Web Design India: What’s in the Treasure for Web Designers in July 2015?

July 17, 2015

Web Design India: What’s in the Treasure for Web Designers in July 2015?

Every IT field keeps on updating itself on regular basis. Web Design have to stay updated with these changes and adopt themselves to it as this will help them to develop the websites using latest trends and this will definitely fulfill the needs of the clients.

On our blog, we share every month what’s new in the Designing field. Take a look at the treasure of Web Design in June 2015. Again, we are back with the Web Design treasure for July month. So, let’s move ahead and find about new things that will be useful to website designers in creating websites with updated trends.

Treasure For Web Designers

Let’s begin our Journey:

This month’s web design treasure has in itself huge number of design apps, start up resources, photo editing apps, image resources, PR tools, frameworks and lots more. Apart from this, some new fonts are also available.

Whatever we are discussing today i.e. tools, icons, resources these all are available for free. The material will definitely be useful to designers in developing robust websites that enrich the user experience.

Ah! If we have forgot anything to mention here, make sure to remind us. Let’s take a look at the treasure:

  • Paddle: It is a tool useful to grow the apps. This allows to collect email subscriptions, in app feedback, app ratings, and much more.
  • Aboardly: With this tool, email automation is made very simple and based on the interactions; one can easily send emails to the customers.
  • PRIO: If we list our tasks then we can remember them easily. A special to do list app for web designers is PRIO. This app is used to store the tasks in the cloud which will then send you the reminders as and when needed. This is really useful to complete web design projects in time.
  • Down For everyone or Just Me: This is a too we can say to check whether the website is down for everyone or it is not working on your Server only. Based on the report; one can make necessary changes to make sure that the problem is solved.Having such tools will really make it easy for designers to track the issues and sort them out quickly providing you the additional expertise. Well, only experts are aware of latest market updates.
  • Break Out Room: This is a hub that includes professional talks, discussions on particular topics, webinars that can be used to understand things or get solution to any problem. This can be like experts are sitting with you to guide you and assist you to solve the issues.
  • Instant: With this tool, one can track the app usage as well as travel and fitness time. One can easily manage the days, timings and accomplish all tasks in time.
  • Turret : Turret is used to quickly create responsive websites

Wind up:

Hope this tools, apps will be useful to the designers thus making their designing task easy. Stay connected with Softqube Technologies, Web Design India to know more about such tools and upcoming web designing updates.

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