Tools That Have Re Shaped Mobile App Development

July 14, 2015

Tools That Have Re Shaped Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development has now changed completely. Few years ago, it was considered as a hard task but now this has taken a new tool with various web development languages available like PHP as well as open source app development platforms like Android.

Even today, developing mobile apps is somewhat time consuming and can take enough of your time but still it is reduced to an extent to what it was few years back. While developing any mobile app, the first thing that crosses the mind of people is how to create it.

Tools Re Shaped Mobile App Design

Various pages, features and options available; all become the key reasons about thinking mobile app development as a major task to be performed. With some of the wire framing tools that are launched recently, the app development task can become easy and can make it easy for developers to understand the navigation flow.

Make App Development Easier with these tools:

  • Proto: This tool is used mainly for mobile prototyping and is used to create completely interactive mobile apps that match the product.
  • UX Pin: This is one of the easy tools that is used to develop clickable prototypes. It has elements that are useful to create attractive user interface.
  • WireFrame: With this tool, one can create wireframes with an easy “click and drag to draw” interface. A new URL can be added as well as any mobile template or browser window can be used.
  • Balsamiq: With this tool, developers can create unique mobile apps with interactive ideas. This tool helps developers to get more creative ideas.
  • Framer: A prototype developed using this tool is an open source prototype framework that offers instant feedback when at work.
  • iPhone Mock up: This tool is useful to develop mock up for iPhone apps. These mock ups can also be shared and different types of mock ups may be illustrations or pencil styles can be used.
  • Mocking bird: Using this tool, one can create develop multiple apps at the same time. The tools can be used to include features in the final app version that is sent for review to the client.
  • Axure: With this tool, one can easily create UI mock ups as well as interactive live wireframes. It has an amazing drag and drop feature through which developing mock ups becomes easy.
  • iPlotz: iPlotz is a tool used to develop clickable wireframes for both mobile applications as well as websites. The components can easily be attached to the screen with the use of hotspot links.
  • Paper, Pencil or Pen: When you are unable to access the above mentioned tools then the simplest form of tool that can be easily available; anywhere or everywhere is Pen, pencil or paper.With pen or paper; one can easily draw or create a sketch of anything or of any idea that comes in its mind.

Wind up:

So, with these tools; mobile app development becomes an easy task for developers. So, what are you waiting for? Opt for these tools today and get started. If you need any guidance then Mobile app developers at Softqube Technologies, App Development Company India are here to help you out.

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