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Use & Necessity of Hadoop in Business

December 1, 2014

Whenever we talk or discuss anything about Big data, we automatically switch to the discussion about Hadoop. It seems like they both are two sides of the same coin. But it’s obvious because in large enterprises the data storage is of prime importance and for this reason it is important to know about well known technologies that can help enterprises in storing massive data in a proper manner.

So, today we are here to discuss about Hadoop’s role in the business and where it is used the maximum?

Role of Hadoop in Your Business

Hadoop is very well designed to manage huge data. At a high level, Hadoop can easily process several data and simultaneously respond to various client applications. It takes complete care that the data is processed completely and in a perfect manner.

Hadoop Uses

If we study Hadoop in depth then we can say that it is especially designed to store big files and not huge quantity or we can say a collection of small files. So, a huge collection of thousands of files with size up to 100 KB is very less data for Hadoop.

Hadoop stores its data on hard disks spread across many nodes. This system is completely different from the older one where single file was to be stored on different servers. So, if you are owner of any business or firm that has huge data and wishes to opt for Hadoop system then it will require some time to get adapted to it and several resources to be needed to recreate it.

Every Hadoop system requires sufficient space and more memory as compared to the normal computer desktop one. Being open source software, Hadoop saves money but takes more time. It needs required amount of patience while the data is being processed with this standard software.

Big Data

When we talk about big data we talk about Hadoop and when we talk about Hadoop, we discuss about big data. When the data volume increases from different resources like social media, location data, and loyalty information, type of information is a cause of concern.

The data may be systematic, unsystematic or semi systematic. The main task is to align this data in a proper manner so that it can achieve competitive advantage and must meet the targets. In case you wish to sort out big data then Hadoop can do this task.

If you feel that most of the data is unstructured then you can easily add Meta data that explains the entire unstructured portion and helps you to run the entire reports as well as retrieve individual unstructured elements.

In the recent times, Hadoop is in great demand and so most vendors who were previously adjusting to manage Big Data without Hadoop since years are now adapting to this technology and now is the time where data guides the people and helps in the business growth.

So, if you are one of the organizations waiting to use this technology then this is the right time to do so.

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