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6 Best PHP Platforms for Small Business

6 Best PHP Platforms for Small Business

PHP as we all know is the world’s most popular server side scripting language. It’s also one of the most easy to learn language as revealed by expert web developers. Nearly 82% of websites use PHP as a server side programming language.

Most of the applications having user interface such as those like eCommerce applications or social media sites and others are coded in PHP. Developing applications can be a difficult process which provides a great resource to make the process easy.

For beginners or new start-ups, agile platforms for coding applications like as PHP Frameworks can help to an extent. What’s the need to use framework? Frameworks are powerful tools that provide a complete environment which helps you to develop your projects quickly and efficiently.

Here, we have described few of the most preferred PHP platforms which are on the top of the entire list of PHP frameworks. These are useful for every beginner as well as an expert PHP Developer.

Top 6 PHP Platforms

Top 6 Most Recommended PHP Platforms for Small Business:

  • Symphony: It is one of the PHP frameworks that come on the top of the list. It has a solid platform for developing strong applications for any enterprise. This is based on the model view controller approach.

    It offers everything in the development process that must be customized. It is one of the free platforms especially available for enterprise world.

  • Laravel: Another important yet popular PHP framework that’s hot in the market is Laravel. It’s one of the PHP platforms known for elegance and simplicity. This framework meets wide range of programming needs and projects starting from beginners till advanced.

    It is well suited for several project types i.e. from basic scripting to large enterprise applications. It ensures a solid framework for getting well tested and reliable code.

  • CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is one of the powerful frameworks having small footprints offering simple and elegant tool sets to create fully featured web applications. This framework also uses MVC controller approach and is known to be fast as compared to other frameworks.
  • Phalcon: It’s another open source PHP framework written in C language. The benefit of this framework is that it offers high performance and platform independence as it’s extensible to Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Cake PHP: It is one of the widely tested and timely used PHP Development frame work. It offers clean and easy way to do projects in an easy manner using MVC convention. This framework offers flexible architecture for development, maintenance and rapid deployment of applications.
  • Zend Framework: It’s a free open source framework for developing web applications and services using PHP 5.3+. It is a part of Zend Technologies co founded by PHP founders. This solely relies on MVC approach for web development.

    A new release of Zend Framework was released in 2015 that provides next generation PHP development which focuses on simplicity, re-usability and performance.

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So, you can select the one that suits your needs. Get in touch with Softqube Technologies; PHP Web Development Company to know more about popular PHP frameworks as well as the proper guidance for using them.

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