15 Best Disruptive Supply Chain and Logistics Applications

May 10, 2023

15 Best Disruptive Supply Chain and Logistics Applications

Right now, the supply chain and logistics industries are exploding while also being at the heart of a dramatic digital transformation. Working in supply chain or logistics management can be stressful and busy. Keeping on top of your to-do list, tracking orders and deliveries, and building supplier and customer relationships is challenging as ever for the most efficient and organized inventory manager. The high competitiveness in this industry needs goods to be delivered fast and when needed. To be ahead of its competitors, companies make use of smartphones and mobile apps to manage and automate all processes from shipments and stock inventory to supervising fleets in real-time. The right tech stack or software can improve supply chain profitability, productivity, and functionality, lower expenses, and improve the satisfaction levels of the clients, ultimately making your job easier. In this article, we have shared some supply chain and logistics apps that can help make your life easier. Also, we have mentioned how some must-have modules of logistics mobile applications can benefit your business.

Essential Modules of a Mobile Logistics App

Essential Modules of a Mobile Logistics App

  • Location Tracking

    The module has been designed to transmit and receive information on the location of the vehicles. Generally, it is tracked either using a cellular connection or by utilizing satellite signals. The app uses this information from both options, as tracking the location through cellular data relies heavily on network coverage which is not available always.

    In urban areas, cellular tracking is great because several cell towers are available for keeping the device connected and sending coordinates of the vehicle’s whereabouts to the server. In case the network is not available, the data is stored in the internal phone memory and is transmitted to the server when the connection is restored.

    On the contrary, satellite tracking is supported by GPS modules. The GPS tracker receives information about the exact location of the vehicle and then transfers that to the server via a satellite modem or any network connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) available. The application may use the data from the one connected to the application through Bluetooth or the one already on the driver’s smartphone.

    This module has been designed in a way that users can optimize the cargo for delivery. When a shipment has to be loaded and delivered in just a limited amount of time, this module helps the manager check the base and assign a driver whose vehicle is near the cargo and who has not reached its load limit.

    A manager can assign the task to a driver over the admin panel when he is found. With a push notification, the driver gets informed about his new task.

  • Cargo Tracking

    Cargo Tracking

    Logistics companies need to supervise their cargo apart from loading units or tracking vehicles. So, this module has been designed to give appropriate information regarding the item present in the van.

    For inventory management, there are two ways to implement the system:

    • NFT or RFDI Technologies
    • QR-Code

    Either you can use a distinct QR code for every item that may be scanned with the cellphone camera through an app or other special scanner. You can apply near-field communication (NFT) technologies or radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies alternatively.

    RFID improves the scanning speed and processing the units enormously as compared to traditional code scanning. This is because it uses radio waves to detect and identify the object. It comprises a tag and a scanner with an embedded antenna and chip.

    These tags may be passive or active. Passive tags are detected within a range of 25 meters, while the distance may reach up to 100 meters for active. Of course, the logistics industry prefers to use active tags. NFC applies the same principle also. The difference lies in the distance, which makes the scanning possible.

    The NFC tags must be positioned close to the scanner. It is not possible to scan every object from the parking lot at once. The employee needs to check the item and every truck. The scanned data concealed within the tags include details regarding the cargo carrier, tracking, the package receiver, and the time when it got delivered. In this way, the company could avoid delivering the wrong package or losing the package.

  • Daily Log

    A daily log is a module to collect information on the daily log of a driver with the help of the features that include:

    • The personal information of a driver
    • Vehicle’s plate number and model
    • Detailed cargo description
    • Passed mileage
    • Hours of work

    This application automates the process of management and improves the efficiency of fleet operation by providing information on the whereabouts of the vehicle, the approximate time of its arrival at the destination, and the mileage it has passed. Managers can check the logs of the driver to monitor whether anyone is working overtime and control the vehicle’s state as per the drivers’ reports.

  • Information on the Behavior of the Driver

    This module has been designed to collect information about the behavior of the driver on the road via GPS. It allows tracking of the exact location of the fleet number and receives information about the engine start-up, shut-down times, driving speed, and then transmits the data to the manager.

    Cases of speeding, injury crashes, and irrational driving will be reported to the manager. The data collected can be used to develop and enforce a driving policy of the enterprise to regulate any violations and avoid unwanted driver behavior. This encourages employees to use company trucks for personal use, and they also work more effectively.

  • Vehicle Inspection

    This will store the information regarding the state of the vehicle and also the defects revealed after it was used. The application will keep records of the body integrity check of the vehicles, the engine compartment, the brake system, and the state of the undercarriage.

    The manager can revise the inspection results and schedule the required repairs. This eliminates the possibility of a sudden accident or brake-down that may occur because of giving away some parts.

Top Disruptive Supply Chain and Logistics Applications

Top Disruptive Supply Chain and Logistics Applications

A dedicated mobile application for logistics companies acts as a lifesaver and a real business when we talk about operating in the modern tough market conditions. Below we have mentioned the top supply chain and logistics applications presently prevalent in the market.

