10 Reasons for Using Mobile App Development for Business Growth in 2021

In the current scenario, many business owners do not have any mobile applications for their businesses. And thus, many of them are losing high revenue daily since they do not reach a larger audience. Although having a mobile application looks scary for business but has lots of advantages.

We are now in the technology-based era, where a significant percentage of the population uses mobile devices and mobile applications. For every small task, mobile applications are available such as setting up an alarm, whether in the app or taking notes. Hence, it is quite apparent for the business owners to grasp the advantages and encourage their customers to spend more on their devices.

Still not convinced to have the mobile applications? We have collected the ten best reasons to build a mobile application for your customers suggested by the Mobile App Development company like Softqube Technologies.

Mobile App development Companies for business growth.

10 Reasons to build a mobile application for your business.

Data Analytics

The data has become the new oil in the 20th century and also valuable for business owners. Data opens up lots of opportunities for you, such as gathering different statistics, doing calculated driven business, improving the user experience, and much more. You can use various tools and techniques for data analytics of the data collected by your mobile application.

There are a significant number of advantages that you can gain from the data from the users.

  • You are able to do an Analysis of the product that customers mostly buy.
  • When your users are more active and what ads to put to make your marketing strategy working.
  • Behavioural patterns of the customers.

Brand Loyalty

Are you eager to know what the biggest mistake of the business owners is? Many of the business owners believe that promoting their brand will lead to the best sales. But in reality, business owners should focus on repeat customers since they use the product more regularly.

With the loyalty programs, you can retain such customers and make more revenues. The best way to have loyalty programs for your customers is to use the gamification lament so that users get more engaged in your application. Building a brand and retaining the customers is essential for you, and mobile application fulfills that.

Mobile apps can be used in India as a useful marketing tool

Mobile applications are the best tool that is useful for marketing small businesses. Nowadays, people spend a vast amount of time on social networking sites and use different features such as liking, posting, sharing, reading the feed, and much more.

You can get the best review and build hype using social media about your brand. Also, it will offer your customers good services. Adding social media to your marketing strategy and rewarding them for performing the various tasks.

Build a better customer experience

Making a mobile application is not just for yourself but also for your customers. In many cases, the vision of the necessity differs from the audiences and clients. Having a mobile application would improve the customer experience.

With a Good User experience, you can retain all your customers and get some loyalty to your brand. User experience includes not only personalization but also user-friendly navigation and experience.

Stay ahead of your competitors.

According to the statistics, around 2 out of 3 business owners have the mobile application and generate massive revenue. Business without a mobile application is just nonadvantageous. Also, it can lead to less income.


Do you know why People like mobile applications so much? The answer is many mobile applications allow people to feel special. Users are like guests to your mobile application, and hence, an excellent mobile application makes them feel comfortable.

With personalization, you add some value to the customer experience. Research has been done, and according to the statistics, A significant percentage of customers do like the personalized experience. Most people do recommend your mobile applications to others.

Users do not require a login to give a personalization touch, whereas wishlists, history, and progress of the loyalty programs require login.

mobile app development

Customer retention

A mobile application is an essential tool with fantastic features such as push notifications to encourage users to perform specific actions. There are lot many advantages of the push notification features such as:

  • It reminds users if they have not finished any order and also helps them to decide. As per the statistics, users add products to their cart but don’t do not buy. During such cases, a push notification would remind you to finish the order.
  • Users only receive critical notifications instead of generic messages, making them loyal and engaged with your mobile applications.

Almost everyone uses Smartphones.

According to the recent survey provided by Statista shows that ⅔ of people do have mobile phones. So if you figure out the percentage of new users you can have is a lot and create a mobile application, you can get good advantages.

Most people consider mobile applications useful to target specific audiences, but it’s not true since, with mobile applications, you can target all the users.

Showcases your presence

If you own a small business, you need to compete with famous brands or local competitors. A mobile application would increase your visibility among your competitors and get you more customers.

Having a mobile application of your business would always remind the users about your products and services. So you still have a good chance that you get orders more frequently.

Increase your sales

As an entrepreneur, your foremost goal is to have a good number of sales. And mobile applications are essential to achieve profitable sales. According to different case studies, Domino’s Pizza had seen a massive hike in growth when they launched their mobile application, and now most of the orders are placed online. Similarly, taco bell has increased the sales rate with such mobile applications.

Mobile applications would boost your sales and generate more leads for you.

How much does it cost to build a mobile application?

All mobile applications are different, and the primary point to remember is the cost. Most requests mobile application development or Mobile app development companies receive are retail, food delivery, hotel business, restaurants, etc.

The cost of mobile application building depends on technologies, complexity, duration, features, etc.


The ten most important reasons to develop a mobile application for your business are discussed in this blog. Although it is not compulsory to have a mobile application for your business, it increases revenue. If you want to get more details on how you can get a mobile application, you should consult with Mobile application development services in India.

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