Membership Club Development With Pay Plans: Joomla Web Development

August 17, 2015

Membership Club Development With Pay Plans: Joomla Web Development

Joomla Web Development – How do you get connected today with your friends and family? A normal answer will be social media. Yes, in today’s tech savvy world; people prefer to stay connected by means of various social media networks.

Several organizations now use it as a medium to stay in touch with their customers and also use it as a means to market product or service to the users all over the world. These users are also connected with each other via several social media platforms like as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

If we discuss about social elements in your Joomla website then there are several options available here and in this blog post; we are going to discuss about some of the widely used social networking extensions in Joomla.

This topic is worth reading for those who are:

  • Willing to start a membership club along with social network platform in order to stay connected or have proper communication with the members all over the world.
  • Willing to start an NGO for various activities or interest where every member’s work must be shared with everyone easily.
  • Willing to create a book readers’ group where you can communicate with the members for lending or borrowing books as well as sharing reviews etc.

For such initiatives, one can opt for a well known social combo of Easy Social and Pay Plans.

What is this combination all about?

Easy Social is a well known social network extension available for Joomla websites. This provides you the opportunity to initiate a social network for Joomla websites. Several features like as groups, events, editable forms, live updates, messaging facility and much more are available with this extension.

Apart from these features, it can also be integrated with other Joomla components so that all the social needs are fulfilled properly. Whereas Pay Plans is a subscription system for Joomla Web Development which allows administrators to develop membership sites very easily.

This has features like options for automatic subscriptions as well as fluent billing management with a particular invoice system. This makes subscription very easy. Here, we will learn about how this combination can be useful and for this we must have three things: EasySocial, PayPlans and Joomla.

Here are three ways these can easily be integrated:

  • Easy Social Registration with Membership Plans: For any user, who wishes to get registered with this easy social group then an app or plugin known as ”Easy Social Registration” is available with PayPlans.This plug-in can be installed and modified as follows:

    Installation and Configuration: This app can be installed directly from PayPlans’ app store. Once the app is activated, this can be seen in PayPlan’s application tab.

    Joomla Website Developments
    Then the PayPlans registration integration will be changed to “Easy Social” and then these changes will be saved.

    Now, if a user is willing to subscribe to any plan then this “Easy Social Registration Process” will be visible to them.

  • Category Users Based on Purchase Plan: This Easy Social Profile Type offers the functionality to authorize Easy Social Profiles to the users according to their status. This app can be installed from app store and then an app can be developed in the PayPlans app section.Here, one needs to give the desired profile type that you wish to allocate to the user when the subscription becomes active or gets expired.
  • Membership Plan must be assigned based on User Category: Here profile based plan app offers the functionality to authorize a profile based subscription plan to the users based on the profile type that is chosen during registration.

This app will then further refer a plan to the user irrespective of profile type of the user.

Wind Up

Hence, if you wish to find a perfect solution for your ideas then EasySocial and PayPlans is the perfect combination which makes registration, profile administration as well as membership based profile management much easier.

For more such updates about Joomla and its various extensions; stay connected with Softqube Technologies; Joomla website development company India.

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