Android App Development: The Right Way to Go

August 8, 2015

Android App Development: The Right Way to Go

There’s a craze among youngsters to become expert application developers. However, the confusion is what to choose: Android or iOs App Development. Most of them prefer to be apple app developers and many of them pay good amount to learn this development process.

We can see apps available for free at Google Play store. The decision is not so easy as the main aim to generate sufficient income from the apps. One can make expensive apps for iOs platform however these may get less number of downloads as compared to android apps.

On the other hand, Android apps are available for cheap with maximum number of downloads. To get more business, more downloads are necessary and so most of the people prefer to go for Android app development.

Benefits of Android App Development:

The reason why most of the developers prefer to go for Android app development is because Google Play store has now made many changes which favour Android apps and this makes it easy for developers to create android apps.

With Google Play store, one can increase the performance of the applications and then get the user feedback before actually keeping it live for the public to use. This ensures the stability of the application thus offering the opportunity to earn good profit.

Google Play Store offers certain features to support Android Development:

  • Better Alpha beta app testing facilities.
  • Up to three different apps can be listed by a single developer.
  • Coding tests are now easily managed by Google Play Developer Console.
  • Different texts and graphics can be added to the tool and the test will then be done by Google itself.
  • Catalog page can be made completely custom.
  • Developer can now select the graphics of his own choice, choose the brand of the icons as well the app developed by him that he wants to be made available on the catalog page.
  • The app can be new or older one based on the updates.
  • Further, these catalogues will be increased to make sure that the growth in number of downloads increases.
  • Once any app developed by developer is viewed by users then it is made prominent by Google.
  • Developer’s console is also improved to make sure that users must get maximum downloads and sales.
  • Further, Google allows developers to generate a report from which developers can identify what part of the application has led to its maximum downloads.
  • Based on the platform, Ads are made available.
  • The most important thing is Payment for which it is worthy to stick with Android platform. During 2014, Play store paid nearly $7 billion to the developers. This is really a handsome amount.

Wind up

So, If you wish to opt for application development then we advise you to go for Android development as this will offer you lucrative payments. If you wish to know how easy or difficult Android app development is; then get in touch with Softqube Technologies, Android App Development Company India.

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