Where does the new term "Body Shop" arrive from?
New Term in Web Development: Body Shop
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New Term in Web Development: Body Shop

Body-shop; seems like a collection of products that can be used to keep our body clean and healthy and get it rejuvenated from time to time. This is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think about the word “Body-shop”.

Don’t worry. Here, we are not going to discuss any beauty products. We will straightaway know what Body shop exactly means in web development.

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Body shop in IT field:

When we talk about IT field then body shop is a company which hires web developers to sell their services to customers on hourly, daily or we can say on project basis. Body shopping is practiced mostly by Consultancy firms.

Developers don’t look for projects but the company that hires them provides them the work. It is actually a mind shop as developers are hired based on their skills and intellectual labor.

Where does this term arrive from?

Body shopping started in 1990s. Y2K Bug is one of the biggest IT problems which is in great demand in IT field especially for IT professionals who can help to protect their computer systems from trouble.

Fortunately, India had sufficient staff to fulfill the demand and hence Indian based body shops sent their staff overseas (US, Europe, Australia) etc. Their visas were also arranged along with fix monthly salary on regular basis.

Ironic shade of meaning:

Based on the resources, low level salaries along with dependence of workers on their employer decisions as well as mechanical, monotonous nature of work gave rise to this “ Body shop”. However, at times this is led by negative connotations.

Most of the IT companies consider body shopping practice with disdain. As per their belief, body shops hardly care about the growth and progress of their employees’ development and advancement, their main aim to sell the minds in overseas market.

Everything is actually based on company’s reputation as well as its performance. Body shopping is the practice of selling services on timely basis like any other.

Condition of Body Shopping now a days:

Once the issues related to Y2K bug were settled down, body shopping phenomenon was still there. It started evolving in order to meet other development needs. In 2000- 2001, there were 1000 body shops in India supplying developers to US only.

Web Developers hired in this manner were in tens of thousands. Nowdays, this is spread widely and is no longer restricted to India only. The main aim of hiring IT specialists on hourly basis seems to be very convenient.

Slowly, remote work is gaining popularity and as a result, visa issues have reduced to an extent. It is necessary to keep in mind the company’s reputation where you are applying.

It is mandatory that company must have respect for all of its employees and employers. It’s now the time to remove all negative thoughts related to the term “body shopping” and get great developers as well as great projects.

Wind Up

Hope now you will be familiar with this term and when anyone will say body-shopping; you won’t be surprised. For web developers; you can find anyone indulged in such activity and grab a chance to move to overseas.

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