Infographics: A guide to develop An Amazing One

February 11, 2015

What is an Infographic?

Generally, in our routine if we see; our eyes are easily attracted by images, videos rather than simple text content. That’s the reason why the memories of a movie are long lasting while the pages of book are easily forgotten (during exams we are completely blank, Ha Ha!).

In simple terms, infographic can be defined as a way to represent data with visual content. It’s a perfect combination of creative writing as well as creative drawing. It’s a part of a website for which writers and painters have to sit together and get the job done.

So, if we wish to do proper marketing for our business then we must opt for a method that easily gains the attention of people. And one such method is using infographic. Through infographic we can easily represent our business ideas to people as it is a good amalgamation of pictures and content.

This will make everything crystal clear in the minds of people. Be it any boring subject or any time consuming read, everything can be transformed into an infographic that generates captivating experience.

Use of Infographic

Guess what will happen if you have interactive content on your website pages, blogs everywhere on the website? Everyone will be interested to visit your website, again and again. Won’t they? Yes and so this will reduce bounce rates, increase traffic thus chances of getting maximum conversions boost up.

Thus, a simple infographic enriched with good content and relevant images will be the base of generating huge traffic ultimately helping business owners to get enormous potential customers. High Quality Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles. Be it any business, infographics is for all.

Now, the question is how to get a clever infographic created that will really attract potential customers? Well, head on to our next paragraph and the solution is there

Developing an Amazing Infographic for Business

Before developing an infographic, it’s necessary to know what things are actually needed to make it amazing. It’s similar to make a list of ingredients before preparing a delicious dish like Rasgulla or Cake.

Let’s try to make one like this. So, here’s the list of elements needed to develop high quality infographic

  • Select any popular topic
  • Do some research about the effective content to be included
  • Search some latest news related to that topic
  • Find some good sources that actually represent the data. Some examples: Problem and its solution,
  • explaining any complex topic, explaining the complete product manufacturing process.

These steps are explained here in detail

  1. Selecting a perfect topic: The main aim of infographic is to catch the attention of viewers. But only good images won’t be sufficient, it’s necessary to have relevant topic. There are thousands of topics available on the information superhighway (internet) however it’s necessary to choose the one that actually delivers something to the visitors. Like this article delivers complete info about infographic however it’s not an infographic.

    So, while selecting any topic few things must be kept in mind which is as follows:

    • Make sure that it actually makes sense.
    • The concept should be easy to understand
    • What exactly will be revealed by infographic?
    • Relevant sources that support the idea
    • The topic must be easily explained as well as represented with the help of visual content.
  2. Proper Content Research: Once the title is selected then next step is to add the content that’s relevant to its topic. We should use authentic resources to get the content, facts and figures related to the topic.

    For this we can make use of Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Online directories as well as other resources. Sources that provide secondary data for research purposes are all recommended.

  3. Data Editing: Now, we have with us our ingredients, raw material so the next step to prepare an amazing infographic is to scrutinize the important content from the heap of various contents and then edit it as per the need.

    For this, first of all the content that determines the area of focus of that topic is selected then more information that supports the topic is to be added and then finally arrange all in the information in a sequence.

    Points that look good when visualized must be considered and then those will be grouped and any narrative related to the content must be selected so that data points can be represented easily in a sequence from one section to another.

  4. Data that can be represented graphically: To support an infographic topic, it is necessary to use the methods that easily represent the data in a graphical manner and some of these methods are: Maps, Statistics, Time lines, Diagrams and Presentation.
  5. Making the use of Art: Here is the main part of an infographic, the perfect use of art, colours, combinations and more. There are different types of arts that one can include while making infographic however the one that suits the topic must be selected.

    To create content visualization, it is necessary to create a mood by using certain colour palettes which actually provide the feeling that we are looking for. Designers must be guided to develop visuals that represent different data sets. Art should be used in such a way that all sections seem to be the part of same theme like all states of India represent our nation.

  6. Making Rough Draft: Hence, it is the time to develop a rough draft of the infographic. While creating this draft, one must check that all content is included in the graphics, every illustration is perfect and as per the need, contents, visuals are can be understood easily.

    All sections are interconnected thus ultimately connecting with the same theme like all rivers ultimately connect to the ocean; readers are able to get good knowledge about the topic and can easily understand what infographic is all about.

  7. Final Check: Once the draft is made then is the time to have a final check. So, now go through all the things, check one by one and see if they are up to the mark, images, content, colour combination, content arrangement, content readability, proper language, spelling and more.

If you feel that all these things are ok, then kudos friends a new winner infographic is prepared which can now be used to market your business and attract as many users as you can.

Wind up

Hope this blog post, we severe as a perfect guide for DIY infographics. Still if you need any assistance or have a bulk requirement of developing infographics then you can get in touch with Softqube Technologies, a well known reputed Web Design Company, India where expert writers and designers are ready to assist you anytime.

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