Recovery Site from Grisly SEO Mess- Part 1

January 13, 2015

In SEO, we can find websites experiencing sudden ups and downs due to change in Google’s algorithm and then sometimes it becomes difficult to get that traffic back. Some of the SEO companies keep on trying by way of performing strategic audits, making necessary SEO strategy improvements and more.

Now, here never knows when the websites get slammed by SEO and then it takes years to fix it. So, how one can recover the site from such a badly SEO mess? Real solutions are needed to fix the serious issues.
Some of the steps we have mentioned here that will assist any of the SEO firms to recover their website from the SEO downturn very quickly.

Google Recovery

Steps to get the perfect SEO back

  • Identify and check the updates made

    While checking the updates, note that whether any of the update is related to Google or not and if any of the Google updates has resulted in drop of traffic. Not every update is beneficial for our website.

  • Know for any other hits
    Try to figure out what other hits have affected the website’s smooth going SEO. It is the time to carefully review all ups and downs manually. You can also use the Penguin tool to identify any updates that overlay Google updates or those that have affected your website’s SEO.

    It’s good if you can find as many factors as you can that are solely responsible for the website’s SEO downturn. Panguin tool helps to identify the effect of search algorithms on the website.

  • Unclear Reality
    One of the main challenges in the field of SEO is its vague nature because we are not clear of what is going to happen and when? It’s exactly impossible to know how many updates have affected your website as Google constantly makes adjustments to its algorithms and so SEO is completely unpredictable.
  • Effect of one algorithm update
    Regular updates take place in Google’s algorithms and it takes time to get the site affected by that update. Now, when due to a minor change if the website is affected, in order to fix that issue, we get our site updated.

    Google Penalty Checker

    The scenario is this update on our site may not be fit for any other Google Algorithm and as a result the site may experience downfall. This is a very tough situation to handle as you cannot predict what happens next.

  • Saving yourself from the losses occurred due to constant updates
    In case, any of the website hits by multiple SEO updates then there are chances for SEO experts to get confused. To identify these hits and correct them, the perfect way is to go back one step and know that every single aspect of SEO must be considered while reviewing any website from any point of view. This approach will help the experts to address every issue associated with every algorithm.
  • Five main SEO elements
    SEO has five main pillars that decide the success or downfall of any website on search engines. These five are very well known to every common man.
    1. Quality
    2. Uniqueness
    3. Authority
    4. Relevance
    5. Trust
    The test of these five elements is must for any SEO website and at least three of them must be appropriate to get qualified as a perfect website. If any of the web pages doesn’t qualify for this test i.e. doesn’t meet up the quality standards, lacks uniqueness, isn’t authoritative then it’s likely to get badly affected by Google updates.

    Any of the three are perfect then website’s SEO can be easily improved.

Take Away

These are some of the techniques that will be used to recover a site completely from a SEO mess. We always love to solve the issues of our readers and will be coming with more such techniques in our upcoming blog. Till then, stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, a well known SEO Company India.

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