How to make your app go viral?

August 28, 2015

How to make your app go viral?

Have you developed any mobile app? You wish to make it viral and get it noticed by many customers then this blog post from Softqube Technologies, Android App Development Company is here for you.

Today, we will discuss about some of the best practices that must be followed to make your app go viral. The reason for making an app go viral is it will be shared among the maximum number of customers across the entire internet.

This will be useful to any app developer as it will provide more publicity by word of mouth as this is more powerful as compared to any other advertising technique. Advertisements are generally ignored by the users however stories are been shared the most.

Hence, an easy way to make your app popular is to let it go viral and this needs a perfect social SEO strategy.
So, let’s see what it needs to go viral:

Make your App Viral

Making your app go viral:

  • Your app must pass some of the tests which are as follows:
  • Possess something that is valuable to share
  • Is easy to share and invite friends to join
  • Offers rewards to users for sharing
  • Frequent users must be given more value.

So, the main thing is your app must contain something that is very different. This can be anything; be it a photograph, any game, an article or a playlist, anything that makes your customers joyful and develops a feeling to share it with others.

The value of the app increases with increase in the audience that uses the app regularly. Now the question is how will you know whether your app has something good in it or not?

Here are some questions that will help you to identify the uniqueness of your app:

  • Do you feel that your app has something good to offer?
  • Do you think that the app must really be shared?
  • What rewards will you offer to the users when they share your app?
  • Why users want to share your app?
  • What do you think is the key that will tempt users to share your app?
  • What is the motivational point that will compel users to share your app?

If you have got good answers to these questions then you can easily consider your app as an unique one.

Developing a Viral Strategy:

  1. It should be effortless: The app flow must be very smooth and one must get completely involved in doing what they love to. This means while using your app; users must get deeply involved irrespective of knowing where they have spent their time.

    This flow can be developed by removing all the obstacles and doubts which users may have when they use your apps. A few ways to do so are as follows:

    • Provide sign in at just a single click like as offering sign in via their social media accounts.
    • Show the profile pictures of friends while authenticating this will increase the audience.
    • App’s first screen should motivate the users so that they can get started once they know how their network can grow
    • Top actions must be made visible on the screen in proper manner as this will let the users know what they want to do.

    Compel users to post easily on several social platforms by using a single tap. For this, android apps are more convenient as they offer easy to share options.

  2. Keep rewarding your users: Rewarding users for using, sharing your app will keep them motivated to do so. As a result, the more rewards you give; the more your app will be shared which will increase its presence all over the internet thus spreading it completely to an extent.

    And then sharing the app with friends and family will be their regular task. Provide rewards to their referrals as well. This means your customers, their friends everyone gets something when they actually share your app.

    Offering secret rewards that surprises people is a bonus point for you.

  3. Offer Control to the users: Keep your app as transparent as possible. Be clear about what your app is sharing as this will let the user decide whether they really want to share your content or not.

    Unless and until people don’t trust your app; they will not be interested to share your content or they may stop using your app as well as may leave negative reviews. Allow users to control what they are sharing and this is very easy; just include a settings screen that has options to control the sharing options.

    A perfect example of this is the Pinterest App:

Wind Up:

Following these points will definitely make easy for android app developers to let their app go viral. Have some more suggestions to make the app popular? Do share with us.

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