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Provide stellar customer experiences with seamless cross-channel integration of online, offline, and mobile channels

Our Hospitality Solutions

We offer emerging hospitality IT solutions to our clients. Our solutions are driven by problem-solving strategies that can solve complexities helping hospitality companies harness the best available opportunities for their business growth. We enable our customers to compete by providing immersive customer experiences.

We have the deepest knowledge of the hospitality industry that can be leveraged along with our experience in providing solutions and services in several areas. With this, we ensure operational efficiency, brand awareness, and best guest experience.

  • Enterprise Application Developmentclass
  • Application Transformation Management
  • Infrastructure Managementclass Services
  • Product Engineering
  • Property & Content Management
  • Information Management & Insights
  • Guest Experience Transformation
  • Customer Experience Via Chatbots
  • Business Process Services

Why Choose Softqube for Hotel Property Management Software

Hospitality Industry Solutions


We give these services to guide our customers in choosing the best PMS, POS, and CRS products. We customize them according to the customer's needs. Our expertise lies in working with several technologies like Opera PMS, Opera Cloud, MICROS 9700, Silver Ware, and ORS.

With the below services the businesses are benefitted with higher productivity and savings of up to 80% in several functional areas. We implement automation and enable the systems to work fast reducing the downtime in the times of technical upgrades. This ensures improved customer experiences.

  • Technical upgrade services
  • Implementation
  • Integration Services
  • Migration to the data center or cloud
  • Application development and maintenance
  • Independent validation and verification
  • Testing Services
  • 24 by 7 support
  • Configuration services
  • Requirement analysis for customers

Testing Services For PMS, CRS

Softqube offers robust testing frameworks and automation modules for data integrity, system upgrades, integration, functionality assessment, and a combination of quickest operational transformation. We provide comprehensive test automation services that are enumerated in the below points. From profiles, front desk, reservations, rate management, rate query, accounts, cashiering, etc everything gets managed.

With this, our customers expect short execution cycles that can provide quick time-to-value, 5 times lesser amount of testing time and effort required, improved and enhanced test coverage for optimum system performance, and efficiency increase over some time. We have the best tools that improve administrative management as well as the entire customer management including service delivery and cost optimization.

  • Test automation framework
  • Test automation suite with modules
  • Automatic report generation
  • Automated testing to Opera PMS, S&C, ORS
  • Manual testing for Opera PMS, ORS, SFA
  • Automated Testing for PMS, POS, CRS
  • Manual Testing for PMS, POS, S&C, CRS
  • Detailed Calendar, dashboard, rooms control
  • Rate query and management
  • Accounts receivable and commissions

Bespoke Tools & Applications

Softqube’s AI/ML consulting services acknowledge and provide solutions for the challenges of managing legacy systems. It includes creating wrappers around the systems enabling them to be relevant and responsive to the new dynamics of business and the digital preferences of customers. All this happens with an evaluation of state legacy systems and making relevant recommendations.

The benefit of this service is that it helps customers to decrease maintenance costs. While the modernization system makes sure integration happens across business modules and applications, Everything together accelerates the employee as well as customer experiences.

  • Bespoke tools development
  • PMS, POS, commissions management applications
  • Service Management
  • Monitoring the applications
  • Application distribution
  • Booking application interfaces
  • Shopping and property prescriptions
  • Middleware built integrations.
  • Build API platforms
  • Managing rates, inventory, contracts, etc

INFOR Systems For Hospitality

With this service, we address the missing integration across all the property systems. Hence, it lowers the complexities and costs of managing and maintaining the systems. We also standardize and centralize various financial solutions to enhance compliance, reporting, and control. Consumers using this service can manage complex and time-consuming procedures like customization, multi-currency scenario, or user access control.

With our central team, we deploy and support applications across the globe. We have vast knowledge library along with adequate experience with a team willing to grow and apply their learning in each rollout. Our team showcases enough talent to work smartly and reduce the efforts needed in providing orientation to the organization’s teams.

  • Implementation services
  • Upgrade services
  • Migration services
  • Go-live and other support services
  • User training
  • Testing services
  • Global rollout programs
  • Centralized financial solutions
  • Controlling and Vigilance
  • Higher Analytics Capability

Integration Services For Systems

Softqube provides this service as a result of the need for integrated software systems and applications that can integrate other apps like property management systems, booking apps, marketing and distribution apps, external partner apps and much more. These integrating apps are solely designed and execute complex end-to-end integrations that are unable to follow industry standards and aren't much scalable and agile.

With the middleware integration platform, you can place a common bus-based backbone that helps to run these systems and apps seamlessly. Also, they enable us to connect with each other, simplify/automate business processing and share data in real-time with great effectiveness and productivity.

  • New development of applications
  • Technical upgrade services
  • Configuration services
  • Revamp the existing legacy model
  • Migrate integration services to new and existing models
  • Testing and support services
  • Provide middleware services
  • Seamless data sharing
  • Business automation in real-time
  • Simplifying process with efficiency

Process Automation Services

We design our process automation services for facilitating organizations to create automation as organization empowerment that can simplify the workflows for every individual and encourage speedy operations. With our automation program, we aim to enhance the efficiency, experience and effectiveness of the processes and protect the organization’s stake by operating at our maximum potential.

To increase the experiences in better way, we adopt a collaborative approach for automation in using AI-ML and end-user computing solutions over traditional RPA. We also build multiple value models that enable organizations to improvise the time to value for the automation process.

  • Hospitality automation guide
  • Build key automation areas for client’s benefit
  • Comprehensive process catalogs
  • Easy references demos with high experiences
  • Ready-made bots for quick time to production
  • Complex workflows simplified with automation
  • Enhancement of speed in operations
  • Quality process enhancement
  • Collaborative automation approach
  • Robotic Process Automation

Loyalty and Customer Data Platform

We offer smart loyalty programs that give end-to-end and customized solutions for loyalty enhancement. With smart loyalty, marketers can capture true value by finding the optimal offers and getting personalized experiences to propel high-value behavior. This solution resolves the biggest challenge faced by hospitality industry in collecting and coordinating siloed customer data.

Our solutions are enhanced by machine learning, efficient message delivery, real-time decisions loyalty tactics and offers at all channels. In this manner, marketers create smarter interactions driving incremental behaviors and profits. The solution also creates a single view profile for each guest enhancing personalized engagements.

  • End-to-end customized solutions
  • Smart Loyalty programs
  • Enabling personalized engagements
  • Multifold benefits for marketing purposes
  • Delivery of unique guest offers
  • Real-time interaction with the hotel team
  • Maximize customer lifetime value
  • Fusing ML technology
  • Making real-time decision
  • Create smart interaction tools
Hospitality IT Solutions

We Deliver Custom Guest Experience With Hospitality technology solutions

Our technology comes into picture when every customer expects delightful experiences while at stay. Our IT solutions for hospitality industry cover cloud hotel software, restaurant POS, inventory management, and restaurant management on-premise hotel software in the booking engine. With Softqube, your business gets proficient and integrated hospitality industry solutions at optimized costs.

Our team works on tools like social computing, cloud, IoT, big data analysis and mobility. These are the major tools that aid enterprises to improve their operational efficiency and thereby increase revenue. We are the trusted mobility consulting and service partner. Our professionals understand current market trends in-depth and address the technology challenges that may impact the business in the longer run.

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