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New Magento Extensions released

New Magento Extensions released

Magento is a very useful eCommerce Platform. It can be used by various business enterprises be it small, medium or large business enterprises. Day in and Day out, we can see several changes in this eCommerce platform.

Here, in this blog post; we will discuss about the new Magento extensions released by These extensions are useful in enhancing Magento’s Search suite. So, the two newly launched Magento extensions are as follows:

Newly Launched Magento Extensions:

  1. Advanced Magento Order Grids: This extension is used to increase the default order view functionality by offering a more detailed data pattern which optimizes the process of deleting and archiving orders.
  2. Magento Order Editor: This extension offers a complete set of tools for editing Magento orders without cancelling them.

Further, the company enhanced its Magento search solution. The updated version of Search Suite makes it easy to integrate Magento store with Sphinx search engine which is one of the most popular eCommerce search engines.

Due to its open source nature, Magento offers unlimited opportunities for optimizing every eCommerce aspect from streamlining the process backend order management to enhancing user experience with deep intuitive onsite search.

Through the industry experience as well as proven Magento development techniques, these two extensions are developed which have full-fledged Magento order Management solutions. As a result, these will be of great help to any of the Magento store owners.

Among the several Magento extensions, Search suite serves a major update. The new version simplifies the process of Sphinx integration which boosts the Magento search capabilities. These new Magento order management extensions and Magento search extensions are available at discounted rates.

So, those who wish to avail these extensions at discounts can use the Coupon code “20% OFFUPDATE”. This offer is valid till 17th Dec 2015.

Let’s take a look at some of the specifications of these two newly launched extensions.

Specifications of New Magento Extensions:

  1. Advanced Magento Order Grid 2.0.2: This extension is used to increase the capabilities of default Magento order grid. The Order views must be personalized as per the needs so that we can get quick access to all of the important order details.

    Features of this extension:

    • Orders grid customization
    • Admin and Customer Order view personalization
    • Modifying details of any product
    • Archiving the orders
    • Deleting the orders
    • Actions about Mass orders.

    It enhances the functionality of standard Magento orders grid as well as personalizes the Admin and Customer Order view. It also hides extra order details and hide the column orders with the drag and drop feature.

    Features of Magento Extension

    Using this extension, one can easily delete Magento orders and also follow the normal order management mechanisms as well as get rid of any unwanted orders. This completely deletes the chosen order.

    It helps you to delete orders in bulk and mark certain orders as deleted and then hide the deleted orders in Customer Order’s view. It comes with 30 days money back guarantee, free lifetime support as well as free lifetime updates.

  2. Magento order Editor extension: With this extension; one can take complete control over orders data. It modifies the order and its details quickly. This extension is useful in:
    • Editing the Magento orders.
    • Change order details
    • Modify details of any product added to the order
    • Preview Order Grand Total
    • Administer the order comments
    • Monitor all the changes

    Hence one can edit order details without cancelling them. You can edit order date and status, billing and shipping details, modify payment shipping methods, edit shipping costs, modify customer’s personal details and automatically update orders data when the staff makes changes.

    One can also edit or delete any product as well as modify its details including product price and taxes. It can also modify custom configuration products and get updated on any changes that are made to the order.

    One can also preview Order’s Grand Total every time you edit them. This will help you to check whether everything is perfect or not once the order changes get implemented.

Wind Up

Hope these extensions will be useful to you. For more such updates about Magento, stay connected with us.

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