How Magical Elements Revive Fading Website Designs

Consider real magicians who flourished for centuries and still attract a great deal of attention. The mystery of magicians gathering crowds even now continues to bother us amid rational science. Would you consider art forms magical too, that they indeed are in some senses? Website Design amidst the high-tech savvy millennial generation need to cast a magic wand. Competition is terrible and universal downloads like free website templates keep the head spinning. 

I wish to demonstrate a few techniques for web effects that are bound to attract attention. Can I inspire the magic touch to a design that will raise cheers and promote sales? 

The art form called magic attracts me no end. My role as Creative Director receives inspiration from magic. The stage is where the magic happens, and that has its limitations. Yet, it is a profound play of special effects and showmanship combined. I researched a large number of exceptional magicians of global renown. I wish to share my distilled secrets, six of them. Just like the super magic shows use these six principles, fabulous web design would benefit immensely from them. 

Website Design

Amateurs may build average website Design, but professionals?

The clientele should keep guessing at surprises

Famed magician duo Penn and Teller in the 1980s revealed the secret of the act, though not supposed to. The audience thinks they were in the know. The guys now performed a refined version of their trick, and the audience is surprised. Familiarity is exceptional but joining novelty together is the formula for creating surprises. How?


The human obsession with images is profound. Representing movements in pictures blows the mind. Can that be done? Yes, cleverly. Noticing the action, viewers do pause before moving on, and the attention is captured. As Google statistics and elsewhere indicate, it is captivating on-site and viewers spend precious extra time on the website, attracting perks from browsers. 

Parallax effects 

As users scroll down, make the elements move, creating a magical effect that tallies with user actions. Inert things generate life and objects respond down the page. Make it exciting as if the user is in search of hidden treasure. Surprises are bound to be scattered everywhere.  No wonder users investigate all the way to the bottom of the website design. 


Hover effects help engage users and make them want to explore further. Conduct them around the several interface attractions with delicate grace. Visual stimulus leads to engagement by copying the real world scenario and the sensual experiences of real life.

An amazing series of experiences

Getting the highest number of magical acts together in five minutes! Well, that is what the “World’s Fastest Magician” Hans Klok got credit for in the Guinness World Record title. It was an unending list of topnotch, magical rides that never halted. In the digital world, users need not be inundated with the website design experience, but immersion is the name of the game. 

Insert all your magically weird shots at some points for design excellence:

  • Appealing website loading gimmicks
  • Text and image loading special effects
  • Parallax images while scrolling
  • Captivating Animations
  • Significant Video banners
  • Accompany page changes with dramatic effects

Realizing the endless possibilities of creating attractive effects through text, audio and video files, create all the amazing user experiences that keep them riveted. 

Awesome Responsive Design

Aim for effective implementation

Appreciate the silent performer who appears as the next guest. Shin Lim practices close-up card magic and they made him a world champion. The numero uno sleight of hand artist performs silently. We might say that the smooth hands express everything -A signature style that means fine fluidity and dexterous speed!  Truly the master of his quaint universe. 

Specialization and the insistence on supremacy in a single pursuit are his fortes. What can you do with website designs? What about textured overlays and illustrative elements? Maybe use patterned backgrounds and cut-outs too? With simplicity in text layouts, greater attention goes to the imagery. Devotees of the font culture would put them right on top. Nothing wrong with it. Go ahead and let the letters say sweet things. Bold typography and text that overlap create sensations too. Yet, don’t forget to labour with the other elements like the images that support everything. 


Shouldn’t quality be considered more important and quantity secondary? The basics must be just right. Substance comes first rather than any visual clutter that might end up in anarchy. In the absence of good management, a flashy page that tries to express too much through special effects may fail. In the race to reach the top, make sure that it is not a suicidal leap from the glorious peak. 

Speak in intimate whispers

Cyril Takayama represents bilingualism as an American / Japanese magician. He superbly builds bridges with audiences in prime-time television programs. His supreme asset, he empathizes with people through innate connectivity.  Not only is he a powerful showman, audiences feel friendly and at ease quickly in his presence. Web design should communicate social skills like the great magician, interacting with people extending to the online world too. Users are attracted to websites and layouts that appeal to their inner selves.  Let your website design appeal to user sensibility, and it does not matter what the business, field or profession dealt with. Connecting with users is a universal need. 

Consider some areas in which a more human approach may be adopted in website design. Greeting users by reaching out of a computer screen is certainly not possible, but virtual methods may be followed. 

Breathing, friendly headings 

Say goodbye to robotic styles and adopt conversational approaches. Include a dash of humour and invite a twitter. Refined attitudes are possible too. It is a mistake to underestimate good copy. 


Even terrible things sound attractive with suitable words enveloping them!

