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Big Data for Various Industries

November 10, 2014

Before we understand the importance of big data for various industries, let’s understand what exactly big data is. In simple terms, we can explain Big data as the combination of structured as well as unstructured data. This data is really important for business. Because the maximum data, it will be easier to make confident decisions.

Now, let’s see how this Big data has helped various industries to achieve the path of success. In every business sector today, we can find people talking about Big Data and how it has helped people to maintain their business very smoothly.

Big Data for Better Search Ads

The data used to get customers is derived from all kind of sources including credit card purchases, debit cards, social media sites, public records etc and other sources of secondary data. Through the devices they use, people keep on sending signals for what they are doing i.e. searching, watching, hearing etc.

As a search advertiser, Big data is useful. For example: Bing Ads has completed data of what people search on the internet including shopping, weather, and movie reviews etc and more. These visitors come across billions of ads and once the search engine knows what people search more, then ads can be placed accordingly.

With the help of big data, advertisers are able to predict future and forecast the search patterns as well as buying patterns. With this data, advertisers can anticipate the changes in ad volume as well as cost that will be incurred in long term say up to 24 months.

This can be easily done by examining the previous search patterns of the various search engines. A particular trend can be examined for particular results. By sharing these details with the advertisers, certain tools can be used to identify which campaigns can serve the purpose and the advertisement strategies that will work for the best.

Big Data for Social Media:

With Big data, we can easily know which social media tools are used for advertising and analytics. Once the measurement is done then these can be used to replace valuations depending on size to the real business analysis that is tied to different numbers.

With search analyses tools the measurements can be easily counted but with Big data you can get perfect permutations of these measurements and this solution fits all the business analytical solutions. Big data involves interpretation, analysis, review and finally report.

Those who wish to use social media tools like Crowd booster, Sysomos then for them this is the perfect time to use Big Data. If you are using it for the first time, then you are among thousand others who are giving a first try. In the initial stages, you can easily learn and be able to develop various innovative approaches.

Big Data for Health Care:

Health is real wealth and so most of the people really care for their health. Health care sector is the one having enormous files filled with the data or in simple terms we can say it is a heap of data. Here, Big Data is really useful; we can say it is a boon.

Let’s understand how?

With Big data every data may be structured, unstructured, traditional, non traditional is combined and quick insights are generated which helps to quickly improve the required sectors. These vary from clinical search to health policy and planning and much more.

One of the reports has revealed that Big data can collect up to 300 billion dollars annually as a reduction in the national health care expenditure. It serves as a great tool to solve community healthcare issues which aims at reducing costs related to emergency care and on the other hand , focus on more preventions.

When talking about Clinical research, Big data is easily helpful to find relevant solution to certain diseases like Alzeihmers as well as various cancers. Also, it renders a low cost approach for the medicine.

Challenges faced by Health care Companies while using Big data:

  • Data diversified into different segments.
  • All data is real time data.
  • Helps to carry processes further.
  • Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a service.
  • Data privacy issues.

Solutions to these challenges:

  • Health Policy
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Out comes and secure data
  • Value based planning

This shows the utilization of Big data by health care industries a s well its evaluation to be done to identify the exact big data needs. Some of the ways through which exact big data needs are to be met are as follows: client information modelling, integrating continuous data, and enabled Big data access. Using Big Data, Health care organizations can offer value based efficient care delivery for all its stakeholders.

Hope now you have carefully understood that irrespective of different industry sectors, Big Data for Various Industries is to be used everywhere as it helps to maintain business smoothly and helps it in its progress making things easier than ever before especially unstructured data management.

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