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Smart Home Challenges and Ways to Solve Them

Smart Home Challenges and Ways to Solve Them

Home automation systems are impressive and can awe you of being so simpler, comfortable, and joyful. This integrated system can give you a marvelous home living experience. From experiencing lighting controls, preparing a meal, maintaining security, to giving entertainment, the smart home automation system can dramatically enhance your life. Thanks to a range of disruptive products available in the market that are now affordable and inevitable.

However, the same home automation solutions can become less impressive when you experience some cons during its’ functionality. Issues such as weak integration subsystems, installation downtime, or home automation problems may come up at any point in time. You may experience such challenges, especially with newer technologies. As you are planning to install smart home automation for your IoT devices, let us know how to troubleshoot such issues at the onset.

Some of the most common problems you may run into while outfitting your smart home are discussed below.

Dis-integrated Sub Systems

Has your heating unit stopped responding? Your security cameras are found non-functional because of connectivity issues. Have your entertainment units gone on a retreat? Well, the actual problem lies in your subsystems.

Such a problem can hamper all system devices from simple plugins to centralized thermostat systems. The frequency gets amplified when the homeowners access the systems or less expertised people install the smart devices. Hence, the devices do not communicate with each other properly.

Only professional experts can resolve such problems as there may be several reasons due to which the problem occurs. It can be anything from smart device incompatibility to a small software glitch. If you experience such issues of disintegration of subsystems, we recommend getting in touch with our specialists. They can track down the origination of the problem and can help you get fixed up.

Inadequate Features and Functionality

This is the most common issue any new homeowners may confront. The system installation is done with insufficient features and functionality. This occurs due to disoriented information between the clients and the company. As a result, wrong components get installed or weaker quality smart devices are installed. Hence, the client would never be in an awe of being comfortable at the onset.

At Softqube, we develop an exclusive and well-integrated consultation process before the installation phase. We contact our clients to understand their needs and requirements and design the automation system accordingly. Once the client’s expectations of features and functionality are well-defined, we begin with designing the system. The entire process is documented here.

Multiple Home Automation Control Apps

Installation of smart automation systems and devices can turn out to be cumbersome and chaotic. This happens when different smart devices are installed with upgrades that are controlled by multiple control points. The lack of central control system can create an unpleasant home automation experience.

You may come across certain homeowners who install units regularly from different manufacturers. These units are controlled only via the specific manufacturer’s app. What happens is your smartphone overflows with multiple apps all of them controlling different devices and also programmed to control the home under normal living conditions. And in this manner, you may experience complete disorientation of the system.

To control such situations, you may need a universal control point that is dedicated to all the smart devices irrespective of carrying varied functionality. You can get this done by approaching home automation experts who can design an integrated plan before purchasing devices and systems for installation.

Downtime in Project Construction

Retardation in project construction and designing of home automation solutions can be highly frustrating and disappointing. The construction process for smart device installation contains several elements that need to be considered. With the help of experts, a complete collaboration of the elements needs to be done cohesively. Only then can you expect the project completed on time.

At Softqube, we work closely with our builders, homeowners, and architects who can assure us of all the phases timelines way before the installation begins. However, there are several construction projects on which things did not go as per the plan. Softqube has a large team of experts, designers, developers, and professionals who are capable to add more resources. So in case if the timelines are pushed out, we respond with a speedy project completion process.

No Smart Knowledge to Smart Suppliers

At Softqube, we have gained higher expertise in smart devices and their installation. And that is why are well acquainted with their operations and communication flows.

On the contrary, sub-system suppliers lack adequate knowledge of their products on how to integrate them with a large centrally controlled system. And this is the main cause of home automation arising problems. Our experts put the deepest efforts to design and develop a home automation system that is suitable for homeowners or builders. We design modules that are empowered to integrate bling devices into a centrally controlled system. Hence, even the blinds can be monitored with a simple and central user interface.

Fast Battery Drainage

Wireless smart home devices are relaxing and effortless. However, they require regular maintenance. For eg. Door sensors and low energy products specifically need fresh batteries every year and two. Devices like cameras, motion sensors, etc can chew through batteries at a speedier rate. Such gadgets are useless gadgets for any buyers.

As a part of finding the right solution to this problem, we discovered that when smart devices are kept a few feet closer to the home’s network, it gives a bigger impact on the battery life. While you browse your device settings, each of them has several features. Also, you must ensure that you keep only those features that are most in use and should turn off the ones you never use.


While you decide to upgrade your home with smart automation devices, remember to integrate the newest technologies available to bring liveliness to your space. Also, it has been observed that there are straightforward and simplest solutions for the most complex problems. A few simple guidelines can serve to be of the biggest help to get a joyful experience of the smart home automation service.

At Softqube, we have experts who possess knowledge of smart devices and home automation. We offer systematized and tailor-made solutions to our clients and ensure that it matches with the budget and your requirements. We craft complete solutions that are well integrated and can deliver an everlasting and reliable performance experience.

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