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The combination of education and technology has brought into life all the everyday miracles, such as online lessons, virtual museum tours, interactive courses, collaboration through shared documents, and laboratory simulations. Not to mention free lessons in educational games, and some other mind-blowing learning opportunities. E-learning software solutions help to transform the process of traditional education and make education more accessible significantly for different social groups and nations.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has increased the EdTech app development services demand. As per a recent report, the market volume of EdTech in the world in 2021 was valued at $115 billion. Also, it is expected that by 2027, this figure will reach $467. By 2025, EdTech’s global expenditure will supposedly reach $404 billion, representing a growth of 16.3% CAGR. This article shares the list of famous education technology solutions that may inspire you to build your unique project!

EdTech Solutions:


Immersive Tech

Immersive Technologies help create entirely new experiences by destroying the borders between real and virtual or simulated realities. Talking about these technologies, we must mention VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality combining elements of VR and AR). Being broadly associated with the entertainment industry, VR and AR-powered apps are also used in education actively. ML and AI create personalized learning experiences. Students can get some personalized tasks based on their assessment results instead of just a generalized study course. ML and AI-powered technologies have also been found implementation to forecast enrollment and identify students at risk in educational institutions. To enjoy VR solutions, learners must have special equipment, for example, headsets. However, to enjoy AR solutions, it will be quite enough to have only a modern mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone.

Immersive technologies, interestingly, may be used efficiently in apps for various targeted groups, from software for preschool children to corporate e-learning solutions. Some examples are Anatomy VR mobile apps that help users study human anatomy from one new perspective and 3D Bear solutions, which combine innovative technologies with stirring educational content to accomplish better results.

Benefits of immersive tech in the e-learning solutions:

Learning Management Systems

LMSs are e-learning business solutions targeted at organizations that provide seminars, organize courses, educational services, etc. LMS (Learning Management Systems) are platforms intended to accumulate all learning-related materials and data, tracking and administrating learning processes.

For example, Our ORATARO LMS App. Orataro was our dream project. We created this app for our clients with a lot of research, and hard work, and took ownership to make it the best. Orataro is an all-in-one platform for fulfilling the learning, communication, and management needs of students, teachers, schools, and parents. It is a customizable platform that is supported by a skillful team of knowledgeable business entrepreneurs. The team created this app intending to scale as and when it grows. Schools can manage several tasks and actions with this app. They can implement all types of admin and student-related tasks with optimum capabilities by avoiding any sort of potential errors.


Coding and Technology

With the constant digitalization of every sphere of our life, the demand for software development services will grow shortly. Due to this, the labor market will offer a broad range of jobs for engineers and developers, making programming a highly needed-skill. So, it is recommended to learn to code early, particularly when there are already several e-learning training institutions.

Apps are game-based platforms for children to learn coding without any experience. They provide roleplaying games intended to study fundamental programming concepts. These games provide the kids with the required assistance whether they wish to make programming their future career. However, most solutions are available for younger learners, adults can also benefit from them.

Benefits of coding and technology platform

Language Learning

Language learning software is the most popular kind of e-learning solution. There is a high chance that some of these apps are on your smartphone. Today it is quite possible to find mobile apps and web platforms for learning in every language practically that exists on our planet. Grammar exercises and rules, chats, games, texts, audio, and video comprehension are just small parts of a feature that can enrich e-learning software solutions for the ones who wish to study languages. For students and teachers, these applications are of great use. Also, they can become a great option for learners who are prepared to develop their language skills independently.

Below mentioned are some examples of language learning solutions:

Benefits of language learning software

Early Childhood Learning

The use of education technology solutions has become quite common in school classrooms. But, software for preschool children is still a relatively new phenomenon because of the need for such apps to provide the low-tech skills and age of the target group. At the same time, however, early integration of gadgets in education ensures increased digital literacy among young learners.

These apps might not be intended for learning any specific subjects but to get the most basic knowledge of various spheres of our everyday life. For example, the Wisdom Craft app platform was created with games for children as well as their parents to learn various exciting things regarding sustainable living and well-being.

Benefits of using EdTech solutions in preschool education:

At Softqubes, we create a wonderful Early Childhood app named WISDOMCRAFT. The app is designed with the very purpose to teach the kids and students everything they need to learn about any specific topic. The more they solve, the farther they go. For example, puzzles, board games, strategy, crosswords, solitaire, and sudoku. The app is loved by many students because it has so much to learn. At every level, there is a video attached so the users can play the level and learn new things along with the new puzzle to solve.


STEM apps

STEM education is a method based on building education processes with an aim on four particular subjects: mathematics, engineering, science, and technology. The rising demand for experts having strong knowledge of the STEM disciplines is enlightened by the fact that more industries have been growing through digitalization. Because of this, we can observe innovative STEM learning apps being introduced into the market. According to teachers, there are no apps that have the capability of replacing traditional methods, which may be correct. But apps can become an incredible supportive tool making the learning of difficult things better manageable.

Today, there are several STEM apps for students of various grades, such as Shapes 3D, RoboNation, Pocket Physics, and GeoGebra. While some apps can help students understand the basics of physics, geometry, or algebra, others provide in-depth information for the advanced levels.

Our Softqubes team created a stunning STEM App for the students of various science and mathematics disciplines named CHEMICAL DICTIONARY and BIOLOGY DICTIONARY.

The app helps students to save time on browsing through Google for finding various Chemistry related concepts and definitions. All the terms related to Chemistry that are used are mentioned in this dictionary app along with a small description and the text-to-speech option. The app has been helpful to find several words in an alphabetical manner with a search option. This chemistry app is fully loaded with essential terms that are useful for chemistry students.


Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

In the modern world, our mental health and emotional state are under attack with the hectic lifestyle and quick changes. Social and emotional intelligence has become an integral part of today’s skill set, and EdTech solutions can help us work on their enhancements. These kinds of software ensure the development of software skills emphasizing the learners’ mental well-being, social life, and emotional abilities.

There are five core SEL competencies. They are relationship skills, responsible decision-making, social awareness, self-awareness, and self-management. SEL helps teenagers and children become more self-reliant and compassionate, build communication, and express themselves.

Mightifier is one communication tool allowing students to improve their soft skills by delivering one another positive feedback, evaluating daily performance, and mentioning their strong sides. Flipgrid is one video discussion application for learners of every stage, educators, and their families from various corners of the world.

Benefits of SEL Apps:

Online Courses

While discussing modern education technology solutions, we must remember the online course platforms. This kind of software is definitely not something new. However, because of the pandemic lockdowns, everyone is seen talking about them.

It is important to mention that now, people not only learn academic subjects or anything vital for their careers, but they also learn new things for mental growth, self-development, and entertainment. Online courses are there to offer enough resources for this.

For example, our Softqube Technologies created BRAINFLEX 360. This is an app that is developed in 2020 to become the leading testing platform for competitive exams across the globe. The app can make complex topics simplified for everyone. Brainflex360 is an online testing solution that identifies the gap in the need for an in-depth understanding of student performance. With this, Brainflex tries to fill the gap with its core analytics technology solution. This boosts the student’s overall growth with an analytical representation of preparation and performance.


Reasons for gaining popularity of online courses:

Provided with all the above benefits, a growing number of educational institutions are offering courses online. Today more people can find the form of education and their course that will perfectly fit them, thus making the learning process result-oriented and engaging.

Healthcare E-learning solutions

Employee upskilling and constant learning is required in the healthcare sector. Revision of complicated medical procedures, compliance-related matters, diagnosis approaches, the arrival of the new treatment, and various other factors affect the success of the training programs. Similarly, the periods of uncertainty posed by the global outbreak have made healthcare service providers and institutions concentrate their efforts on public health training and awareness.

Also, the pandemic has triggered new ways of retaining and attracting top medical talent such that they can grasp the opportunities for professional development without leaving their home. The e-learning healthcare solutions offer a way for healthcare professionals to update and create training programs and courses, automate onboarding processes, roll out innovative training modules, access the reporting functionality, and provide on-demand lessons.

With healthcare e-learning solutions, companies can have peace of mind. Learners can access new training sessions anywhere and anytime and determine the pace at which they can consume the material. Also, medical professionals can address their particular knowledge gaps rather than enrolling them in any standard course that can cover familiar topics.