  • EasyStock

    Got a dynamic, extensive inventory that needs to be constantly optimized and managed along the ongoing workflow? EasyStock is your convenient cloud-based solution just for the purposes that can be integrated with any kind of ERP that you are currently using. This solution has every optimizing and forecasting feature needed while running inventory basics more efficiently.

  • Tasklet Factory

    It is a great mobile WMS that can connect with standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC/NAV. Its user-friendly interface works both on and offline and is easy to customize. The mobile WMS app scans a barcode to collect data through handheld devices and then sends it directly to your ERP. This app increases the product flows of Microsoft ERP users while reducing error rates and improving warehouse processes and efficiency.

  • Logistimo Plus

    This Logistimo Plus app is a full-on worldwide logistics and supply chain system covering the fundamental facets of businesses far and wide. From processing orders, transportation planning, and inventory management to performance analysis, partnership-making features, and supply chain automation- Logistimo may be deemed a real mastodon among the apps of this category. This app works offline as well.

  • Evernote

    Evernote is a great app for organizing important documents, images, and files. The voice recording functionality enables you to capture vital memos when you are away from your laptop, or you cannot spend time typing out notes. This app is perfect for you when you are running between the warehouse and your desk or on the move. This free-to-use app drastically improves the ease of document management and planner productivity on the go.

  • OmniFocus

    This app is the best iOS-exclusive logistics app for the flexible management of tasks. Its solution boasts plenty of workflow-optimization space, a great intuitive design to work with via iPad, iPhone, or MacBook, and an interface built with taste. Its Apple exclusivity may be considered the only downside of this app. However, when we talk about the status and recognition of brands, ‘i devices’ are considered the trendiest solutions that you can employ in your business.

  • Hawk-Eye Trucking Log Book

    Are you in need of an intuitive system interface to help you with and control the performance of the hired drivers? Hawk Eye provides users with a well-tried-and-tested solution aimed at such particular needs. This app offers opportunities for stable GPS tracking through an interface that is equipped with interactive maps, smart routing, fleet performance reports, live monitoring, and more.

  • Mobile SCM

    When we talk about trucking and logistics app development, tech-savvy solution providers aim to deliver vast cost-saving, business-optimization solutions through an easy-to-grasp, simple interface. The developers of Mobile SCM have achieved that by offering an intuitive app that helps users to cut costs with affordable supply chain monitors that help you to boost the ROI.

  • Zendesk

    This customer issue management application offers a complete insight into the problems via one shared combined inbox irrespective of channel. Zendesk lets you, your customers, and your team track issue resolutions in real-time. The reporting and analytics feature of this app highlights trends in issues such that you can identify opportunities for business improvement. You can review team performances through KPIs and also identify any training needs.

  • Link Bollore Logistics

    Link Ballore is yet another outstanding solution for optimizing the workflow. It is a mobile supply chain application that efficiently manages shipments of ordered goods, generates offline handy push notifications reports, improves service delivery processes in many ways, and helps organize access to shipment documents.

  • GoCanvas

    The daily Route Tracker mobile application is developed by GoCanvas to document customer and driver details, fuel consumption, arrival and departure times, and more from a tablet or smartphone. This fully optimizable daily timesheet template app calculates the time spent at each stop automatically. Also, you can run reports and then export them as printable and digital PSFs.

  • Scandit

    Scandit is an easy-to-use and fast app for barcode scanning. In terms of supply chain and logistics organization, you may use it in the enterprise to allow employees to cope with the process of registering the items in the inventory easily. This ‘small gear in the big system’ is one of the major aspects of speeding up the overall business performance.

  • CoPilot Truck

    CoPilot Truck offers truck-legal navigation, which includes routes that avoid unsuitable roads and low bridges. Also, it offers a post-trip analysis of the route that is taken against the one that was originally planned. This enables you to review operating and fuel costs to find the most cost-effective route. This app offers improved customer service by offering delivery based on ETA on real-time road conditions.

  • BooksyBiz

    At quite an affordable price, you get this universal business appointment booking tool where you will be able to organize an individual calendar for appointments. By choosing the most fitting date and time, clients can book a meeting without having to specify any details or have to call up. Also, there are customer loyalty and marketing tools and email and social media integrations.

  • GasBuddy

    The sole objective of GasBuddy is very simple as it is relevant and efficient in checking the prices of gas in the required vicinities and also finding the cheapest and optimal options for your logistics. As all the pricing info is gathered in one interface, you can save a lot on choosing the most cost-efficient gas station for specific routes.

  • Halo

    The Halo app is all about analysis as well as valuable reporting. It provides a perceptive glance into every underlying operation for analyzing the overall performance of the supply chain. It also checks which moments can be tweaked to enhance it. Halo is a go-to tool for data warehousing automation, handy visualizations, and smart analysis.

Best Disruptive Supply Chain and Logistics Application

Wrapping Up

One application may contain all the modules and even more that are mentioned above. Logistics app development will increase the efficiency of your fleet and management. It will help the drivers to organize while keeping them aware of timetables and rules. Mobile logistics apps ease the process of working for the employees, bring down expenses by regulating the logs, and improve customer satisfaction rates. Also, they diminish the use of corporate vehicles by drivers for personal purposes. If you wish to meet the competition fully equipped, you must put your money into high-quality application development for transportation and logistics management.

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