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What’s New for Web Designers in the Designing treasure of June 2015?

June 15, 2015

What’s New for Web Designers in the Designing treasure of June 2015?

Web Designing is a field that comes out with something new every month. Today, we will discuss what new things June has brought in for web designers. Let’s take a look at the web designing treasure of June 2015.
Things that web designers can consider and make most use of while creating an amazing website for their clients. Let’s give it a go:

Things to Consider for Website Designers

New Trends for Web Designers

  • ESTD.IN: This is one of the platforms that includes the handpicked collection of beautiful and inspiring start-ups. Web designers can also submit their own creations.
  • Applandr: This makes it easy to devlop amazing landing pages for iOS and Android Apps. It mainly concentrates on marketing thus saving your time. Further, it has 24/7 service and support team so that in case of any difficulty you can reach them out anytime.
  • Swiftipsum: This offers every type of formatted lorem ipsum text and that too for free. The text contains headings, paragraphs, lists etc and much more.
  • Githelp: With Githelp, it becomes easier to support users on various open source projects running on GitHUB. This makes it easier for developers to get appropriate solution for their problems and share their experience with the experts.
  • TapGlue: Want to add a social layer to your app? TapGlue is the solution. Yes, Tap Glue makes it very simple for developers to add a social layer to any app. Apart from this, it also provides the facility to add social graph and news feed within few hours.

    A lovely thing to use when expert web designers are actually coding their website. Try it out!

  • BLUENOD: Bluenod is all about getting in touch with twitter communities. With this tool, one can easily get influencers, target topic related communities, get real time information and more.

    It helps to properly manage your twitter lists as well as develop a huge community in order to connect and share.

  • Rocket.Chat: Wish to add a live chat on your client’s website? Is this your client’s demand? Then Rocket.Chat is the solution that will satisfy the need. Yes, with Rocket chat one can create its own web chat and also it allows developers to create their own chat platforms.
  • ThemeBro: An amazing WordPress theme search engine which helps you to find the themes of your interest. The themes can be found by setting the price range, selecting particular vendor, navigation, header and much more.
  • Material Icons: It is a vast collection of icons by Google and these can be widely used for any web, Android and iOS Projects. These are available in various sizes and come with icon font.
  • Killer WordPress Checklist: An important thing for developers working on WordPress to create any website or blog. This checklist is divided into different categories like as Pre development, development, inaugural or we can say launch, SEO, security as well as website maintenance.

    This sub division of the list really makes it easy to use for the developers.

Wind Up

So, hope next time whenever you are going to develop any website or carry out any web development project, these tools, platforms, websites will be of great help to you. Well, if you are aware of any such amazing tools then let us know.

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