How Can You Transform Mobile Ux Limitations Into Strength?

July 8, 2015

How Can You Transform Mobile Ux Limitations Into Strength?

Today, overall there’s a tremendous focus on developing responsive websites. As compared to other devices, mobile devices have more limitations that make it sometimes difficult for developers to create websites and Mobile App Development.

Mobiles are now considered as the primary device used for doing all the necessary tasks like as scheduling your tasks, setting up an alarm, booking an order, online shopping, playing games, sending emails and more. If we take a look at the image below then we can see that mobile usage has grown by 76% year over year. This shows that slowly mobile devices are becoming more popular as compared to any other computing devices.

Mobile App Development
Even though, this device is of much use; it has several limitations and with expertise; android developers can easily transform it into strengths because if we keep everything aside then it’s one of the biggest advantage is the “mobility”.

Yes, but when it comes to mobile app developers; it is necessary to transform these limitations into strengths and then develop the apps as such limitations are challenging for android app developers. So, first of all let’s discuss what these limitations are?

Limitations of a Mobile Device & transforming them into Strength:

  • Small Screens: Mobiles generally have small screens and these led to increase in the interaction cost especially in case of android devices. In order to offer an easy user experience, it is necessary that android apps are developed in such a way that these small screens actually can be considered as strength.Experienced mobile app development have a good idea now this limitation can be used to an extent to provide better user experience to the users and create interactive apps in such a way that they use it with interest.
  • Mobility: Mobile devices are portable enough and such portability may lead to interruption in various norms and hence screen flows as well as work flows are designed with a specific process and dealing with hardware limitations is a technique well adopted by Android app developers.
  • Touch: We all love to use touch screen devices and if we look at them from technical view point then these save lots of UI elements and interactions used to operate things on such a small screen.Only experts can use proper usability techniques in order to design interactive Android apps.
  • Connectivity: Currently, the latest of all is 4G/LTE. But how many of devices actually offer good connectivity? Still we have devices that lead to connectivity issues even if they support WiFi.Hence, android applications that need certain connectivity must be designed keeping in mind the present condition of these devices and how much connectivity do they actually offer?

    Further, these applications should also work smoothly if one has low connectivity. This then can be considered as a better user experience.

Wind up:

So, now if you are in need of such Android app developers who can offer you perfect Android apps with best user experience then you can easily get in touch with Softqube Technologies, Android App Development Company, India where you will get state of the art apps developed at affordable rates by experts.

Get in touch with them today to discuss your needs and you will be given choices to opt for services that are best as per your demand.

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