Benefits of Healthcare E-learning solutions:

It’s a wrap

Most EdTech startups employ mobile application development and employ sites to reach the goal. Robust workflow and professional internet performance are crucial to retaining students and finding sponsors in a fast-expanding market. The list mentioned above only includes some of the types of e-learning software solutions that can be built now. However, the most popular ones have been mentioned. With the expansion of the active market, it is quite reasonable to suppose that innovative types of applications will soon enter the game

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AI has impacted various industries worldwide and is continuously evolving in the customer-focused era. It is a vital part of technology advancements, from smartphones to business software. Companies of all sizes are aware of the significance of adopting new tech solutions to enhance their progress and tackle present challenges and opportunities. The hospitality industry is embracing AI-driven innovations to revolutionize its processes, services, and facilities.

A survey done by the Economic times found rising growth at the global hospitality market in 2020 despite the pandemic situation. Between 2000 and 2021, the hotel and tourism sector received a cumulative FDI inflow of US $15.89 bn. The key motivator for such constant evolution was the deep integration of technology that enabled acceleration and streamlining of the processes thereby making the work execution seamless and simple. AI and ML especially helped in providing customers with personalized services, offered virtual assistance, and analyzed user reviews to improvise and personalize guest experiences.

The hotel industry is constantly evolving and the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest technological revolution that is driving growth and revenue. With the help of AI-powered robotics, hotels are able to transform their processes, services and facilities to provide satisfying customer service. This blog will delve into the ways AI is being used in the hospitality industry and the impact it has on the industry’s overall growth.

What Impact AI/ML Has Created So Far in the Hotel Industry?


The idea of Making Intelligent Hotels

The idea of making hotels intelligent with AI-powered care and service is gaining popularity among modern hospitality leaders. Essential elements that make hotels intelligent include concierge robots, digital assistance, voice-activated services, travel experience enhancers, and automatic data processing (machine learning). These AI-enabled technologies not only reduce human involvement but also improve the way guest service is delivered, with the goal of meeting customer satisfaction.

AI Entering Hotel Industry

The use of AI in the hotel industry is becoming more prevalent with the integration of voice-activated assistants like Siri and Alexa. These systems use machine learning to gather information about customers and provide personalized experiences. This data can be used to improve customer service, from understanding their preferences and choices to tracking their journey patterns and hotel ratings.

Exquisite Customer Services

The hotel industry is increasingly utilizing AI technology, such as voice-activated assistants and robot concierges, to improve customer service and gather insight on customer preferences. Companies like Hilton Worldwide Hotel have implemented AI-powered concierge robots, like Connie, to assist guests and make real-time recommendations. These robots use AI platforms like IBM’s Watson and travel databases to learn from customer interactions and improve their responses.

Outstanding Service With Mobile Apps

Guests of hotels have come to expect control and flexibility when it comes to their stay. Many hotels offer special perks such as mobile apps that allow guests to control various aspects of their stay, such as room temperature and lighting, and order drinks and meals. AI-driven chatbots play a key role in this customer service, allowing guests to interact with the hotel through the app and perform tasks such as ordering meals and drinks, scheduling reservations, and planning itineraries. These virtual interactions via the mobile app allow chatbots to serve as service representatives, bypassing the need for hotel staff.

Personalization in Services Through the Itinerary

Modern travelers want a combination of personalized service and high service standards when they are on the go. However, managing a hotel can be difficult due to the large amounts of data about guests and staff, which can lead to challenges in providing a seamless customer experience. One solution to this problem is to provide guests with intelligent travel phones. These phones, which are available in the guest room, offer features such as GPS, games and entertainment, a hotel app powered by AI, access to unlimited data and international calls, a handy guide to city attractions, promotional offers, and the ability to book return travel and quickly contact hotel service assistants.

Customer Care

Hotels are using AI to gather more knowledge about their customers in order to improve the guest experience. By analyzing data on customer purchases, travel choices, location preferences, and more, AI can offer personalized recommendations and options to guests. From booking a room to planning a journey, AI can assist guests with a variety of tasks, such as fast online assistance, saving user preferences, and making personalized recommendations. This is made possible through the use of big data and machine learning, which helps hotels understand and address the individual needs of their customers.

How AI/ML Creates a Promising Future To Improve the Guest Experiences In Years To Come?

Benefits of AI and ML for Hospitality - Softqube

Improving Hotel Guest Experience

The rise of AI has led to a rapid evolution of devices in terms of features and functionality. The breakthrough technology innovations in artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT are becoming increasingly common in hotels and resorts, driving competitive advantage and changing the way properties and guests interact. One of the main focuses for most hotels is mobile and voice-activated assistants, which offer guests an easy way to interact with the hotel. Guests can control room functions like TV, lighting, music and temperature with voice commands, and make requests to hotel staff and access room service.

One of the key features that makes AI-enabled systems “smart” is their ability to learn and improve through natural language understanding and machine learning. The system can analyze data from past interactions with guests and continuously improve its responses and predictive capabilities. Voice-activated speaker systems and text-based personal assistants have the potential to engage in meaningful conversations and make optimal recommendations, shortening guest wait times and increasing overall satisfaction.

According to research, AI-enabled response technology can handle an average of 70% of guest requests in hotels where the systems have been implemented, resulting in time and cost savings, and enhancing guest relationships. AI has been shown to reduce the need for human assistance, freeing up staff from routine tasks. Several leading hotel groups have reported that their AI-enabled concierge services have reduced calls to the human concierge desk by 35% or more. Although still in its infancy, AI has more than proven its value in the context of hotel guest services, making it a strong business case for investment in AI technologies.

Forecasting and Patterns of Occupancy

The occupancy rate in the hospitality industry is largely affected by seasons and holidays. Hotel operators use demand forecasting to increase profits. AI can gather information from multiple sources and predict events that could impact occupancy rate and prices.

With access to this information, hoteliers can adjust pricing to be more competitive, create targeted promotional campaigns, and make better strategic decisions. AI enables the industry to analyze customer flow and occupancy patterns, combine this information with business data, and determine the most effective strategies to attract more guests and boost sales.

For instance, hotel managers can utilize AI to distinguish the number of guests from local areas versus other regions or countries. AI will assist them in collecting and analyzing crucial information about guests, including their travel habits and demographic traits, to provide a personalized and memorable experience and foster customer loyalty, setting the hotel apart from competitors.

Fulfilling Guest Expectations

Hotels and resorts have always aimed to handle guest requests in a timely and satisfactory manner. This is because their reputation is heavily dependent on the level of customer service they provide. Their abilities in this area are considered key performance metrics for success.

Today, the challenge is that guests have much higher expectations. The concept of a hotel guest experience has changed in recent years due to demographic and technological shifts. Guests now expect a seamless and frictionless experience throughout their stay, with fast responses to inquiries and personal attention from staff. With the rise of technology-enabled access to information and services in many aspects of life, guests expect this luxury to extend to their hotel experience.

In the future, hotels are likely to be facilitated by a combination of human and machine efforts. Artificial intelligence has the potential to reduce latency between guest requests and hotel response time, enhance the in-room guest experience, and customize services and activities for individual guests. IoT devices can also help update the room with personalized settings and predict which services and activities will be of interest to guests. All of these elements work together to meet and exceed the wave of rising guest expectations.

Reinforcing Guest Personalization

Guest personalization is a top priority for hotels today as they strive to meet the increasing expectations of their guests and maintain a competitive edge. It is quickly becoming a minimum requirement for hotels to remain in the industry. In recent years, hotels have shifted their focus from physical upgrades such as upgraded guest rooms and technology-enabled amenities to providing guests with personalized stay experiences.

For many hotels and resorts, success will depend on their ability to gain a deep understanding of their guests on an individual basis and use that knowledge to enhance the guest experience. A majority of hoteliers believe that targeted personalization, which involves presenting guests with relevant messages, offers, and services at the right time, is an effective way to improve guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Room customization is a crucial aspect of guest personalization. Artificial intelligence can be used to make a guest’s stay more personalized, right down to their preferred lighting and temperature control settings, music playlists, and streaming content. The more frequently a guest stays at a hotel, the more the hotel will learn about them and enhance their guest experience through personalization. In the future, hotels should aim to predict guest wants and needs and proactively address them even before the guest’s arrival.

