Challenges and Chances While Mobile Apps Development
Challenges and Opportunities While Developing Mobile Apps
Mobile App Development

Challenges and Opportunities While Developing Mobile Apps

As per the predictions, this year 2015 will see more people turning to mobile devices and recently Google also launched its mobile friendly algorithm to rank websites based on their appearance on various mobile devices.

So, now slowly we can see people are deviating themselves towards the maximum use of mobile device. As a result, we can see the demand for responsive web designs as well as business mobile apps is increasing day by day.

However every single task we perform in day to day lives consists of challenges and opportunities and in the same way, mobile application development also has several opportunities as well as challenges to be faced upon.

In today’s blog post, we have discussed some of the challenges & opportunities in the field of apps development.

Trials and Favourable Circumstances while developing mobile apps:

Generally users pay more attention to the user experience and they prefer to have applications that have a native look. Hence, while developing mobile apps; developers must keep these things in mind and try to create native apps for the end users.

Another biggest challenge is to develop composite applications. This concept is used at a higher level to activate any arbitrary app in order to include a combination of any of the three functions i.e. voice, messaging, data, location and video services.

On the contrary, if converged apps are used then these develop high privacy constraints and so developers need to maintain individual API keys as well as get tokens for every type of services. They cannot rely on single mechanism like Open ID, the reason; subscribers’ identity is shared with the application and so these do not offer any authorization capability.

Certain applications also perform in a downgraded mode during the times when users do not grant complete permission to utilize all the services on his or her part.

Several Factors that Affect the Mobile Apps Development Process

Factors End User Developer
Bandwidth It’s one of the main elements that end users usually focus on For developers need to keep in mind the user experience for every type of mobile client and this can be more challenging as compared to cross browser compatibility.
Screen Size Users wish to have optimized user experience on every screen size For optimized user experience on every screen, developers need to create the software that uses very less band width.
Sensors Users love to use apps that have all sensors like camera, motion detectors etc. These help to develop smart apps. For this developers must use every type of libraries and adjust their apps to different device capabilities.
Voice & Other Notifications Users wish to have unlimited integration between apps and messaging. Developers’ task is to provide engaging user experience and combine notifications in application work flow.

How Mobility impacts End Users and Developers?

Mobility is yet another challenging part when it comes to developing different types of mobile apps. Mobility has transformed both monetization strategy as well as software distribution strategies. Hence, we can focus on having the ability to reach thousands of customers by just uploading your App to several app stores.

A developer has enormous opportunities to create apps for specific target segments. One such example is Angry birds which is a single app to be used on any device.

Hence, if someone wants to be really successful in the field of mobile application development then the developer must be ready to offer a group of apps which is useful and works on every device, every browser rather than just desktop or computer.

Mobile Apps Development

Wind Up

In the end, we would like to say that developing mobile applications with various tools and processes offers enough mobility which can be used to create multiple variants of the app. Hope with this blog post, you will be clear enough about the various challenges and responsibilities available while developing apps for mobile.

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