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Unveiling Our Fresh
Floral Symphony

Unveiling Our Fresh Floral Symphony
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In this application, driver can see all the routes. Driver can start any route created by admin. After starting the route driver can add information about items and driver’s expenses based on that system will create invoice automatically.

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Typography & colors

All the information is managed by system. Driver just need to add count of items and system will calculate all the units. Amount will be calculated by system according to units added by driver. Based on that invoice will be generated and by using driver can directly take print out of invoice. Driver can add daily expenses and can see notifications sent by admin.

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Application Flow

admin flow
driver flow

What is POS device ?

We have used this Android POS device, this device give that advantage to merchants who are looking to upgrade to a secure, reliable and faster payment transaction experience. These terminals work seamlessly through a 4G network or Wi-Fi. These Android PoS terminals are built for speed and have an intuitive interface much like a smartphone and therefore are easier to operate.

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Technical Specification of device

  • 58mm Receipt Printer with Android 7.1 OS, 50mm diameter paper roll capacity, Speed up your transactions with the cutting-edge Seiko printer that improves speed by 16.7% making it more efficient.
  • Thermal Printer with 5.45" bright 1440*720 HD screen; 17.8mm body, 364g weight, portable and easy to hold by one hand; 2580mAh 7.6V Li-Po battery lasts the whole day even in the most demanding situations.
  • V2 Printer supports all 4G network and with its Dual-Band (2.4G/5G) Wi-Fi, let you work in a highly stable network connectivity.



Visual Design

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order info
total collaction
Total Collection

Track and view your total collections, reflecting the happiness you've shared through 4EverRoses. , reflecting the happiness you've shared through 4EverRoses.

Route Details

Track and view your total collections, reflecting the happiness you've shared through 4EverRoses. eflecting the happiness you've shared through 4EverRoses.

Invoices & Filter

Track and view your total collections, reflecting the happiness you've shared through 4EverRoses. , reflecting the happiness you've shared through 4EverRoses.

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4Ever Roses video


In conclusion, the development of 4everroses mobile application dedicated to rose delivery management and driver expense management represents a significant advancement in the floral industry's logistics and operational efficiency. Through seamless integration of innovative features and user-friendly interface, this application revolutionizes the way rose deliveries are orchestrated and managed.


I'm the owner of 4Ever Roses. We supply flowers, specifically roses, to convenience stores and gas stations. We deliver to 800 locations across five states and are compensated for the roses sold. Softqube Technologies streamlined our invoicing process by developing a simple Android application we can use on a tablet. My employees love the application because it makes invoicing easier. Customers need to communicate their goals for the partnership and their business background to Softqube Technologies so they can tailor their services.

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