Empowering Guest Journeys

The guest journey is a record of all interactions and transactions between the hotel and a guest from the start of their stay until they check out. Hotel operators are focusing on mapping and analyzing the guest journey to identify areas for improvement and provide a better experience for guests. The guest journey can start before the guest even sets foot in the hotel, from the research and booking process, and can continue even after the guest leaves the property.

The mapping of the guest journey helps hotel operators identify patterns and shortcomings in the guest experience. However, this exercise can be challenging. With the increasing use of machine learning in the hospitality industry, it is likely to play a crucial role in monitoring the different elements of the guest journey, assessing performance, and flagging areas for improvement. AI technology can also resolve issues and suggest new innovations to improve guest satisfaction. According to a survey, 82% of hoteliers believe AI technology will generate actionable insights for improving business processes and enhancing the guest experience.

The use of messaging apps has been a focus of the hospitality industry, with the goal of building guest loyalty, increasing engagement, and enhancing the overall guest experience. Some hotels send an invitation to their messaging app to guests after they book their stay. On an opt-in basis, guests can receive pre-stay notifications, explore neighborhood guides, set preferences, and communicate with the social care team. The evolution of hotel messaging and the extent to which messaging apps will incorporate artificial intelligence is a topic of interest. It is clear that the conversation between hotels and guests will shift from a request-based one to a two-way dialogue, largely enabled by artificial intelligence.

Complete Support to the Hotel Staff

The migration from humans to machines in the hotel industry is an important issue for hoteliers to consider. They need to assess how this migration will affect existing jobs and if humans and machines can work together for mutual benefits for hotel staff and guests. A majority of hoteliers agree that artificial intelligence (AI) improves employee satisfaction, as it allows employees to focus on higher-value tasks by handling mundane tasks like answering frequently asked questions.

At a major hotel group, AI has reduced the workload of customer support reps and improved the guest experience. The hotel group was struggling to keep up with the volume of support tickets and needed to improve response times. They implemented AI-enabled virtual assistants with natural language integration and self-learning capabilities. The technology integrated with the hotel’s case management tools and improved over time with each interaction. As a result, call resolution times have decreased and the human support personnel are now able to focus on higher-value tasks.

Technology adoption requires a culture change within the organization. Employees need to understand the benefits of AI and overcome any fears they have about job security. AI needs to be part of the overall business strategy and employees need to be included in the strategy to see how they can work together with the technology for mutual benefit. By doing so, employees can fit into higher-level roles and improve the guest experience, as well as their own employee experience.

Dynamic Pricing

In the past, hotels had a standard approach to offering suite upgrades. The revenue manager would set a fixed price for the upgrade, which would be communicated to the front desk and offered to every guest who walked through the door. The price was not adjusted based on guest preferences or market conditions, and the offer was sometimes sent through email without much consideration.

Today, ML-powered hotel upselling uses advanced algorithms to determine the most appropriate pricing based on various factors such as the booked rate, room type, current rates, guest demand, and room availability. The system continues to learn from guest interactions and improve its decision-making abilities with each interaction.

The hospitality industry can harness the power of AI to optimize operations and increase customer retention. AI can perform tasks typically done by human staff effortlessly and efficiently, leading to various benefits for the industry. These benefits include:

With AI integrated into operational systems, hotel managers have the ability to track market trends, anticipate local events, and respond accordingly. This not only maximizes profits by automating tasks but also reduces the need for human effort and minimizes errors.

As the hotel industry continues to recover, it’s crucial for hoteliers to take advantage of the increasing demand by offering relevant and personalized offers to guests. By utilizing ML technology, hotels can ensure that their upselling efforts are more effective and result in a better guest experience.

Hotel Booking App - Softqube

Conversational Marketing

The hospitality sector has embraced the use of AI and automation technologies, aiming to improve guest experience. AI-powered chatbots, functioning as virtual assistants, offer quick and customized assistance to travelers’ inquiries. These chatbots optimize the direct booking process, are always available for customer queries, and provide personalized check-ins/outs and upgrades.

Through conversational marketing, hotels can identify upselling opportunities and engage with customers in a more personalized manner. As an example, hotel groups may utilized any renowned software development company’s AI solution to reach 100% chat automation and achieved a considerable customer satisfaction score.

AI also goes a step further by making recommendations to guests, thereby increasing direct sales by automating functions such as booking, handling FAQs, query support, and payment processing. This advanced technology and focus on customer experience will give hospitality businesses a competitive edge and improve customer loyalty.

Virtual Concierges (Chatbots)

Virtual concierges powered by AI technology have become the preferred mode of communication for both travelers and hoteliers. They not only offer comfort to guests, but also drive revenue for hotels. A study shows that in 2022, about 85% of customers prefer to ask their queries through real-time chatbots, as they are addressed immediately without the need to wait for customer support.

While existing hospitality chatbots fulfill some aspects of digital concierge service, AI-powered solutions offer a more personalized experience for guests while reducing the efforts of staff. Integrating with popular communication channels frees up hotel staff to focus on complex requests, leading to an elevated guest experience. The hospitality industry can leverage virtual concierges to:

For instance, when guests visit a hotel’s website with inquiries, virtual chatbots attend to their questions and respond promptly. With their concerns satisfactorily resolved, customers are more likely to take advantage of the hotel’s upselling offers. AI-driven virtual concierges provide guests with an efficient and high-end user experience, allowing them to access information and services whenever they desire.

Guest Data Analysis

The rise of Alexa and Siri has paved the way for the widespread adoption of voice-activated services. In order to provide guests with a comfortable and personalized experience, hotels are incorporating voice automation into their offerings, allowing guests to control room amenities using only their voice.

With the advancements in technology, hotels can utilize conversational AI in the form of voicebots that can process incoming voice messages from popular social media and messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. These advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems can also answer guest queries through natural-sounding voice notes, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Voice-activated services rely solely on Artificial Intelligence to recognize speech and respond appropriately, providing a personalized experience for guests. This smart feature allows guests to complete a range of tasks, such as requesting room service, making reservations at the hotel restaurant, accessing tourist information, ordering specific items, and even booking excursions.

For example, if a guest wants to adjust the room’s temperature, they simply need to say “turn up the temperature” to the voice-controlled smart hubs in the hotel. Voice technology can also be used for entertainment purposes, with devices programmed in advance with the guest’s name to further enhance their personalized experience. In-room voice-activated services also allow guests to interact in their native language, removing any language barriers.


The integration of Artificial Intelligence in hospitality management through robotics has a bright future in the industry. Service robots equipped with AI have the ability to carry out tasks, both simple and complex, with greater accuracy and consistency. The hotel segment has significantly contributed to the growth of the hospitality robots market, which was valued at $295.3 million in 2020 and is estimated to reach $3,081 million by 2030.

The main objective of robots in the hospitality industry is to improve and enhance the guest experience. This can be achieved by performing activities such as greeting guests, guiding them to their rooms, delivering snacks and orders to their rooms without affecting availability, and cleaning and disinfecting facilities.

Current advancements in robot technologies have resulted in a higher level of intelligence and capability to process holistic thinking, enabling better customer engagement in an intuitive and natural manner. Staying updated with the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence will help hotel professionals better understand their customers’ needs and provide them with innovative and exceptional experiences.

Predict Utility Usage

Hotels looking to improve revenue and save energy, water, and waste should focus on utilizing AI-powered tools. A study shows that on average, US hotels spend 6% of operating costs on utility bills. These expenses can be reduced through the implementation of AI energy management, which goes beyond energy-saving lighting systems and predicts maintenance needs for equipment.

This modern and smart management solution, supported by IoT devices, provides real-time data on energy usage, monitoring factors like temperature, air pressure, and humidity, and adjusts the HVAC accordingly. Hoteliers can use AI to better understand their energy consumption and reach efficiency goals while creating a more sustainable environment.

Make Actionable Reviews

Acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining existing ones, so hoteliers are embracing AI-powered response systems to improve guest satisfaction. The AI system analyzes qualitative feedback data, providing insights and information from vast amounts of text.

