Most Popular PHP Frameworks in 2015

December 24, 2015

Most Popular PHP Frameworks in 2015

PHP frameworks have incredible features. It has gained lot of recognition and is now world’s most versatile server side scripting language. PHP is flexible, dynamic and easy to learn language which is widely used for programming web pages.

PHP frameworks are known as functional platforms and these help in developing a very complex application in an easy and quick way. Most of the PHP developer s use certain PHP frameworks as these serve as a brilliant platform for coding applications and hence it offers a perfect structure as well as environment which helps to develop the project in a speedy manner.

PHP Frameworks

It is also considered as an easy web development practice that helps to maximize the scalability and also develops top quality web pages. Here, we have mentioned certain PHP frameworks which help in prompt execution of PHP project. It also helps to boost productivity with less possible efforts.

So, let’s take a look at these most popular PHP Frameworks of 2015:

  • Laravel: It is a simple classy PHP framework which helps to develop stylish high quality web pages. This is one of the perfect frameworks that can be used to meet several programming needs of different types of projects that too in a timely manner.

    It comes with most of Symphony components and enables PHP developers to develop a solid framework that ultimately ends by developing excellent codes.

  • Cake PHP: This is yet another popular PHP framework which every PHP developer must use at least once. It consists of several upgraded components along with improved session management, ORM improvements and lots more.

    It also offers options to create standalone libraries via increased modularity.

  • Symfony: It is a very useful as well as well known PHP framework that is highly in demand due to its highly responsive features, stability as well as simplicity. It consists of everything that is needed for developing a website by adopting best practices such as reusable components and much more.
  • Code Igniter: It is a popular PHP framework with tiny footprints that is specially designed for developers who are in need for developing a well featured web application that too in an easy manner.

    It offers a huge set of feature rich components in order to design a wide range of web applications with maximum perfection.

  • YII Framework: Let’s say that you are in search of some widely used PHP frameworks then YII framework is the perfect choice for you. It has high speed and is more secured for developing PHP projects within limited time span.

    Its high compatibility and caching support with AJAX makes it a right choice for PHP developers so that one can easily develop good quality web pages.

  • Zend Framework: If you have an enterprise level project then Zend is the best choice for you. It is an open source framework which uses object oriented code. It offers higher performance and is extensible as well as more secured.
  • Phalcon: It is a full stack PHP framework that is written with C++ for optimizing performance. Its creative structure is what makes it the fastest PHP framework which can be used to create any type of website.
  • Fuel PHP: Yet another useful as well as amazing PHP framework that is most popular among PHP developers. This framework is completely simple and flexible. Fuel PHP is a powerful, efficient and supportive PHP framework which helps to develop unbelievable sites.
  • Aura: It includes a good collection of superior quality, well tested and independent library packages that can be efficiently used in any code base. Every single package is self reliant and doesn’t depend on any other package.
  • PHPixie: Those PHP developers who are in search of light weight PHP framework; for them PHPixie is a perfect choice. This framework is based on MVC model which helps you to develop applications at a very high speed.

    This framework is very easy to learn and can be used to execute impeccable web application.

  • Wind Up:

    Next time, if you wish to speed up with your PHP project then you can use any of the frameworks from the given list. Give it a try and let us know your feedback. For more such PHP updates, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies, a perfect place to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers.

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