards

Upload Files

Upload CSV files to Bucketize.io application

Data Processing by AI

Import mapped transactions to QuickBooks

platform & technologies


Dashboard will display transaction chart with mapped and unmapped transaction’s graphical representation. It will also show counts of the files processed, transactions, mapped transaction and unmapped transactions and list of last 10 files processed.

Import CSV Files

Import a CSV file by selecting an account type. Transactions will be listed for mapping. Bucketize automatically matches payees and categorizes them into QuickBooks accounts.

Transaction List

Automate your workflow with Bucketize, saving hours matching transactions in QuickBooks Online by automatically categorizing payees using keyword searches.


Buckets are GL Accounts like Revenue, Office Expenses, and Job Supplies. Users can fetch and add buckets in QuickBooks from the app.


Import a Global Payees List, including many Fortune 500 companies. The app auto-matches transactions to GL accounts using keyword searches, eliminating manual matching. Once mapped, transactions can be imported into QuickBooks.


The development of Bucketize.io marks a significant milestone in the automation of financial management processes. Softqube Technologies leveraged advanced AI/ML techniques to create a system that not only categorizes expenses and automates bookkeeping entries in QuickBooks but also continuously learns from past data to enhance future accuracy. This innovative solution has streamlined financial operations, reduced manual errors, and increased efficiency for Bucketize.io. Softqube’s deep expertise in AI/ML and their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions have been pivotal in the successful execution of this project. Their ability to understand and address complex financial needs underscores their role as a leader in the technology domain, driving transformative solutions for their clients.


Working with Softqube Technologies has been transformative for our finance operations. Their expertise in AI/ML allowed us to automate our expense categorization and bookkeeping processes seamlessly. The system they developed learns from past manual entries to ensure future accuracy, saving us time and reducing errors. Softqube’s innovative solutions have significantly enhanced our efficiency and accuracy, making them an invaluable partner in our financial management.

Bhavesh Patel, CPA, MBA

Senior Data Analytics Professional

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