Hoteliers can automate review management with AI, collecting, storing, and analyzing reviews from multiple sources, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks and avoiding additional pressure on employees. Sentiment analysis highlights positive and negative comments, enabling hoteliers to respond to guest requests in an appropriate tone, with the right information, at the right time.

AI-powered review systems enable hotel staff to quickly and easily resolve customer issues, boosting both business and guest experience. With AI technology constantly advancing, hotels are leveraging AI to improve the guest experience and respond to customer needs effectively.


Contactless Procedures

In the wake of the pandemic, contactless technology has gained prominence in the hospitality sector. A survey reveals that 70% of millennial travelers prefer a hotel experience with minimal physical contact. AI-powered contactless technology offers the following solutions:

Designed for customers seeking frictionless service, AI-integrated hospitality solutions automate various aspects of hotel operations, allowing for a personalized guest experience and timely satisfaction of guest needs. Automated keyless check-in/express check-out is increasingly popular for its convenience, and AI can reduce staffing, documentation, and time costs for the hotel management.

The hospitality industry is embracing AI to meet the growing demand for contactless technology, and new innovations such as facial recognition, cashless payments, and IoT are on the horizon. AI-powered contactless technology will drive the next generation of on-demand hospitality, offering an automated guest experience while increasing hotel revenue.

Smart Hiring Scenarios

The use of AI in the hospitality industry goes beyond improving customer experience and automating operations. It also enables organizations to modernize their recruitment process by using AI-powered tools. According to a report by McKinsey’s Global Institute, it’s estimated that 70% of companies will adopt AI by 2030.

Integrating AI with recruitment will streamline the application process by automatically screening resumes, providing real-time feedback, and eliminating biases. AI can assess applicants’ psychological traits, cognitive skills, personality, and communication, helping recruiters to select the best fit for a particular position.

Moreover, AI can also enhance employee training by providing mobile or web-based learning, as well as assessments to gauge their performance. This will save time for both recruiters and candidates and help overcome the challenges and expenses of hiring top talent.

AI App for Hospitality Business - Softqube

Final Take Away

AI is rapidly transforming the hotel industry, improving guest experience and reducing the need for human assistance. AI is changing hotel messaging, leading to a two-way conversation with guests, enhancing the in-room experience, enabling personalization, and identifying and resolving issues to increase guest satisfaction and loyalty. AI is already changing the travel lifecycle and will continue to shape the future of the hotel guest experience in the coming years.

In conclusion, the advent of Artificial Intelligence in the hospitality industry has marked the beginning of a new era. With its ability to automate back-office functions, improve customer experience and streamline the recruitment process, AI has proven to be a game-changer for the hospitality industry. It not only simplifies the day-to-day operations of hotels, but also helps them to keep pace with the ever-evolving customer needs and preferences. So, don’t be left behind, embrace the power of AI and take your hotel to new heights of success! Whether you’re a seasoned hotelier or a new entrant, the future is waiting, and it’s ready to be shaped by you.

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As we enter 2023, businesses are still recovering from the losses they witnessed during the pandemic. Digital-first technologies gave global businesses hope named enablement to remote work as well as continue their business practices by transitioning to cloud-based cross-platform and digital mobile-first solutions. This swiftly growing adoption rate of digital-first business mobility solutions has become a motivating aspect for tech leaders to modernize mobile technologies. Indeed, this will unlock various opportunities for businesses to shine in this market competition.

Particularly today, when people prefer using mobile devices over traditional arrangements, there is an urgent need for enterprises to make a transition to mobile-first software solutions. With the I7T mobility trends evolving rapidly, let us delve into the innovations they will bring the year ahead and beyond.

With the increase in the demand for mobility solutions and receiving everything at our fingertips, the mobile app development market has been and will experience a huge elevation. Below mentioned are some facts stating innovation in the industry of mobile apps.

The user base of smartphone

A study reported approximately 0.3 to 0.6 billion smartphone user base growth every year since the evolution of smartphones. In 2016, the smartphone user count began at 3.6 billion users, and as of 2022, smartphone subscriptions were reported at 6.6 billion.

By 2027, this figure is expected to reach around 7.7 billion subscriptions. As we see smartphone user growth from 2016 to 2022, a 10.4% annual growth is clearly seen.

iOS vs. Android mobile device user base

Global marketplace : When we compare iOS and Android mobile markets, unquestionably, the Android mobile user base dominates the market with precisely 72.2% worldwide market share.

US Marketplace : When we see the US marketplace while comparing iOS and Android mobile users, the iOS mobile market is seen to dominate with 57% of the share.

UK Marketplace : Both Android and iOS markets are seen to compete closely with each other in the scenario of the UK mobile market. Q3 2020 survey shows that with a 53% user base, android mobile users had been leading the market whereas, in the survey of Q3 2021, the user base of iOS mobile counted at 51.6%, while the Android user base showed a 47.6% share.

The forecasting mentioned above makes sense for businesses to build one mobile application to reach their maximum number of potential customers. In the past 6 years, global tablet users have been seen to grow by 36%, with figures around 1.14 billion. This puts a point for the development of cross-platform.

Usage of smartphone

Usage of smartphone

When we observe people around us in any public area, we can clearly see how dedicatedly busy they are with their mobile activity. A recent study in 2021 found that a normal person, on average, spends approximately 4 hours 23 minutes a day checking their smartphones. With the increasing number of mobile applications, the usage time is expectedly to increase by 4 hours 35 minutes by the end of this year. Also, on average, a smartphone addict will check the screen 250-262 times a day.

The purpose behind this increase in intensive smartphone usage is the easy availability of entertainment materials, digitization of management services, shopping, finance, and much more. With the dedication of intensive users to smartphones, businesses now have an opportunity to generate $935 billion worth the business by providing services with leading-edge mobile app solutions.

Mobile App download and development statistics

Mobile App download and development statistics

While we discuss mobile app development & download statistics, it is important to bring the iOS and Android app concepts alongside the App store and Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

Google has been highly used and the most trusted platform by the worldwide audience base on a regular basis, even for a small query. In the first quarter survey of 2022, the commodity counted more than 2.65 million android apps along with 494k publishers solely in Google Play Store.

However, Google Play Store has been removing spamming and low-quality apps from the store- the number of applications is rising each day. With approximately 3,739 new mobile applications on a daily basis, the Google Play Store is updated. These rising numbers of apps have made Google Play Store the highest mobile app store all over the world.

With the increasing number of Google Play Store apps, its download rate was reported at approximately 111.3 billion, which was approximately 50% of the increase from the download rate of 2016. The SensorTower has projected an increase in the spending of Google Play Store on apps in 2022 from $53 billion to $60 billion by 2023.

App Store

The iOS app store is the second biggest and also a close player of the Google App Store having a region-wise varying user base. In the App Store, at the latest, there are around 2.11 million iOS mobile apps available globally with 724K+ publishers. Of the overall App Store iOS applications, there are approximately 221,666 games, with the remaining being non-gaming apps.


A latest study showed that 36k iOS apps were released globally in the App Store. By the end of this year, the app store is expecting revenue growth of approximately $96 billion from $88 billion in the first quarter of the previous year.

Statistics of Mobile App Retention

While developing a mobile app, the key focus must be on the retention rate of the user. It is tough to ensure a higher user retention rate every time, but it is important to try various tactics.

Mobile app retention rate is calculated based on the measures that the users continue using the applications after it has been installed. The more the continued use of the application by maximum number of users, the better the retention rate of the mobile app user. The app retention rate is calculated in the 30 calendar days after the user installs the app on the mobile device. The community of mobile developers shares an average app retention rate calculated within 30 days:

When you see the mobile app development genre and type, the user retention rate differs on the basis of the kind. Based on the industry type, the average mobile application retention rates are mentioned below:

To continuously ensure a better app user retention rate, you must check the factors leading to a better mobile application growth rate.

Factors affecting the growth of mobile apps in 2023 and beyond

Around 90% of the time of smartphone users is spent on mobile applications. Below mentioned are the factors that motivate smartphone users to stick to their most preferred mobile applications.

Features and functionalities of mobile apps

Attractive UI/UX designs

The UI/UX design trends are very fluctuating. In the last few years, mobile UI/UX designs have advanced a lot and have been becoming a vital factor in the success of any mobile application. The competition for the best mobile UI/UX to ensure maximum user retention rate has also been growing rapidly.

