Website Designing Trends – 2015

December 24, 2014

Website Designing Only few days are remaining and then will arrive a fresh year with fresh mornings, days and lovely moments. Yes, you are right. We are discussing about the New Coming year 2015. Before, we begin today’s topic; we wish all the readers in advance: A Very Happy Wonderful New Year.

It is rightly said “Good Results are achieved with years of hard work” and so in order to make best use of your website and generate as much business as you can from the same, it is important to know about the website designing trends that will be useful in the coming year.

2015 is near and so we need to be prepared in every manner to make this year a successful one. Good Website trends always create standards in the design community. Hence, let’s discuss ahead the new trends:

Latest things for Web Design that will be useful in 2015

  • Unique Typography: Now, forget everything that you used to do while designing the website during 2014. Apply new approaches like as bold and big typography including Hand written words that catch the attraction of viewers. A combination of these elements gives an elegant custom feel to your website which makes you stand different among the competitors.
  • Artful Animation: Previously flash animations were used in websites and ruled the web design world for long and then there were times when flash animations were dropped by professional website designers.However, animations are important so a new technique called info GIFs (informative graphic images) came into existence and this will be on rise or we can the most demanding part of web design.Another thing is minor animation included used for buttons during hovering or scrolling. You might have seen when the cursor is on the button its red but when we click that button it converts into red colour. This minor animation is also taken into consideration while designing a website.Yes it depends on the website owner whether he/she wishes to have that button hovering effect or not. This really draws the attention of users towards the website.
  • End of Sliders: Any website you see includes sliders. But now, this trend will vanish as Sliders take too much space as well as lower down the website content thus resulting in to declination of SEO rankings. Those who worry more about SEO will definitely avoid them to be included in their website.
  • Must Have Responsive Web Design: Friends, be ready! Gone are the days when a single desktop site was sufficient to generate leads. Now, it’s essential to have a compatible website that works well with almost all devices including Laptop, Palmtop, Mobile, smart phone, tablet etc. 2015 is the generation of mobile lovers and web surfers; internet must remain with them wherever they go and so their websites should. So, be prepared and if you don’t have one then plan to get it re designed making it a responsive one if you really wish to get creamy business leads.
  • Mesmerizing Flat Design: Flat web design was the trend that was prevalent in 2014 however now in 2015 it will include various customizations including custom designs, various colour textures including gradients as well as solid colours. It will give your website a simple easy to use design that will be appealing too.
  • Podcasts: We all are aware about podcasts. These will be more popular in 2015.
  • Custom Models: 2015 will be the year where hand drawn elements like logos, graphics will be in demand. So, logos or graphics developed using softwares will be less preferable. If you are not good at creating them yourself, start looking for a expert graphic designer today!
  • Keep your pages scrolling: Scrolling continues to be a part of web design in 2015.
  • Large Background Images: Websites having full screen huge images will continue to be popular in 2015. Huge Images and Robust visuals fill your website with feelings and emotion thus giving a feeling of reality to the viewers.
  • Targeted Messages: Write something in your website blog and homepage that directly touches the heart of your targeted audience rather taking in to consideration mass of people.

Wind Up

Generating huge sum from your website important so that you can get sufficient return on investment. In order to make the best use of website, adore it with current trends. To get your website developed as per new trends from professional web designers, get in touch with Softqube Technologies.

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