Reasons for Buying Moto G 2015

August 18, 2015

Reasons for Buying Moto G 2015

Nowdays, there’s a craze among youngsters to have a smartphone. People want to have a cell phone that does everything for them and that’s one of the reason Moto G has now become the well known smart phone for all.

As per the latest statistics, “80% of people use smart phones to surf internet”. Recently, the demand for new Moto G has increased. This is a mobile phone that is worth recommending to everyone. So, what are its specialities? Why it is so demanding?

Why Moto G 2015
Here, in this blog post from Softqube Technologies, Android App Development Company India; we will know about few reasons that make Moto G worth purchasing.

Four Reasons for buying Moto G 2015:

Are you deciding to go android? Willing to replace your current one with the latest one? Looking for Android at best price? Have some options, consider Moto G as well. Here’s why:

  • Perfect Performance Perfect Price: If you are willing to spend Rs.13000 to Rs.15000 then this is a perfect phone within the given budget. The company offers you an unlocked phone which works on all GSM networks without any issues.This device changes the way everyone thinks when it comes to the price of a smartphone. It excels in performance as compared to its price.
  • Handles everything easily: No matter what you want to use your smart phone for, its new Snapdragon 410 allows to run things smoothly with such a low resolution 720p screen without even draining the battery very quickly.Yes, 3D games can run a bit slow as everything at such low price is impossible. However, rest other things like as communication, web browsing, social networking and other such tasks can be done very easily.

    Most of things are done in a better way as compared to the phones that cost up to $500.

  • Enjoy Rain Dance with Moto G in your pocket: Now, get wet as much as you want. This Moto G is water resistant. Hey wait! No you cannot take it with you in a swimming pool but yes if you get caught in rain then don’t worry your phone is as safe as it was before.So, now stay relaxed even if your phone drops in a water puddle as now you don’t have to shell out money to buy another one.
  • Good Camera at Affordable Cost: Keeping in mind its price; we can say that the Camera is of good quality. However, if you are looking for a well professional camera then you must opt for Samsung Galaxy or LG G4.

However, talking about the features of Moto G camera;

  • Fl2.0 lens
  • Colour balancing dual flash
  • HDR and Night mode

Such features make camera a worthy tool to use it very often.

Wind up

Ready to buy this one? Still have some confusion? Well, you can find innumerable reviews about the same on the internet and for more such updates about new devices, stay tuned with us.

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