Top Myths About PHP

September 20, 2016

Top Myths About PHP

The approach of the World Wide Web (WWW) has provided extensive benefits to not just the website development companies but also to users of the web. Nearly everything now is done over the web and that too within a matter of seconds. E-commerce has taken businesses to a completely new level in terms of effectiveness in delivering products and services. The web being an open resource center, has led to the strong game among millions of servers all over the earth. It is in this view that the demand of outsourcing PHP Web Development has grown. In this article, we are going to talk about the top myths of PHP development. Most myths have a core of truth in them scattered, so we’ll try to set the record straight by identifying why PHP has each myth.

PHP is crappy as there are numerous crappy PHP programs

This looks to be the significant reason people think PHP is a faulty language, as there are a number of faulty PHP programs out there. Why is this? Apparently, because PHP is so convenient and omnipresent that a lot of personalities without a programming background used it to study programming. Most PHP coders started out as web developers, fixing together a web page for their bystander, or their family, or a meetinghouse of some kind. They have no approved training, no background working on a development team, no supervision or knowledge about what is important for quality code. The result is necessarily spaghetti code, newbies or bad programmers cut and pastes into place without the real knowledge of how they work, people violin with lines till it gives them the outcome they’re looking for. Simply, this drives to a lot of crappy and slow software out there, puzzled with security holes, maintenance tortures, poor execution, and many other difficulties. PHP Web Development Company is the right people to contact in the market, to ensure that PHP is effectively used for development of application and websites.

PHP is hard to understand with HTML blended in programming logic

Some claim that PHP is complex due to its template language. It was meant to be an easy way to add fundamental programming functionality to a website. This was the basic reason PHP was developed into a full-fledged robust language proficient of handling almost everything you’d do with any other programming language. There is nothing in the language which directs that delivering code (HTML, Javascript) requires merging with business logic. Users can instead use various tools to separate out the templates into a delivering layer and use them accordingly for creating webs.

PHP code doesn’t scale properly

This is solely a myth. There are few of the most successful sites on the web that run on PHP: Flickr, Facebook, Digg, parts of Yahoo, Wikipedia. All of these are the top 20 most visited websites on the web, and are opted for in the most important situations.

PHP is just good for web applications

PHP was developed to be a web designing language, but it has a command line system, a GUI toolkit sordid on GTK, and other characteristics that mean you can feasibly program just about any kind of application in PHP. Nevertheless, nobody does. It is therefore conceivable to use PHP for objects other than web applications.

You can’t compile PHP, so it will eternally be dull

Myths is an interpreted language, and it doesn’t own a built-in compiler. While python has a built-in runtime compiling mode, so you get compiled byte-code without doing anything. However, you can expedite PHP quite similar to Python, by combining an accelerator on your server.

The above mentioned facts very well clarify that various myths are doing round regarding PHP and none of it holds true. Instead users can make the most from PHP, by just hiring some of the best PHP web development company from the market. One of the most favourable options to choose is Softqube Technologies that have well versed professionals hired on the job to tackle PHP and use it in effective development of website.

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