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January 25, 2015

As technology is advancing, things are changing. Previously there was a saying: Air, water, food and shelter are the basic necessities of man. Today, this has slightly changed as Air, water, food, shelter and smart phone are the basic necessities of a man.

Yes, as per a study conducted in America this saying is perfectly apt as the study shows half of US adults won’t spent a single day without their “smart phone”. Note it is not just a simple phone but a smart phone. Here, there was a question in my mind as to why we generally keep comparing ourselves with America? Well, the reason is simple because we are just adopting western technology and so we compare our studies with theirs.

Progressing ahead with the discussion, no one knows how much time he/she spends using a smart phone. To measure this invisible time, android has launched an app that shows the time spent on various electronic devices such as smart phone, tablet, computer, laptop, notebook, tablet and more.

By this time, we are sure that our readers are eager to know about this app and would definitely love to use it. After all, who doesn’t want to know where the time goes? Your curiosity ends here.

App that tracks time used on Electronic Devices

QualityTime App is an application that shows how much time one spends on social networking sites, electronic devices, email, chatting etc. This helps to those who really wish to take a break from their mobile phones and spend time with their family friends etc.

It gives deep insights about how much time you used per day, per week, per month and more. It also allows creating personalized alerts. Check it now to see how can be useful to you? I found it really useful for myself.

How to Use?

It’s very simple. Just we need to create an account and then we can see detailed device usage for up to six months. There’s also a cloud back up facility that can be used to back up the usage information.
This will help to find how much time is being spent and it really aids in getting rid of smart phone addiction. Further, it breakdowns the time used on each and every app. The entire usage information is represented via charts.

QualityTime App

Hence, now it will be easy for smart phones to track the time that is sometimes been wasted on these electronic devices and one can easily plan their day, spend time with children, concentrate on family and good to say now wives won’t consider it as a their step sister.

Wind Up

Hope this information is quite useful to our readers and will definitely help them to reduce mobile addiction and concentrate on something else that actually gives some results. For more such updates related to technology or if you wish to get similar mobile apps developed then stay tuned with Softqube technologies, well known Mobile Development Company India

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