A leading mobile application UI/UX statistics have found that :

The recent UI/UX design trends that can be tried are

Best Performance

The key to the success of a mobile application is the best performance in terms of crash-free and faster operations. In the fast-growing world of today, the consumers of mobile app demand to have apps that release innovative updates frequently, thus delivering a rewarding application user experience and meeting all their needs that come in line. Performance is the sole key in such a competitive mobile app market.

30% of mobile app users wish to have their favorite app load only in a fraction of a second. Also, 49% of mobile app users may wait for the application to load for a maximum of 5 seconds. When such app loading speed is not met, there might be a loss in the potential loyal mobile application users. A mobile user, on average, uses 25 apps in a month as per a study by Forester Research and 80% of users use 5 mobile apps only a month

Platform-dedicated audience

As the iOS and Android platform audience count at up-to-date by region with the successful retention ratio of the user base. So, it is important to select the type of app development wisely. The mobile app development cost for iOS is a bit higher. You get an option for hybrid mobile or cross-platform app development to receive incredible revenue generation. This option will be much more cost-efficient than native app development and assist in generating revenue from every app hosting platform.

Success trends of the mobile app development solutions

Now, you must wish to develop a mobile application of your own. You need to know about the type of app development, i.e., the type of app you wish to build. Below mentioned are the most famous categories of Apple App Store and Google Play Store:

If you follow these industry types, you can build the maximum revenue-generating app. To get a better understanding, study the mentioned mobile app development ideas and statistics.

Social media apps:

Starting with Facebook, social media apps were always popular from inception. Lately, social media platforms have been an integral part of everybody’s life for marketing, networking, and entertainment purposes. 9 among 10 people spend around 4-5 hours every day while scrolling social media.

Undoubtedly, short social media reels, shorts, videos, etc., have doubled the time spent by global digital userbase on social media platforms. In our surroundings, we see people using various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Below we have mentioned social media statistics that are shared by e-marketers.

You can view and analyze that social media platforms have been earning new users in bulk amount every day, and the graph is rising every consecutive year.

Viewing this success rate, you might think of developing a social media platform that benefits the user base worldwide.

Video calling apps, chatting, messaging

Video calling apps, messaging apps, or online chats have connected the world. These apps have narrowed the locations for people who reside in a distant location. They can easily connect to their family and friends over the internet via these online calling and chat apps and can make real-time conversations. As every online chat app provides facilities for HD video calling, their usage has extended a lot more globally.

If we talk about any online real-time chat application, the first thought that comes to our mind is WhatsApp. Have a look at the below-mentioned statistics to learn more about famous real-time online chat applications and their global user base.

Video Streaming Apps

Everybody likes to have and needs entertainment. When we have access to global entertainment programs, documentaries, movies, and series in a single platform, we would definitely wish to use that. When we talk about online video streaming apps like YouTube, Apple TV+, Disney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, or OTT (Over The Top) Services, we most regularly use global platforms.

The OTT marketplace revenue, as per Statista, was valued in 2019 at $121.61 billion and by 2022 reached $275.30 billion. By 2027, it is expected to reach $476.60 billion at 11.60 (2022-2027) CAGR. In 2022, the user penetration ratio stood at around 35.7%, and by 2027 has been projected to reach 44.1%.

There are uncountable online video streaming platforms that are available in today’s market. However, we have targeted some of the top-rated platforms of OTT at the global level.

The annual global revenue of YouTube in 2021 was reported at $28.8 billion, having globally 50 million subscribers of YouTube premium. The statistics show an increase of 46% from the figures of 2020, which was around $19.7 billion.

Netflix, in 2021 has made around $5.1 billion of net profit with a rise of 8.7% compared to the data of 2022, which stands at $2.7 billion. Netflix streaming subscribers, by 2023, with a growth rate of 82%, will rise up to 201 million and $28.8 billion of revenue anticipations.

The growing expectations for entertainment services have shown that indeed there is a probability of creating much better business opportunities by creating solutions for OTT mobile apps.

Financial Apps (Stock market, net-banking, E-wallets)

As the stats of online video streaming services offering applications, financial apps are greatly used by global mobile users. A study found that 6 out of 10 people prefer using online finance apps for managing their finances. With the e-transaction made convenient and easily accessible, their usage has been expected to increase in the upcoming years.

With these success rates, this online personal financial application marketplace by 2027 has been expected to hit the worth of $1576.86 million at a CAGR of 5.7% during 2020-2027. The worldwide e-trading mobile application market is projected to rise by 5.1% every year, with a projection of $12.16 billion value of the marketplace by the year 2028. The cryptocurrency mobile applications in this marketplace also have entered the market with an app adoption growth of 400% in 2021 and, in the upcoming years, will skyrocket more.

On-Demand Apps (E/M-commerce, Delivery, Booking)

The user base of the on-demand services offering apps after the Covid-19 pandemic has increased a lot, particularly in online booking, such as service booking, hotel accommodations, grocery/food delivery apps, online shopping apps, etc. With the increasing popularity of on-demand services and extensive applications, the revenue of the on-demand apps will rise to $335 million by 2025.

US smartphone users, according to the CBInsights report, spend approximately $57.6 billion finances every year on the market today on on-demand service apps. The spending break-throughs are mentioned below:

Also, by 2025, the European on-demand app marketplace expenditure is expected to hit the mark of $1.8 trillion worth. Moreover, the on-demand app market builds various new opportunities for growing entrepreneurs. It assists them in making some better businesses in the upcoming few years at the worldwide level.

Gaming Apps

We all love playing mobile games in our free time to freshen up our minds, whether be it popularly played Wargames (Fortnight, PUBG), card games, Candy Crush or any other. Taking about which the market gaming has a great dedicated user base over the globe.

The mobile gaming industry in 2021 made approximately $180.3 billion revenue, which stood at approximately 1.4% increase compared to the previous years. Every year, the gaming industry earns new users.

The user base of the mobile gaming app, in 2021 increased by 5.3% + of the increased rate with 3 billion new players compared to the previous years. Also, among the mobile app players, it is seen that 55% of them were from the Asia-Pacific region.

Age and Gender wise statistics

The changing gaming industry has been a major revenue-generation business. The involvement of web 3.0 technology in this gaming industry has been changing the paradigm with the addition of various new exciting gaming experiences and features.

Wrapping Up

With an increasing motivation toward mobile app development and mobility, the adoption rates will definitely skyrocket in the upcoming years. The amalgamation of normal mobile apps as well as web 3.0 technologies will be changing the paradigm of the mobile app industry everything in terms of security, performance, and user experience extensively.

On the internet, web design tips are available. Many people do offer a wide range of information when it comes to website development. For any website design is subjective and most important, also it is one of the most important factors for the success of the website. According to studies, more than half of people believe that the main factor for website success is web design. Also, it influences the bounce rate, conversions, and much more.

Table of Contents

Some of the best web design tips that one should consider while website development.

Don’t test User’s Patience

Consistency and clarity

Effective communication

Feature of Simplicity in Your Design

Focus on the Load Time



Manage Navigation Efficiently

Design mobile-friendly


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Some of the best web design tips that one should consider while website development.

Don’t test User’s Patience

It is one the debated topic, that speed for web design is quite important. According to different students, the bounce rate is determined by user satisfaction and revenue conversions. If your website is slow, users won’t be coming back to your website. Many users do care about speed. Also, various search engines consider the website speed to rank them on the list.

Consistency and clarity

Ensure that your website theme is easy to understand. As per the study done by Google, a huge percentage of users do not like the complexity of the appearance. The more complex your website the more unlikely it is to be visited by users. Your website should be consistent in design so it looks aesthetic and appealing.

What does it mean?
Ensure that your website is simple for example, many visitors are in favor of the single-column design rather than the multi-column design.

You should stick to standard layouts, many users do like to visit sites that follow a standard layout. It is a good idea to stick with common website designs and layouts. It would help you to stand out from the crowd.

Effective communication

Since you are a website developer and designer, you should ensure that the communication between you and users is viable. Communication between visitors and clients should be clear and understandable. It is quite important to ensure that clients and visitors should be encouraged enough to retain your services.

