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What Is Warehouse Management System(WMS)

A warehouse management system (WMS) is software that provides smart and quick visibility into the entire inventory of a business and handles several warehouse operations such as supply chain fulfillment from the warehouse distribution center to the shelves of a store. With effective WMS solutions, managers and companies can optimize their space and labor utilization and make investments in the equipment after ensuring well-coordinated resource usage and material flow. Designed with the intention to support global supply chain needs, WMS systems comprise manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses.

People have several needs. Every business strives to respond quickly with an effective warehouse management system that can optimize fulfillment capacities and align inventory management services.

“Today’s world is dynamic and omnichannel where consumers connect from anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere. We need a powerful warehouse management system that offers real-time visibility into an entire inventory to match with the needs”

How Does a Warehouse Management System Work?

The warehouse management system has its unique way of working that depends on the company based on its operational practices. WMS is quite different from traditional warehouse operations. The below figure reveals the entire process flow warehouse management system that any company generally follows to ensure smooth operations from beginning to end. From shipping and receiving to inventory management, picking orders to staff management, and reporting to upgrading the functions, WMS takes care of everything.

process flow warehouse management system

Problems We Solve

The problems in the warehouse can tremendously hamper the efficiency, speed, and productivity of the entire warehouse operations. At Softqube, we have some unique ways to identify errors before the process has begun or even in case after it gets completed.



To avoid picking up the same products several times, we automate the processes that are prone to redundancy by using various methodologies and tactics that ensure early notification and identification to the user.



With WMS we help to organize the warehouse layout by offering a 3D model that showcases the most optimal arrangement with dimensions and measurements of the warehouse and inventory along with automated storage.



We design a universal warehouse management system that consists of real-time inventory management features by way of collecting data and sending it to the software solution expert for making catalogs and inventory tracking.



We suggest keeping in touch with the community of traders, using various demand forecasting techniques, practicing organized arrangements of products, and making optimum use of automation tools such as WMS, rack systems, etc.



We incorporate an order management system into the existing WMS so that orders run smoothly and the overall order management and fulfillment processes can be handled seamlessly including shipping, client notification, etc.

Features of Warehouse Management System

We integrate the best features into the warehouse management system ensuring organizations get the most efficient warehouse that can provide timely fulfillment of orders and workflows.

Warehouse Design

Create optimized inventory allocation by providing slots to maximize storage space including seasonal inventory.

Worker/Labour Performance

Monitors worker performance with KPIs indicating performance areas of workers and showing the higher and lower standards.

Yard/Dock Management

Assists truck drivers in finding the loading docks and enables cross-docking, inbound and outbound logistics for complex yards.


Inventory putaway and retrieval with pick-to-light or pick-to-voice technology helping warehouse workers to find goods.

Financial Management

Automatic calculation of revenue, taxes, and cost of things sold based on real-time data saving time and reducing errors.

Order Management

Order optimization and fulfillment processes by effective order management to regulate the smooth flow of products in the warehouse.

Inventory Tracking

Advanced tracking and automated identification systems that include barcode scanners for finding and moving inventory.

Picking, Packing, and Shipping

Zone picking, wave picking, and batch picking, and use of the latest functions and tools to pick-pack-ship products.


Helping managers do performance analysis of warehouse operations and identify the areas of improvement.


Real-time tracking of inventory ensuring data filtering for KPI analysis, finding areas of improvement, and making decisions.

Risk Management

Analysis of operational data and creating estimations to track potential hazards or existing disruptions to prevent losses.

Labour Management

Modules to identify employees, manage their schedules, and match the jobs ensuring easy and smooth operations.

Benefits ofWarehouse Management System(WMS)

Optimize Supply Chain

From inbound receipts to outbound deliveries WMS improves operational efficiency and lowers costs to benefit shippers and suppliers. Fast and flawless shipments to reduce unproductive activity saving time and costs and ensuring improved processes.

Internal Automation Advantage

By leveraging additional automation technologies within a warehouse, internal work assignments are automated ensuring a smooth transition from paper to electronic work and activity recording. Develops improvised work strategies with powerful technologies like AI & ML.

Reduce Operating Expenses

With warehouse flow optimization, WMS analyses the best use of floor space thereby reducing waste. The software maintains material rotation, operates with flexibility and versatility, and provides relaxation in maintaining the best inventory floor location.

Easy Tracking of Materials

WMS helps to track the inventory materials easily by using batch, lot, and serial numbering. The inventory tracking system ensures complete traceability by matching specific details with incoming receipts and outgoing shipments.

Increase Inventory Visibility

Provides visibility of real-time inventory levels with accuracy enabling companies to maintain a secured estimation of supplies. With automated scanning, RFID, and location tracking systems, makes visible inventory in case of lost, forgotten, or misplaced in the warehouse.

Effective Labor Management

WMS ensures the right task is assigned to the right person at the right time. The system optimizes travel time within the warehouse thereby improving labor utilization. Performs labor forecasting to post jobs and prepare schedules.

Improved Shipment Management

Effective planning of inbound and outbound tasks can be done with WMS. Companies can adjust inventory movements and equipment. It improves the scope of planning to receive both back doors as well as outbound shipping docks.

Enable Continuous Improvement

This powerful tool enables consistent improvements by implementing phases and creating new features. The warehouse gets the chance to incorporate new processes and innovations over some time. Ensures profit maximization.

Types of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Standalone Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Standalone WMS is an on-premise system having standard software installed on the company’s local hardware with the network. Businesses get this kind of system to combine with existing or future solutions. Some vendors sell such solutions as specialized products without other supply chain functions.

Standalone Warehouse Management System
Supply Chain Modules
Supply Chain Modules

A supply chain management system helps in managing vendor relationships, and business processes, and assessing risks. The modules focus on automated inventory management, product cycles, and material sourcing. Such type of WMS needs investment in supply chain planning applications that offer warehousing features. To ensure smooth functioning between different parts of the business, it is important to combine WMS with other applications.

Cloud Based Warehouse Management System (WMS)

To avoid maintenance and installation costs like in on-premise solutions, Cloud-based WMS has so many advantages. They are well-maintained and hosted by a provider tremendously reducing these types of costs. This solution is best for startups and small-scale businesses due to their lower costs of entry and subscription-based payment options.

Cloud Based Warehouse Management System
Integrated ERP Systems
Integrated ERP Systems

One of the most effective software solutions is integrated ERP systems. These systems provide streamlining of 3PL processes starting from supply chain planning, accounting, procurement, customer relationship management, and much more. Make sure these systems do not cost you double the price due to the availability of unique modules. However, the system provides multiple operations and incorporates all of them within a single interface.

USP of Our Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our Warehouse Management system is created to streamline and improve the productivity of medium and large warehouses. Softqube Technologies is helping companies and brands to receive inventory, optimize pick and pack of orders and get better fulfillment rates.

Manpower Management

30% reduced manpower costs. Efficient employee training to generate high productivity with seamless and insightful UI designs.

Smooth Operations

Seamless processes free from paper and keyboard to create effective and systematic picking and intelligent pick paths.

100% first-time-right operations

UPB integration that is 100% scan based to ensure full tracking leaving 99.9% accurate results, audit-free counts, and maximum order fulfillment.

Built for scale

The resilient system was created to serve and empower thousands of dispatches every day at a single warehouse and enterprise-grade data security via the cloud.

Diverse System integration

Connecting and empowering systems, marketplaces, ecommerce websites, ERPs, and logistics management systems.

Single System for end-to-end operations

Rapid inventory exposure by integrating various channels with the fastest smart formula at multiple sales channels.

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