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What Features are Essential to Build Successful ERP System For Schools?

November 30, 2023

What Features are Essential to Build Successful ERP System For Schools?

Not long ago, schools and other educational institutions were unaware of the advantages of LMS and ERP software development services. They were accustomed to managing their academic and other administrative tasks in the old manual patterns. Lately, things have evolved and changed dramatically. The use of LMS and ERP systems for schools is increasing consistently. Parents, students, and teachers are realizing the importance of its incredible benefits.

School ERP systems are helping the education sector streamline its daily processes and handle tasks with productivity. Before you wonder what makes custom ERP software development so helpful and why is it considered a savior for school management, we are here to unlock some of the top features that we introduced in some of our successful educational software development projects.

After launching our two best master projects namely, ORATARO and BrainFlex360, we saw tremendous success in terms of product acceptability, high user engagement, consistent and seamless exchange of important data, and improvement in student progress.

We integrated the following features.

Examination Management

Every student knows the importance of exams. With this feature, teachers can easily analyze the student’s learning curve and find out the loopholes where they need to improve. A robust LMS portal can analyze students’ learning and give them the best learning experiences.

ERP system for schools can help in scheduling short assessments effortlessly. There are internal features like exam planners that can help teachers set up exam schedules and quickly execute the exam process. With this, the students can have overall growth and development. ERP systems for schools must offer an exam planner as a feature to keep the records of exams, thereby reducing the burden on the teachers. It would help teachers to focus on enhancing their teaching methods.

Admission Procedures

Traditional methods of admission consume a lot of time and effort. Parents need to make frequent school visits to check their application status. To reduce the inconvenience for parents and students, you need a smart ERP software system that can solve routine problems and must be power-packed with the best features.

At Softqube Technologies, we design Educational software systems that especially include the feature of the admission management system. Students get the relevant information regularly in just a few clicks. The feature gives great support to the admin staff in reducing their unnecessary paperwork burden.

Collection of Fees

Fees collection

The collection of fees is a tedious and time-consuming task. Moreover, parents have to deal with long queues and consume more time. To avoid chaos and make the task manageable, schools can use robust ERP systems that contain fee management modules. The entire task of fee collection becomes easier, seamless, and manageable.

The module will support various payment methods and can generate detailed fee reports that can be accessed by the members anytime. In addition, the ERP can be upgraded by creating different fee categories such as scholarships and regular students to avoid waste of time. With the impact of technology, the system can also share timely reminders to parents and students through regular notifications.

Attendance Records

Managing the daily attendance of students and school staff can be made easy by adding the attendance management feature. With the integration of various technologies and methods such as RFID systems and biometrics, attendance can be recorded with automated attendance software, which can also ensure minimum discrepancies while recording attendance.

The admins can have a look at the overall attendance percentage of each stakeholder via an interactive dashboard. At Softqube Technologies, we enhance this feature by integrating it with an additional sub-feature that informs the parents about the child’s attendance.

Student Management

Sharing real-time information about the student’s performance can build a robust brand image. Strong ERP systems for schools ensure understanding of the learning methodologies of each student and the sharing of learning materials accordingly.

When teachers share relevant learning resources and guides, students can easily learn new concepts and harness their skills to the maximum level.

Communication Module

There should be a safe and well-established communication pathway for every educational institution. Schools need to inform every stakeholder about various school events and other information on time. The communication module becomes an essential feature as teachers can send real-time messages and notifications to parents.

Parents in turn can contact the teachers and find out the progress of their child. They need not wait for the parent-teacher meeting for further communication.

Academic Management

Academic Management

Through academic management features, educational institutions can automate their academic process such as card generation and creating ranking boards. With robust school ERP systems, teachers can plan their classes and provide ample learning benefits to their students.

Parent Portal

With the parent portal, parents get engrossed in the learning process. The portal can be created in multiple languages so that all the parents can read and get informed. Activities such as sharing exam reports help students and parents to stay connected with teachers.

Transport Management System

With effective ERP systems for schools, every child can have enough safety and security while traveling to and fro from the school. The systems can track the vehicle’s location and update parents about their location. With the transport management system feature, schools can send notifications to parents if the vehicle gets delayed in reaching home. In addition, the feature can be enhanced with additional information provided to parents regarding drivers’ profiles and vehicle insurance details.

Library Management

Schools can manage library resouces effectively with the library management feature. They can use the library materials efficiently to enrich students’ knowledge. ERP software development includes building a library management module that can help in finding, searching, and issuing books properly. The module keeps track of books available in the school library.

Integrated Cloud Technology

Integrated Cloud Technology

ERP systems for schools must also be empowered with robust cloud technologies. This helps in effective data storage and access to crucial information by the concerned authorities from anywhere at any time. In this manner, huge data sets can be saved and utilized to extract important details regarding any student, staff, or related to the school.

User Management

With the user management module, the ERP software development services can facilitate institutes in maintaining a structured workforce. In addition, overall processes can be enhanced to give effective learning outputs from students.

Develop Effective ERP Software For Your School With Softqube Technologies!

At Softqube Technologies, we provide the most sought-after modules and features in ERP software for schools. School admins must know the usability and availability of all the above features when they decide to build a school management ERP software. Various modules like fee and attendance management, transportation, etc, can create transparency for the stakeholders and students can develop and grow in the right manner.

Softqube Technologies can empower schools by providing 21st-century software that is well-equipped with the latest technologies. With our advanced learning management system, you can elevate students’ performance. We have ERP systems for schools, LMS modules, and educational software development, and can help you in digitalizing your education system seamlessly. Get in touch with us today!

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