You should ensure that the content, code, visuals, and interactivity of the website are the main factors that are responsible for the seamless communication between the stakeholders and clients.

Feature of Simplicity in Your Design

Simplicity plays a major role when it comes to web design. It improves the design and user experience. With more white species between the characters and lines, you can make the text understandable. Also, it helps readers to make the most out of the content. With an extra amount of white space, you can highlight the important content. It allows readers to gain information quickly.

Focus on the Load Time

With so many sites available, many users do not need to visit the slow website. If you have a website that has low speed, you won’t be able to retain them. You should ensure that your pages load faster so it becomes easy to convert them to leads. Even a small delay can lead to a low conversion rate.

Different search engines do consider load time as one of the major factors in their ranking algorithms. Most search engines will showcase websites that are much faster. Hence it is quite essential to optimize your website. Optimization of the website would help you to gain more visitors and generate more leads.


If you want a flawless website, you should consider typography. Just like the color combination, the typography is the most essential part of web design. You should ensure that your fonts are quite aesthetic and consistent. You should create a hierarchy to design typography for your website. You should include some basic font families and apply some style to the headings.

Align with headings, you should include styles for the body test, alert messages, and forms. Such styles would include some basic font families like Roboto, Montserrat, and many more.

All your font sizes should be written in the pixels, it remains consistent throughout all the elements.


Usability is responsible to measure how well your users can make use of all the features of design and features of the website. Usability is quite important throughout the development process. It ensures the maximum use of the website from wireframes to the outcome.

Manage Navigation Efficiently

You should include the descriptive labels in the navigation buttons. A navigation bar is an essential and key component for any website that indicates relevance. The navigation appears on every page, hence you should ensure that it is self-descriptive and guides the users.

Navigation labels such as the videos, photos, white papers, and much more explain to the visitor about the type of content. A label should not have any format based navigation since it does not describe much and not useful to the visitors.

Design mobile-friendly

Mobile has been the most important electronic gadget and mostly everyone owns them. It is constantly changing and revolutionizing the way we communicate and access information. Before you design a website, you need to make a design that is responsive and adaptive. A responsive website can adapt to the different layouts, which means that you can make a website that looks similar on the different screen sizes or devices.

With an adaptive web design, you can build unique layouts for the devices, which means, the website features different versions and designs.


If you want a responsive and adaptive website for your business, you should consult Softqube Technologies. It is the leading web design, service provider.

A website design is quite important and many factors need to be considered while making it. A web designer would help you to create a functional website for both mobile and desktops. Their design experience would ensure the best usability of the website and its design. Also, they will consider all the critical factors that will make it easy for users to navigate and interact with the websites.

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With the increasing online business trend, the current generation is experiencing a massive change in the online market. The online business opens up the entire world market, which means overwhelming profit and business advertisement on a large scale. It all starts with building a website for a specific industry. Developing a website initiates building and properly maintaining a website. All the Web Development Company has a process in the back-end procedure that makes a subtle and unique website.

Building a website with unique features, content, and user-friendly are the characteristics of a good website. If you are looking for top trending web development for your website, you are at an appropriate place. Here are the top twelve web development trends for 2021 that you must know about:

Web Development Company

Table of Contents

Top 12 Web Development Trends for 2021

AI Chatbots

Single Page Application

JavaScript Framework

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Mobile-Friendly Website

Blockchain Technology

Motion UI

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


VR and AR

Voice Search

Push Notification

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Top 12 Web Development Trends for 2021

AI Chatbots

AI chatbot is a unique software that helps increase conversion rate through conversation with potential customers in natural language. It greets the customer and even provides necessary information that saves a considerable amount of time, money, and enhances customer satisfaction. This software uses machine learning as well as NLP or Natural Language Processing and gives a natural experience to customers. Web Development services provide these.

Single Page Application

It is also known as SPA. It is a web application that interacts with customers by rewriting the web page dynamically. The utmost aim of SPA is to double the speed of website processing and loading of content that works as a native app. The HTML CSS and JavaScript are retrieved from the browser in a single page load or directly added to the necessary page according to the user’s choice.

JavaScript Framework

JavaScript Framework is a modern application framework that is developed with the help of JavaScript. The controls and its flow are different as there is no use of JavaScript Library. JavaScript framework means the application programming as a whole, whereas the JavaScript Library is known as parent code. It also facilitates maintaining the website and provides free-flow of code quality. Some of the prominent examples of JavaScript
The framework is Meteor.js, Vue.js, Angular JS, and Ember.js.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

The PWA is application software that is developed through web-based on CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Standards-compliant browsers support all the platforms that use them that includes mobile devices as well as desktops. A website will gain traffic only when it targets all platforms instead of a single. Therefore it is wise to develop an app that facilitates working on both desktops and smartphones.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Different states show that traffic on the internet comprises of mobile device users. Therefore a business must focus on a mobile-friendly website. Some websites do not support mobile devices because they are large and do not support such screen sizes. But with such mobile device traffic, a business must-have website that supports both devices.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is the newest form in developing websites. With the advancement in a generation, this technology is regarded as the next big trend. Blockchain technology is a system that permits fast, transparent and secure transactions. It includes money, contracts, and intellectual property.

Motion UI

If you are noticing any animation or graphics designs, it is due to Motion UI. It helps to generate a user experience as the customer finds it more interesting. A good design of a website is very crucial. Therefore the transition and animation are adequate for current generation websites. Several animation studios are available in the online market that makes these possible. Connect with Web Development Companies to make your website unique and compelling.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source HTML structure. AMP Open Source Project develops this. Mainly created by Google to compete with Apple News and Facebook Instant Article, it serves the customer with faster web page loading. Nowadays, Web Development services include the AMP to make websites feel native.


Cyber Security is one of the essential aspects of web development. It helps to defend mobile devices, computers, and any electronic devices from hackers. These days most of the transactions are based on the internet, and even essential files and information are saved on cloud servers. Cybersecurity includes several steps, such as network security, application security, and operational security. Without cybersecurity, it is impossible to safeguard your information and necessary details on the internet.

VR and AR

VR stands for Virtual Reality and AR stands for augmented reality. Augmented Reality elements add the real experience of a website using the camera on smartphones. Some of the best examples of AR are Snapchat lens and the renowned game Pokemon Go. It allows the website to use the camera on mobile devices to feature the experience of customers.

The VR is the opposite of AR. It cuts off the full immersion from the real world. It makes the customer feel that they are in another world through VR equipment. So the renowned VR devices are Google Cardboards, HTC Vive.

Web Design is quite an essential factor in determining the success of the website according to web Development company India. It depends on the web designers who design the websites and web applications with full determination and focus—different factors such as usability and utility degree the website’s success. If the website is not visually appealing, many users do not stay on the website for a longer duration.

Web Design with a good User Interface and User Experience would lead to getting more customers on your website. Hence, Web Design should be a priority for any business to get attractive and easy to use. As you know, the first impression decides everything. Similarly, the new user receives the appearance on the first visit to your website. Web page design determines and plays a vital role in getting actual conversion rates.

The search engine ranks such websites higher, whereas poor user experience and fewer user views websites are ranked below.

web design services

Table of Contents

What are Web Design Principles?

Different types of web design principles

A proper Route for the web visitors through the directional cues

Fair use of the Whitespace

Get a Call to Action Button

Have a great colour combination on your website

Hicks law for website design

You should make use of “The rule of thirds.”

Law of continuity

Occam’ Razor

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What are Web Design Principles?

Design principles are the most applicable laws, design considerations, guidelines, biases that designers apply to build web designs. Different professionals from various disciplines work on behavioural sciences, physics, sociology, and much more to use the design principles.

Design principles are quite basic, easy to use, pleasurable designs. You can apply such techniques to organize, select, or create the elements or new features for your design.

Different types of web design principles

Website Designers use principles like learnability, findability, and visibility to address the customer’s behaviours. They use a variety of directions.

Some of the web Design Principles

Ten best web Design Principles that every web developer should imply to make an attractive website.

A proper Route for the web visitors through the directional cues

Web Developers must ensure that there are enough directional cues available to your website that guides the newcomers to go to the specific web page. It could be the call to action or the lead generation form that points the users towards the conversion goal. However, you don’t need to have the directional cues as the arrows. You could make use of fingers that point towards the next page or tilted head. You could make use of man using the visual cues.

