Five Factors to be Considered While Selecting PHP Framework

February 25, 2016

Five Factors to be Considered While Selecting PHP Framework

Well, by now; you might be aware about PHP and you must know how popular this web development language is! Today, we are going to discuss about several factors that must be considered while selecting PHP framework.

PHP Framework

We can say that are enormous number of PHP frameworks available in the market and hence developers have n number of choices to choose from. How to select the one that suits your needs?

Here, We have Mentioned Certain Factors that one must Consider While Choosing a PHP Framework:

  • Your Project Need: Well, before choosing a platform to work on; it is necessary to ponder over certain project needs and then based on those generic requirements along with using standard plug-ins and components that can be used to meet the needs; choice can be made between various web development platforms available like as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress.

    In case these don’t suit the purpose then one can opt for various popular PHP frameworks like Zend, Cake PHP and more that come with various development libraries.

  • Design Patterns: It is necessary to take a look at various design patterns. There are various PHP frameworks which make use of MVC design pattern which is widely adopted in web programming.

    Developers must consider the stricter implementation of MVC with various frameworks. Well known frameworks like Zend can implement MVC loosely thus allowing developers to alter the design. Other frameworks implement MVC strictly.

    If you need freedom to have custom designs then it is advisable to opt for PHP frameworks like ZEND that permit developers to conduct several experiments using architecture based on the needs.

  • ORM support: Frameworks are widely used because they contain reusable database access layer. This provides complete freedom to developers from small tasks like as recreating the database access.

    Well known frameworks like Cake PHP provide further Object relational mapping support that makes database programming much easier. The data must be analyzed in case the data access objects support connections to various databases that are used in complex systems available in single interface.

  • Performance Support: One of the best ways to boost performance of any web application is via Caching. Storing relatively static data in cache and serving it from cache saves the time that is required to generate the data.

    Frameworks offer mechanism to handle cache data to improve performance. Support for caching can be analyzed to see how easy access to caching mechanism is offered by frameworks.

  • Documentation & Community support: Before using any framework, a need arises to understand it carefully and master it so that it can meet developer’s requirements. One must check whether proper community support is offered by that particular framework or not.

    It must also offer proper documentation support so that features of the framework are to be easily understood.

Take Away:

So, next time you go for any PHP framework; make sure to take a look at these factors. Yes, you will get many more from the internet however these are the ones that are mandatory to be considered.

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