All about New Joomla Version 3.5

December 10, 2015

All about New Joomla Version 3.5

Joomla is one of the popular open source platforms for web development. Users are always looking forward to the launch of latest version of their software as this offers them new things to play with. There are several website maintainers who are less fond of new versions.

However, majority of them are eagerly waiting for new versions to be launched. As a software developing and using community; it is true that just releasing the version is not important what is important is to take its entire responsibility and maintain it properly.

So, all the Joomla enthusiasts; be ready to participate and offer your suggestions for the new Joomla version 3.5. This will make sure that we can move smoothly towards the new version.


Who is the Release Leader of Joomla 3.5?

Ronald Dalmulder is announced as the release leader of Joomla 3.5. This leader works to boost contribution for a particular release thus driving attention towards the patches which are needed to be tested.

This ensures that the features identified by Joomla on the roadmap of that particular release are taken care of by volunteers who are very eager to get involved in the same.

Features of Joomla 3.5:

With every new version; Joomla comes with amazing features. So, let’s see what Joomla 3.5 has to offer in terms of features:

  • Update emails plugin: This new version comes with bug fix and security updates every few weeks. Many of its users are unaware of the fact till they login to the backend of their site and notice the update nag message at the top.

    A new plugin is then added that checks occasionally for updated Joomla versions and when it is found; it emails the Super users of the site to remind them.

  • Improvements in Router: This new Joomla version uses a base class for component routers. It can be used for routers that are based on the rules. Such routers are dynamically extendable.
  • Plugin to gather Anonymized data: Joomla 3.5 comes with opt out feature. This feature is developed by Don Gilbert. This plugin is developed to completely understand the users better.

    Along with that goal, it is necessary to better understand every sort of environment and platforms which people use for installing and running Joomla. This helps us to make decisions regarding the platforms to be supported, requirement for minimum versions and the pace at which people can be motivated to upgrade the Joomla versions.

    To get this information; a new plugin is to be included with Joomla 3.5 release which will automatically gather some basic data points. This version will have default plugins enabled but we can disable them at any point of time.

    Before installing Joomla; a message is delivered to the site owners to notify them about plugin installation followed by disabling instructions.

    The privacy of all Joomla users is important. The source code for the plugin and the server code used to collect the data are easily available in the GitHub repositories. The plugin configuration screen will show the exact information that is being shared by the plugins.

    However, there is restriction to use raw data. Only statistical results derived from the data are to be published on the Joomla’s website. Categories with small entries can be collected in “Others” category.

    Here, a unique id is generated and it is used to prevent duplicate entries. This ensures that in no way the identity of any individual site is to be deduced. These measures must make sure that individual websites must not be identified from published data.

    The plugins will unknowingly collect the PHP database, type and version as well as Joomla version that are used by the user. This project can then set PHP and MYSQL versions more accurately for further Joomla versions.

  • Backwards Compatibility Break: Joomla 3.5 comes with backward compatibility promise in order to make sure that code doesn’t break suddenly. There are several circumstances which can force us to make the promise.

    In Joomla 3.5, there’s no force to keep the promise. Due to changes in PHP 7, certain changes in Joomla coding had to be renamed like as String class to String helper or else Joomla cannot run on PHP 7.

    This is a very small change that will not create any issues in the version. This version got launched completely on 1st Dec 2015.

Wind Up

So, those who are willing to use this version can easily do so as now it is easily available in the market. Wish to know more about Joomla? Stay connected with Softqube Technologies; a well known provider of Joomla web development services in India.

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