Fair use of the Whitespace

Whitespaces make it convenient for the users to keep an eye on the website’s page. Many visitors leave the website when they find it difficult to read the content of your page. Hence you should ensure that you have enough white spaces in the web content. Here are some points that you should consider while designing the content for your website.

Increase the number of white spaces by writing more paragraphs instead of the text blocks. Also, having the sections increases the readability of the content.

  • Maximize the white spaces between the pages’ elements such as footer, sidebar, and much more.
  • Ensure that you check the text style and have the right font size for the website content.

Get a Call to Action Button

All the pages in a website contribute to generating leads. Hence you should design a call to action button on your website. You have to place a call to the action button so that it catches the visitor’s attention. You could make use of the contrasting borders or make it stand out from other web page components. Just ensure that it looks quite different from all other elements in your website.

Have a great colour combination on your website

You should choose some vibrant colours and designs that look decent. For example, you can use the different variations of the colours that give off various emotions and great vibes. Your website’s overall scheme should contract with the components like a call to action buttons and headlines. You should keep the colours reserved for the CTA button as it is quite essential for your website.

Hicks law for website design

According to different psychologists, people take a lot of time to decide if there are many choices available or offered to users. Hence according to it, you should build web design so that your customers have a collection of options that can boost your client conversions. But you need to ensure that you don’t overwhelm your users with too many links in the navigation bar because it could make your user not stay on the page.

You should make use of “The rule of thirds.”

The rule of thirds is quite a famous role for photographers. According to this rule, you should divide your websites or images into thirds, horizontally and vertically. It would develop the nine equal sections for your website. With this, you can make fair use of your website.

It would help if you also used the different sectors for different purposes,s like the middle four sections for all the essential design elements. You could include a product image, call to action, review, and much more.
Align with the business objective

You should rank all the elements of your website so that it fulfils your business’s objective. All the details for your website should be attractive and align with your products and services.

Law of continuity

Many of the users do tend to perceive the line continues, which establishes the direction. And when there is an intersection between the objects, they perceive the two lines as two single links.

Occam’ Razor

Occam’s razor urges the users to make the assumption and put the most straightforward explanations. With Occam’s razor, you can have multiple reasons for different facts where one of them is more likely to be correct.


Effective Web Design or art is not the same since many psychological principles, or design principles can be applied. With such regulations, you can build a great website using relevant laws such as typography, images, and layout. The above listed are the tested and the most prominent metrics to design the web page, and most of the Website Development companies suggest that. Hire an expert of Softqubes offering website development services in India for the best results.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Trends, practices, and expectations in the digital world are constantly evolving due to technological advancements. Some of these trends last for a season, while others soon become outdated. Digital trends play a crucial role in transforming the workflow, design, and optimization of web pages in the coming days by giving an entirely new dimension to website development. Businesses always try to keep up with trending practices and incorporate innovative ideas to generate higher leads and sales conversion. There is ongoing competition among firms to pioneer new ideas that others will follow soon.

With every New Year, designers get to work with innovative concepts using unlimited technological resources. Currently, neumorphism and dark themes are quite popular among the digital audience. Rapidly changing trends and user preferences challenge and inspire designers to come up with new innovative ideas. Web Development Services in India love to mix digital illustration with realistic design elements, play with floating elements, layers, and shadows. Recent experiments with colour-changing gradients and new font styles are also quite popular. Social media platforms are incorporating engaging videos and user-triggered animations for entertaining the audience.

ui design trends 2021

Table of Contents

The Growing Popularity Of Dark Themes

Incorporating asymmetric shapes and layout

Creative application of designs and colours

Big headlines and bold fonts

Data visualization

Virtual reality


Website Design Trends in 2021 – video guide

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The Growing Popularity Of Dark Themes

Dark-coloured themes are here to stay, and more apps are following this trend. It allows users to switch between dark and light modes as per their preference. Developers can make use of CSS media queries for optimizing colour schemes and switching between dark and light modes automatically.

Top brands like Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Apple, and Android use this cool trick to attract new users to their interfaces. Dark colour themes help enhance a web page’s overall aesthetics, giving it a more elegant look. High contrast ratios make the design elements stand out and improve accessibility. Moreover, Dark themes also reduce the strain on the eyes and eliminate related sight problems. Dark themes are also great for enhancing OLED and AMOLED screen longevity by reducing power consumption.

Incorporating asymmetric shapes and layout

Asymmetric designs are the most trending practice in 2020 and will make its way in the coming years. However, it brings several challenges to traditional website development processes while offering better individuality and aesthetics.

Besides, asymmetric shapes and layouts make a website appear less blocking and allow designers to incorporate exciting design elements. Different varieties of asymmetric shapes, spaces, images, patterns, and borders enhance a web page’s appeal. However, web designers need to keep in mind that balance between the different forms should be preserved without compromising functionality.

Creative application of designs and colours

Colours have a psychological impact on the viewer’s mind and play a key role in pursuing a visitor to a web page. The human brain works more than the eyes when it comes to perceiving bright colours. There is a certain degree of subconsciousness associated with specific colours used in depicting cultures, emotions, social messages, events, and feelings. Similarly, colours help define particular emotions, and designers are particularly interested in picking the right colour palette to make a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind.

First impressions are valued the most, and with billions of websites, it is essential to ensure that the initial impression makes a lasting impact on the visitor. For instance, when selecting a colour scheme for webpage design, designers try to invoke certain sensations associated with the colour. Above all, the design should effectively capture the user’s emotions and depict the brand in its most accurate form.

Lately, Web Development Company India uses creative approaches for combining colours that make webpages stand out in the crowd. The colour combination should perfectly match with graphical elements. Above all, understanding the audience is vital to develop designs and content that appeal to them.

Big headlines and bold fonts

Big headlines and bold fonts have gradually started to take over the digital world again. Marketing experts believe that it is the most effective means of attracting potential visitors to a website. Bold letters help to emphasize messages and prompt users to take action accordingly.

Similarly, website visitors read big headlines first, which plays a significant role in making a lasting first impression. Designers prefer to use different types of fonts and section titles for improving readability and visual hierarchy. Also, strong typography and window designs help in uplifting the aesthetics of a web page.

Data visualization

Humans are always attracted to the visual element presenting numerical smartly, and appealingly improves the information’s readability. Data visualization helps transform boring data into attractive graphics, thereby offering a more engaging interface for the end-user. Besides, this practice allows users to perceive information faster with the help of graphically displayed information.

Virtual reality

VR or Virtual reality is gradually making its way into website design, and it will soon become a powerful tool that allows the user to skim meaningful content. Moreover, it offers a realistic purchasing experience with interactive sessions.

infographic Website Design Trends in 2021


The primary focus is on interactivity and creativity that will continue to exist in the coming year. Online users are now looking for more than just an engaging interface. Web development companies are also focusing on usability and accessibility by introducing enhanced functional elements in the interface. Designers looking to attract steady traffic and improve the digital presence in this competitive market can consider web design trends.
All types of Website development trends evolve fast with the emergence of new technologies like voice user interface, virtual reality, interactive 3D micro animations, and many more. All these developments are improving the overall experience of the end-user through a creative approach.

