How to Enhance Safety and Security With Robust Paying Guest Management Systems?

April 2, 2024

How to Enhance Safety and Security With Robust Paying Guest Management Systems?

The demand for accommodation in the hospitality industry is consistent, inevitable, and ever-evolving. If you are a property owner managing several residential and commercial spaces, you would always want your guests to experience the utmost safety and security at your premises. Among all types of services, if you are running a traditional hostel or a paying guest accommodation facility, we recommend you implement hostel management software for your business. It can be a monumental step you will take forward towards improving your accommodation services.

In this article, we want you to understand the ways you can improve the safety and security of your guests with powerful hostel management software. You can also consider the same if you are having a paying guest accommodation facility that may need a robust PG management system. Like our recent project that we created, we provided a range of comprehensive property management services to one of our clients. That included a set of tasks like guest data maintenance, handling property details like rooms, policies, security features, guest information handling, collecting deposits and rental amounts from tenants, etc. We provided all these features, ensuring the utmost safety and security of the guests such as students, kids, etc., for rental accommodation.

What is Hostel Management Software?

What is Hostel Management Software?

Hostel management software is a dynamic tool created to provide seamless and optimized hostel management services or PG accommodation services. Basically, it contains a central hub of administrators that can effectively manage check-ins and check-outs, reservations, inventory, billing, and much more. In addition, it also enhances security and safety for guests as well as for the property owners.

Top Features of Hostel Management Software

Top Features of Hostel Management Software

Before knowing ways of enhancing security and safety through hostel management software, it is necessary to understand the features embedded in this system.

Guest Information Management

This feature can help you maintain guest data such as personal details, identity documents, and contact information. It will also help you verify the authenticity of your guests, ensuring seamless authorization of each individual.

CCTV Integration

A robust hostel management software can integrate CCTV cameras and provide real-time footage. This system helps administrators keep a check on the common areas and can trace unusual or suspicious activities happening.

Access Control

Like Softqube’s LOCAL property management system that we designed, even a resilient hostel management software can provide solutions by accessing control features. Administrators can assign various levels of access to staff members and can also restrict the unauthorized entry of strangers into the property areas.

Inventory and Asset Tracking

With a hostel management system or PG management software, you can effectively manage all hostel resources like linens, keys, equipment, inventory, etc. You can keep track of the usage and status of your resources.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information

A well-developed hostel management software can provide a special feature of storing emergency contact information for all the guests. This enables administrators to reach out to the assigned contact list quickly and can help guests with any problems.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Managing all visitors list is very crucial. By implementing hostel management software, you can record the visitor details including the purpose of the visit and the duration of stay. Through this, you can track your visitors and ensure accountability, enabling a safer living environment for students.

Incident Reporting

The incident reporting feature can help students and staff report any sort of security concerns or in case of suspicious activities happening in the hostel. This feature can become a robust tool to streamline reporting processes, enabling quick responses and steps that need to be taken to address upcoming risks or threats.

Automated Attendance Tracking

You can track all the student movements through this feature. Overall, it can ensure the safety of the students by keeping administrators informed about their presence and absence and by showing the latest insights to the hostel authorities.

Room Check-ins and Check-outs

Room Check-ins and Check-outs

The room check-in and check-out mechanism can be integrated with the hostel management system. Through this feature, you can efficiently monitor the student’s movements within the hostel premises. Also, students can comply with the rules regarding timelines to be followed. Even any sort of unauthorized presence can be identified.

Integration with Emergency Services

During any emergency like medical issues or fire outbreaks, having hostel management software can be a savior. You can integrate all types of emergency services including contact numbers, enabling the users to immediately communicate with the medical facilities or emergency service providers.

Top Features that Can Provide Improved Security and Safety With Hostel Management Software

Authentication and Verification

Authentication and Verification

  • Captures accurate identification details throughout the booking process
  • Checks the genuinity of guests reduces the risk of unauthorized individuals
  • Cross-verifies guest information with government database

Secured Access Control

  • Helps administrators control the entry around specific areas of property
  • Gives access to staff rooms, supply rooms, and security zones only to authorized personnel

Emergency Response

  • Gives access to guests for handling emergencies or unwanted situations
  • Captures emergency contact information for managing various medical issues, security concerns, or natural disasters

Real-Time Surveillance

  • CCTV camera integration with hostel management software provides real-time surveillance
  • Administrators can keep a check on entrance gates, common areas, and exit gates to avoid potential threats

Resource Accountability

  • Through impactful resource management, you can maintain complete security and safety
  • This feature in hostel management software can keep track of items like linens and room keys
  • This reduces losses that may arise due to theft

How Hostel Management Software Can Provide PG Management Services?

The advantages of hostel management software can be outstretched to PG accommodations also. Softqube Technologies has pioneered in providing efficient PG management software development services. Our most successful property management project LOCAL has helped our client to deliver exceptional services to property owners for managing various activities. Just like LOCAL, our PG management software and its app features provide similar advantages to maintain the security and safety of tenants and property owners.

Even PG accommodations need verification and authentication of residents. With our software, you as a PG owner or a landlord owner, can maintain detailed records of residents and can make sure they are trustworthy individuals.

In addition, providing valid and required access control features is crucial. The tenants or residents share common kitchens and living rooms in the PG facility. Therefore, implementing PG management software can prevent unauthorized access and can avoid unnecessary conflicts between residents.

Moreover, the real-time surveillance feature can provide the utmost peace of mind to residents and property owners as necessary security measures are taken at times of emergencies.

In addition, the below features provide great support in ensuring complete security and safety of your hostel or PG premises and residents.

  • PG management software can effectively manage the constant flow of guests and residents by simplifying check-in and check-out procedures with an automated key process. During the check-in process administrators can capture crucial resident information.
  • Nowadays, everyone wants hassle-free record keeping and logbook maintenance. Moreover, traditional methods are prone to errors and tampering. So hostel management software can maintain digital records with accuracy and total security. All these records can be quickly accessed and audited by administrators or property owners. In case of any disputes arising in the future, the said data can be used to establish the facts.
  • A robust hostel management software can enhance security through smart lock systems. It can control room access remotely, managing access denial to unauthorized users at the entry.
  • Through PG management software, property owners can manage visitors effectively. All the visitors are registered at the front desk and are given temporary access, ensuring these approved visitors are genuine and do not involve any sort of risk.
  • During emergency situations or in case of any security issues, hostel management software facilitates rapid communication. It alerts and notifies guests or residents.
  • A robust hostel management software can assist in monitoring property conditions. It can help property owners maintain the premises regularly, enabling safety checks according to fixed schedules that software keeps track of. Hence, it ensures potential safety hazards and addresses them promptly to reduce accidental risks.
  • Lastly, a powerful hostel management software can assist in ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations and safety practices. It can help property owners generate insightful reports and documentation that is required for inspection and audits. It helps avoid future legal issues and ensures the safety and security of the environment for guests and residents.


If you are looking to develop smart and advanced hostel management software that ensures compliance with local regulations and complete safety, Softqube Technologies is the right choice. Over the years, we have pioneered in providing insightful reports and documentation for inspection and audits for our clients. In addition to integrating several features and functionalities, we also make sure to reinforce the commitment to maintain a safe and secure environment for students, guests, or residents.

Softqube Technologies can offer comprehensive PG management or hostel management software solutions for your accommodation facilities. We give software solutions that go beyond the administrative comfort that involves regular book maintenance and billing processes. We help you cover the major aspects that are involved in managing your Paying Guest business by creating a secure and safe environment that will be always pleasant for your guests.

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