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Logistic Delivery Service

Softqube offers engaging and powerful logistics management solutions that can spike up and amplify your operations process and enhance the entire performance. With our interactive, navigating, and easy-to-use interface, your team can track the entire logistics process from a single window.

We design solutions that meet the standards of global logistics and supply chain management that permit you to efficiently save money and time and boost your capabilities manifold. We have the best logistic consultants who can converse with you and provide bespoke solutions to streamline your procurement and logistics operations as per your needs.

Our Online Logistics Delivery Services Process

Delivery and shipping are the most crucial components of an eCommerce fulfillment supply chain. Perhaps it is an integral part of the whole system. The entire process of logistics becomes flak without it. Therefore, it is important to provide timely and efficient delivery of products to the end customers. We choose the following process:

  • Online


    The customer visits your online website or a mobile app to view the desired products and services via our intuitive user interface designs.

  • Purchase


    With our tech-driven logistics solutions, the app closes the purchase order and assigns the tasks to the next team once the customer selects the purchase order.

  • Package


    The order is sent to the packaging team who ensures the product doesn't get damaged and can create brand value with a distinct brand logo on the package.

  • Tracking


    Based on the tracking ID the specific order is processed for the items to be delivered with the chosen mode of transportation to the customer’s address.

  • Logistics


    With our reliable logistics process, we provide seamless and timely delivery to the customer by employing and partnering with reputed third-party logistics.

  • Shipment


    The order is sent to the shipment department to enable it to get the proper mode of transportation to execute delivery on time to the customer.

  • Transport


    With our online logistics delivery app, users can track their placed order from a remote location and can get the estimated time taken for thedelivery.

  • Courier


    We create intuitive logistic software that notifies the users and the admin once the order is delivered via trusted third-party courier service agencies.

Logistics App Development Solutions

Manage and track your fleet effectively with our logistics app development services and solutions. Interact and transact with companies worldwide with our high-quality logistics monitoring, tracking, and management solutions. Acquire dynamic, scalable, and interconnected transport app development for your enterprise. From supply chain, and fleet management, to shipment and delivery, we provide the one-stop solution for your logistics delivery management.

Transport Management Solution

An app that will help you handle transportation and assimilate this process into a single seamless supply chain. Giving chance to maintain your supplies and avoid bottlenecks.

Process Received Order

We ensure to execute seamless processing of all the orders received on time along with quality delivery management.

Route Optimization

We optimize the routes scheduled for completing orders as per the convenience of the driver and customers.

Track Shipments in Real-time

Our apps enable you and your users to track the shipment with real-time information helping you to estimate the timeline.

Billing and Invoicing Tools

With our smart billing and invoicing tools, we ensure the process runs seamlessly across the admin panels.

Fleet Management

This app enables you to minimize the risks that you may face in vehicles and reduces transportation and staff costs.

Risk Minimization

The app reduces the higher risks that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances with its real-time navigation tools.

Cost Optimization

With GPS-driven real-time tracking, the app ensures to provide accurate data and results of the vehicles with zero human intervention.

Compliance Driven

We design apps based on the government compliances and legislation policies to make sure your business does not hamper.

Higher Productivity

We help you improve your business productivity and efficiency of the fleet enabling your company to drive more business.

Warehouse Management

We develop AI-enabled warehouse management applications helping logistics tracking software with improved inventory management, better transparency, and automated warehouse process.

Automated Warehouses

We automate warehouse processes with the best vision facilitating organization and recognition of inventory and quality administration.

AI/ML-Driven Solution

Our AI/ML-driven warehouse management solutions increase the accuracy of demand prediction easing other operations.

Diagnostics and Alerts

We ensure to install video surveillance cameras and sensors that use IoT technology to detect thefts and losses in warehouse.

Warehouse Software

With our warehouse management Software, you can manage the movement, storage of goods, tracking and much more.

Courier Delivery

We develop courier apps for logistics on both iOS and Android embedded with feature-rich and powerful user-friendly interfaces and technologies for easy access and instant services.

Task Optimization

We assist you in optimizing daily activities that include managing and automating your package or parcel, increasing on-time deliveries.

World-Class Features

With our latest technology and perfection in providing the most sorted delivery services, we empower businesses to grow.

Custom App Designs

Build your custom app with better and chosen features that you prefer and avail the comprehensive benefits of the app.

Seamless Process

With our skilled developers, you get a gamut of unique features that will save your time, delivery troubles, and money.

Supply Chain Management

Softqube offers you multi-functional and insightful solutions that can help you keep a check on the supply chain for all types of resources.

Avoid Undue Stress

We help you remain stress-free by managing and overseeing each and every resource and its delivery with complete clarity about needs.

Detailed Reporting

Our tech-driven solutions enable your business productivity by giving you details of stocks, in-process handlings and ready shipments.

Controlling via Mobile App

The entire logistics management system will empower you to handle every nuance of supply chain operations with a mobile app.

Streamlines Operations

Our team of logistics app developers improves the business by streamlining operations and gaining valuable insights into logistics.

Your Trusted Logistics Partner!

We build solutions with robust security features that can keep your crucial in-house data secured and safe. You can now seamlessly check, create, review and generate analytical reports to make them available for all in the hierarchy. With our tailor-made analytics solutions, you will gain better logistics intelligence.

We serve you an impeccable technology that enables your team to access data-driven stats of your real-time workflow. You can get total insight into the product’s manufacturing, shipment, and distribution within one user interface. And this will ensure you get firm control of the internal systems.

Door to Door Delivery Services

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