Four Well Known PHP Development Frameworks

April 21, 2015

Four Well Known PHP Development Frameworks

Websites, web applications, online chats, Shopping carts and the list is endless; Yes everything can be developed with PHP and a surprising thing is usually developers love to use PHP as a programming language for developing every type of online platform; the reason being availability of enormous tools which make the development process easy as well as make it more efficient.

Several PHP Development Frameworks are available in the markets which are useful in developing the complex websites and applications and that too in a very less span of time. However, the main aim to select the one that suits the needs.

These frameworks make development process easy and efficient. So, let’s have a look at some of these:

Popular PHP Frameworks:

  • Cake PHP: One of the well known PHP platforms is Cake PHP. This is useful for developing applications quickly within no time. An important feature that attracts developers to use this framework is there’s no need to install the complete package.

    It’s very simple; just to install the database and start developing the application around it. It is the simplest application which can be used by beginners to practice using PHP and there’s less need of code to be used.

  • Zend: Another popular PHP Framework is Zend. This consists of several elements which are responsible for conducting common tasks of PHP Development. With Zend, applications can be developed in no time without worrying for any coding.

    Further, it provides complete support via Zend Server and Cluster manager. It is most recommended for web developers who wish to develop perfect websites which are completely complex in nature.

  • Smarty PHP: It is one of the PHP templates which is suitable for all those who use PHP. Be it a small application or a larger web development task, this framework supports everything. The main task of this framework is to separate presentation layer from the logic layer and hence it is supported by several template syntax enhancements. It also offers PHP streams support for development process.
  • Symfony: A PHP framework that makes the most use of PHP coding as well as allows developers to build applications which are very practical and which help them to hone their talent completely.

    It provides a complete library having scores of various PHP code classes which are useful in rapid development of PHP Applications.

Wind Up

Are you one of the PHP developers who wish to try their hands on any of these frameworks? Yes, you are perfectly right. These are the most recommended PHP platforms and today most of the expert PHP developers prefer to work on any of these rather than selecting other PHP platforms. On the other hand; those who wish to get their web applications developed on any of the above mentioned PHP Frameworks then get in touch with well known PHP Development Company like Softqube Technologies where experts will heed to your needs and work accordingly on the type of platform you wish to.

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