Websites with excellent visuals are no more adequate for attracting visitors. People are looking for highly responsive, accessible, and engaging web pages to give them a broad feel and experience. Designers can consider implementing the trends mentioned above to enhance the brand and web page’s appeal and aesthetics. It will help improve user satisfaction and play a significant role in achieving higher sales conversion rates. Softqube Technologies strive to provide their clients with highly intuitive webpages as per modern standards. The designers brainstorm distinctive graphic elements to give every website a unique feel and appeal.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”FAQs” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_toggle title=”What will web design look like in 2021?” custom_font_container=”tag:h3|font_size:16|text_align:left” custom_use_theme_fonts=”yes” use_custom_heading=”true”]Nowadays innovative, creative and well-designed platforms are developing very fast. Coming days web developers use to create extremely high end user friendly websites through programming Frameworks like Magento, Laravel, CodeIgniter and so on.. It completely changes and minimizes the workload for web designers time and also clients money.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What are the web design trends for 2021?” custom_font_container=”tag:h3|font_size:16|text_align:left” custom_use_theme_fonts=”yes” use_custom_heading=”true”]Static websites, no matter how beautiful their UI is, seem boring to the modern users. Motion interaction is what makes a site more eye-catching and captivating. Besides, users will more likely get acquainted with the information when they see dynamic data visualization. The trend includes both microinteractions and bigger motion elements.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What are the upcoming trends in web design?” custom_font_container=”tag:h3|font_size:16|text_align:left” custom_use_theme_fonts=”yes” use_custom_heading=”true”]

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What is the future of Web design and development?” custom_font_container=”tag:h3|font_size:16|text_align:left” custom_use_theme_fonts=”yes” use_custom_heading=”true”]The technological advancements are unstoppable. This is especially true in web design and development domain. In fact, sometimes the web design and development trends changes faster than they can be implemented. Hence, it is important to keep up with the changing trends[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Which is the new emerging technology in web development to use in the year 2021?” custom_font_container=”tag:h3|font_size:16|text_align:left” custom_use_theme_fonts=”yes” use_custom_heading=”true”]


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We can see that the usages of web design agency are increasing rapidly in the last few months. Lately, this industry is making huge profits because of pandemic and lockdown across the world.

People are using online applications to make payments for groceries, food, medicine, and more.

Especially after the pandemic of COVID-19, web platforms are transforming our daily life into an easier one. If you have any thoughts to make profits through the digital medium, then you should pay attention to develop your original web design. Web design agencies in India can help out with that.

Table of Contents

The agency must have an updated portfolio:

Place your requirement on board:

Set a deadline for each phase:

Total budget:

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Customer service:

The ultra-modern world is all about transforming from macro to microtechnologies since this century has begun. The covid-19 attack has wholly devastated the economy of the world lately.

The market is evolving and emphasizing e-commerce more and more. According to a report by INDIA FORBES, the percentage of paying through online applications has increased by 77% from January to April 2020.

The web platform brings everything in one click. The buyers get to know about every section of service very fast. They can log into it easily from anywhere and anytime. They don’t have to face the hazards of going to the nearest branches to get their job done.

Web Design Agency

The dealings in the marketplaces have dramatically changed with the introduction of mobile applications. Now we order products, and we book hotels, we pay in restaurants, we do money transactions, we pay at shops via online systems.

It is high time to have a well-designed website for the growth of the business. It enhances your client reach, and that brings inevitable success to the company.

There are so many web design agencies in India, but before hiring a web design agency in India, some crucial matters should be considered. Those are the following.

The agency must have an updated portfolio:

Web Design Company

Place your requirement on board:

This article is motivated by the considerations which should be made before hiring a web design agency in India. ALPHA INFORMATION SYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD. is the best according to FORBES. There are CAPITAL NUMBERS and UNIFIED INFOTECH in the first three of the best web design agencies in India list.
So, what is the USP of these companies? In other words, why do the web designs made by these previously mentioned groups have affluent results? It’s about using the best technologies in web designing.

Set a deadline for each phase:

It is a crucial part of the web design process. You always have to make yourself clear with the deadlines. You may need several meetings to keep watch on how much progress is done.

There are many moving pieces of the project which may affect your launching date. That is why you should set up deadlines for each phase of the project. Thus you always get the idea by what time you are getting your project done.

You have to maintain this right from the beginning and never lose contact with the agency. Otherwise, you may find out that they are busy with other projects, and you have been left waiting. That is why you should choose your agency wisely.

Web designing

Total budget:

You have to make a budget after considering your requirements balancing the initial investment with the long-term profit. Something which must be clear:

  • How much can you afford?
  • Are you going for a package or hourly billing?

Customer service:

The approach of the agency must be creative. They should always look for upgrades and be well equipped with technologies.

The agency must have authorized certificates and a good reputation. The factor is whenever you are making investments; it should be certain that the money is not going in vain.

The agency should be efficient in platforms that are operating in open sources. It brings certainty that this agency can develop customized designs according to the need and tastes of customers.

Now, these are the things to consider before hiring a web design agency in India. After all these things you should remember that it is you who knows what is needed best for your business.

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Web designing is one of the most important tasks before commencing businesses in the online platform. With the increase of companies in the online platform, all business portals are focusing on their website designing to capture the enormous market. Some are hiring an entire team of professionals for marketing and designing websites that helps to carry out all the business workings. The Best Web design company India provides the features that will help to capture as well as retain the market.

Table of Contents

Benefits of  web design for a business website:



Wide Reach


Brand Identity

Popular Searches


These days both small scale, and also large scale businesses are turning every pebble that is possible to get into the market and survive. After commencing the business, it is crucial to render services that suit the customers. It needs optimum quality web designing and management.

Web designing includes not only a better outlook of the website but also all the procedures to transact the business. No customers like to carry out a transaction on a website that has intricate methods of payment and excess sign-up process.

Good Web Design

The best Web design company India has experienced and professional web designers and management system that helps to grow the business in all sectors. With the introduction of a mobile-friendly search engine, it is essential to make a website that supports all kinds of devices. Nowadays, people spend most of their time on smartphones, and therefore web designers create a website in such a way that it works smoothly on both mobile as well as computers.

If you are from a technical background, you already know the importance of web designing in the present market. For those who are new in this sector, the very first step is to hire a professional web designing company that renders all necessary services to its client with customer support. Web design company India is renowned globally that helped several small as well as large businesses to grow and also have a tight hold in the market.

In this article, you will have the perfect piece of knowledge about the advantages of Web design company India, and how you can get the best of it.

Benefits of  web design for a business website:


The first and foremost task of all web designing companies is to create a website with such overlays that will attract customers. Customers tend to visit shops that are interesting and unique. It enhances the interest in them that in turn, increases the revenue. Unique and attractive web designing sets the first impression on customers, when they find the website attractive, they will sign-up and hence becomes loyal customers of the website.

Web design company India is in this sector for more than a decade; therefore, it knows the interest of the customers, and what they are looking for. Customers judge the website based on first appearance, uniqueness, and easy to use features. When all of these features fall under the same list, the customers subscribe to it and carry out business.


Customer retention is another most important criterion that the web designing company must fulfill. Sometimes the website looks unique and attractive, and therefore customers fall for it, but if the other procedures are intricate and unreal, they will leave the site at once. Therefore besides making the website attractive, the companies create it in such a form that it looks legit and real.

Web Design process

The Web design company India is also consistent with its service to its clients. As a renowned web designing company in the market with leading features, they thrive to render the best customer support at all times. There are times when you need to shift your brand name or create another one. This is when the web designing companies are required the most. After a particular reach, the owner of the brand can enter into a different form of business. The spread of the website is well-managed by the web designing companies, and customers are bound to trust it as the brand name is available.

Wide Reach

Casting the brand name in the entire market takes years, but with correct and practical marketing skills, a brand can attain it within a year. For reaching wide to the customers, it is necessary to have the right SEO management team and professionals. With correct and efficient SEO, the website will reach out to all the potential customers within a limited time.

Sometimes a website is not able to reach out to its entire customer due to insufficiency in the marketing skill of the web designing company. It limits the reach of the website, and therefore even the website has optimum content, it cannot reach out to the people.


Creating a unique website is not the only part of the web designing companies. They provide updated information, a legit payment process, attractive and classy designs that ensure the trust of the customers. When a website contains outdated information, low designs, and a low-quality outlook, customers do not feel safe and secure to continue. They leave the website, and in turn, it increases the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the rate that depicts the number of customers leaving the site after just entering it.

Brand Identity

It takes a lot to create a specific brand identity. When the brand gets identity and has a prominent name in the market, customers will automatically keep transacting with it without any default. Brand name ensures the trust, safe and secure website, quality of product, and services to its customers. Without proper brand identity, it is impossible to create a mark in the online market, as there are thousands of similar services and products available.

Web designing India

The Web design company India is renowned all across the globe for its over-whelming knowledge in the online market for web designing process and other services. From creating a unique design to website, providing effective SEOs, rendering they are doing brand identity.


The bottom line is that the Web design company India is capable of rendering all the essential services to its client who is looking forward to pursuing an online business or wanting to grow it. With correct management and professionals, they are capable of rendering their best skills to clients from all over the world.

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