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Project Description

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD) would like to implement an integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System to have oversight on activities at Local Authorities. The Monitoring and Evaluation System will collect pre- identified data from Local Authorities that MURD will use to constantly monitor the performance and compliance of Local Authorities in Namibia. The Monitoring and Evaluation System will also be used by relevant stakeholders such as the Chief Executive Officers and Councilors of the Local Authorities.


Proposed Project Scope

Stage 1

Review of the Legal Environment and Business Process

  • Review the current legal tools such as Acts of Parliament, Legislations, Compliance Framework, Policies, etc. currently governing the administration of Local Authorities.
  • Review current business processes pertaining to identified areas for Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Benchmark against other countries for best practice
  • Develop a prototype of the proposed Monitoring and Evaluation System.

Stage 2

Development and Implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation System

  • Develop and Implement the Monitoring and Evaluation System as per the Business Requirements of MURD.

Stage 3

Maintenance and Support of the Monitoring and Evaluation System.

  • Rollout, Maintain, Support and further develop the Monitoring and Evaluation System.

High -Level Requirements of the Monitoring and Evaluation System

Local Authorities Profiles

  • Name of Local Authority
  • Classification of Local Authority
  • Region
  • GIS Map of Local Authority
  • Cadastral Data of Local Authority
  • Authorities access to the system and to perform actions based on their user roles


  • Number of planned new housing units per Local Authority and Country wide
  • Number of new housing units delivered per Local Authority and Country wide

Land Demand

  • Number of new applications for land based on zoning

Financial Management

  • Indicators of Revenue collected per Local Authority
  • Indicators on expenditure per Local Authority
    • Expenditure of servicing of land, personnel, debt financing, etc.
  • Indicators on debt level per Local Authority

Land Delivery

  • Number of new extensions per Local Authority and Country wide
    • Details of new extensions
  • Number of new un-serviced erfs per Local Authority and Country wide
  • Number of new serviced erfs per Local Authority and Country wide
  • Number of sold erfs per Local Authority and Country wide
    • Details of sold erfs


  • Indicators on organization aspects of Local Authorities, e.g., staff compliment

Special Projects

  • Indicators on special projects underway per Local Authority

Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Customizable Reports for administrative staff, Ministers, CEOs, Councilors, etc .
    • E.g. Number of Residential Erfs Sold Per Local Authority
    • Number of new serviced erfs per Local Authority
    • Total Revenue generated by Local Authority
  • Dashboards based on select indicators

Visual Design


Programs running under DID

There are eight programs running under DID. MITSMED staff from the Programmes have to perform a search on a company that is applying for any of the incentives available under the programmes.

Global Application list

From this global application list admin can see the list of total application and can update it as well. Admin can also overview the applicant details.


All Notifications

Admin can see notification from bell icon on the header. Admin can see numbers of new notifications on bell icon. Admin can also see all notifications


New application to the programme

Admin will fill the data capture form to apply and can proceed further to the next level procedure like application review, technical assessment, Approval and M & E .


Application review

Application review will be on the base of data captured from the applicant. Application review will be done in three stages i.e. Document review, Eligibility review, Recommendation

Objectives of the programme

Admin can see the objectives of the particular programme and can add, update or delete the objectives. Admin can export objective list as pdf, csv or excel.



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