The growing popularity and advantages that Golang comes with for your next software development project
The growing popularity and advantages that Golang comes with for your next software development project
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The growing popularity and advantages that Golang comes with for your next software development project

At a phase where there is a wide span of programming languages, most web and mobile app developers prefer selecting the one suiting the most in their respective projects. You can even state that the developers think of opting for any other programming language as per their expertise and preference. But amid all this buzz, The Go programming language or Golang has been unveiled by Google, which is also developed by this big tech giant. It made its journey first in 2009 and has been in use for almost two decades.

According to the TIOBE Index for GO, there has been a steady increase in the growth and popularity of the Go Language in the last few years compared to its initial years. It enjoys the top position in the language rank list, making it two places higher than its previous position. Google’s Go managed to outperform some of the most prominent players in the field, like C, Python, and Java programming languages. The main purpose of the Go project was to get rid of the clumsiness and slowness of software development faced at Google and to ensure that the process is enough scalable and productive.

Thus it is the best and most useful information to encourage numerous developers to select the Go language for their upcoming projects. But, before jumping into the advantages that Goland comes with, it is important to understand this programming language thoroughly. Kudos to the three engineers working with Google- Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, and Robert Griesemer for creating this wonderful language.

What is the Go language?

What is the Go language?

Go is a syntactically, statically typed, and fully complied language sharing similarities with the programming language C. Its main benefit comprises memory safety garbage, structural typing, and CSP style currency, along with many others to be discussed below.

You can easily get an idea about the popularity of the Go programming language from the information that some of the popular giants use it- including Google, YouTube, IBM, Facebook, Docker, and Twitter. It is worth mentioning that some popular media houses, like The New York Times, BBC, and The Economist, are not staying back from implementing the Go language in their software development programs.

You must be aware so far that documentation has an important role in application coding, and you must always try to take steps to simplify this process. It needs to be mentioned here that Golang provides the advantage of the GoDoc, commonly referred to as a prominent tool for improving the documentation pages.

It provides static coding, making the developer feel truly blessed since they do not have to use any other languages like PHPDoc, JSDoc, or JavaDoc to annotate development. Just the use of simple English is more than enough in this respect.

It is also worth noting that GoDoc is a single documentation engine employed by the whole community. Another vital point is that every single library or application available in Go uses the same type of documentation, saving quite a good amount of time during this process.

Improved performance

Golang has been previously noted for offering much better performance than any other programming language, including Python. It should be mentioned here that Golang is twice faster compared to versions 2 and 3 of Python.One of the common reasons why Golang has successfully managed to perform well is because of the presence of the concurrency model and higher CPU scalability. Goroutine provides affordable resources against the Python threads, which is about ten times costlier if you need to process certain internal requests. This for sure will help in saving the Memory CPU or your resources.

Easy compilation into a single Binary

Go can be referred to as a language that is reasonably complied with. It is a combination of the whole dependencies, modules, and libraries in one binary depending upon the Operating System and the architecture you are adhering to for the static linking process. For instance, say you have a Linux X86 CPU in your laptop, and now you wish to combine the backend application. For the same, you need to simply upload the compiled or combined binary right into the server. Remember that you do not have to install any of the dependencies.

It does not require Web Frameworks

Go is a compatible programming language that was developed in a unique pattern which is why it does not need any kind of support from any third-party framework or web library. This is mostly because it comes with a wide array of tools that receive enough assistance from the native language base.

Some examples worth mentioning include Html, JSON, and https, as well as templating the built-in native languages. This works a lot for developing complicated API services without looking for the library or studying GitHub.

Help for Debugging and IDE

When you wish to replace or simply switch your programming language, you would require the IDE extensive support. Rather, IDE is an amazing software development application and asset that can effectively cut down your coding time by up to 80%.

Say, for instance, you have the Go Plugin for JetBrains IDEA supporting the Webstorm and PHPStorm. You will receive comprehensive and full assistance from the Plugin while working on your project development.

The advantages of the static system

The Advantages of the Static System

If you plan to build a complex and large-scale application, you will require the support and assistance of a type of system. Here again, Go proves better than Python since it might have issues with using variables as an integer and availing string as a potential outcome. But, Go, or Golang can readily solve all such issues quickly as it gets the opportunity to learn more about it throughout the compilation time as a compiler error.

Golang is a convenient open-source language

One of the primary factors that favor Golang is its open-source feature. Besides, being introduced by Google has helped it enjoy a higher degree of advantage from the user base. Google primarily released it with the main goal of simplifying their own complex developmental processes along with meeting their respective cloud expectations.

Fortunately, it proved higher and more successful than all other programming languages. Developers can now use the programming language Go to develop gaming apps and meet different software development purposes.

Go is faster on different Fronts

Golang is among the integrated languages offering accuracy and speed on different fronts irrespective of whether you are writing down codes for a program or compiling the documents and codes, running and deploying the program. It goes without mention that several developers have recently shifted to the use of Golang since it is faster and even easier to learn. In addition, Go can be useful for any client with a very tight budget.

Enjoys enough support from the large community

Golang is growing as a popular programming language, and one of the major reasons behind it is the support it has received from the community of software developers and other users. It is even surprising that Golang has received a good response in the short time since it was first released. Community support indeed plays a prominent role here that Golang developers can never deny. For instance, you can come across many codes on GitHub, and the add-on bonus is you can learn the language quite easily.

Golang is a modern programming language

Launched to solve some cloud computing glitches, Golang is one of the modern programming languages that is the best fit for future-based technology. It even solved all the issues linked to modern hardware architecture too.

Is it worth learning Golang in 2022

Is it worth learning Golang in 2022?

Definitely Yes! Golang is the most sorted programing language that developers and learners seek to know in 2022. It is one of the fastest developing languages when it comes to popularity. It will open up several new opportunities and assist you in getting your dream job at Google. If you are thinking of boosting your technology-based skills, then it is a good time to start learning the basics of Golang.

There are various online courses available at affordable rates that help you learn new technology skills like Golang. Udemy offers Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide course to know the fundamentals and advanced features of the Go Programming Language. There are similar courses offered from Pluralsight, Coursera, Educative, and Codecademy.

Wrapping Up

Golang has managed to create a buzz all around the world web development industry. It provides a lot of advantages besides supporting numerous platforms and even cross-platform development. It made development way more convenient for developers, which is one reason why many are shifting to the use of Golang Development.

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