The right anchors to guide users along

You know what the audience wants on the page. Guide them to avoid the other things and head straight for the fruit. That way, users find no distractions in the smaller stuff. Everyone scrolls all right, but what if it can be avoided? Like queues, we would skip them if we could. 

Pleasing error and success messages restore feelings

Getting out of those 404 error pages could be a sweet experience with creativity. Instead of the sudden horror, communicate a friendly message and send users to a helpful page. Similarly, after completing shopping successfully, a success message reinforces the feeling of happiness. The euphoria of shopping is thus confirmed with reassuring messages that it is no fraud deal. 

The spontaneous design delivers personalized experiences by attracting user decisions to what is crucial. Help users make their decisions regarding what happens next. 

Website Design

The exceptional route is the way to go

The name of magician David Copperfield needs no trumpeting! What did he do? Deathly daring acts, as if defying fate. Mesmeric acts have enthralled audiences for forty years. When he performs, you remain in the grip of excitement, fear and awe. Digitally speaking, how would you extend the frontiers and explore new vistas?

Can you imagine what appears to be a mystery, like sharing an experience that cannot be physically seen? Bud to flower development goes through many days of development. Videos can rush through the process in dizzying moments. A vision of a peony opening up right there! Share the wonders of the world and inspire feelings of mystic delight.

Exploit the power of stories

Give your users the lovely gifts of stories. The story will form the guide along the linear path for the user. Experiences put in the story form attract users to the depths and provide happy moments of ultimate bliss. Visiting a museum with a guide gives you the idea of warmth rather than an independent foray. 

Dramatic video backdrops liven it up

Videos look and feel genuine since the fakers are not at ease. A thousand words of a picture are well amplified into novel form through a video. Why should many people visit cinema halls and pay highly for the experience when television idles at home? Something to ponder on, indeed. A video on the website would do justice to the gist of whatever theme you choose. Research indicates that information is gathered more effectively via video rather than text. Millennials are losing concentration and cannot hold the attention for long. More of feeling and functionality certainly accompanies those delightful videos!

The value of illustrations

Images and pictures, drawings and sketches – something awesome surround them all. Why? The artist behind them deserves recognition for time and labour. Appreciation comes for the care of the artist in depicting those pictorial narratives. It is often said that your words may be forgotten but not the feelings you generated. 

Accompany users on a website design journey of cohesiveness, fanciful and whimsical, refined and serious too. Shall we compare the website with the Disneyland experience rather than a library? Imagination and emotion fuse together on that wonderful journey for business or pleasure. Interactive stories may not suit every theme. Selling a brand often involves a story worth telling, but be sure.

Boost Your Skill

Staying three paces ahead in the game

Approaching the end with Derek Hughes, though it is not the least important point. Learn a digital marketing lesson from him who perfected the ‘chance’ trick amidst the range. He appeared to be making innocent mistakes, and that increased the appeal. Yet, the acts work fine and appear to be enchantment at its best, though all is an illusion. Planning lies at the heart of it. So, plan and plan and plan. Though audiences may seem flattered by the acting, all his moves are thoroughly rehearsed. Words and actions that seem made up on the spur of the moment went through a great deal of rehearsal and manoeuvring. 

How do you really stay ahead?

Appreciate the audience – Reviews and surveys bring comprehension of the audience based on facts. What about feelings? Customer profiles would indicate little details like the favourite browsing time of day and the preferred device.

Get to know user flows – Can you map out what users are likely to do on the page? Provide easy navigation routes so that users are not stranded amidst the page. Websites do not deserve getting lost in!

Establish wireframing

The blueprint is essential for sure, just like the architect needs to represent the structure in a blueprint. Forget about doing it without getting it down in a wireframe. Assessment, content and variety should work so well that the user is never uninterested or overawed.

Learning from the world of magic, plan the web design well. Planning would include forecasting the results to cater to user needs to start with. It is thus inevitable that ugly scenes will probably not appear later in the process. Firstly, understand the website design theme and intentions well. Next, get to know the users too. Use data for decision making. Make sure that the web design does not reflect personal likes that may not tally with what the users want. 

Parting shots to carry away

Working earnestly with the six principles will take you on an ecstatic journey of magic-infused website dreams that reverberate with reality. Yet, don’t throw them all into one task. Magicians do not exhaust every trick together, do they? According to what the project requires, pick the principles prudently. 

Learning magic tricks requires time and effort. So it is with website design crafting while executing the six valid principles. Use the resources carefully when the realization dawns that no brand restrictions exist. Customer feedback is encouraging and not horrifying. Spring pretty surprises with fairy tale web designs for the users and for you too, the creator. The wonderful world of web design deserves intense creativity. 

If we can assist

Professionals in search of dynamic web designs would reach higher levels with these principles. If some chatting is felt necessary, contact the digital experts to find assistance in implementing the plans of action. Friendly chatting may help reduce anxieties and explore new paths. 

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